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  1. Once you eat there once you will want to eat there the rest of the meals!
  2. I think that was the same on Quantum class ships also.
  3. I was on a cruise where a kid turned 18 mid cruise and was allowed to play in the casino after his birthday (I would assume on it also, lol) The kid looked like he was at most 16 and on the last night of the cruise I asked the pit boss how a minor could play. He told me when the card is scanned it notifies the dealer that it’s a minor and they were surprised they didn’t get the notification on him. When they asked him and his parents the told them he had turned 18 on the cruise and actually showed ID.
  4. I thought that I read that they are going to be using the smart lock system so wouldn't they then have to change the locks?
  5. It was still classified as that when we sailed (or at least booked) out last cruise on Anthem. We booked it back in June 2019.
  6. It was called that on the 10/24/2019 sailing. Maybe they changed it since?
  7. It is still called that...just had one and not sure that I liked the bathroom layout...kind of weird.
  8. Exactly although others will tell you that you don't get that benefit. Trust me you do...and it is great!
  9. We saw L.A. Vation last month on Anthem. i thought that they were very good.
  10. We do it and it is real easy to do, takes less than a minute. As has been said you can have it done at the pier.
  11. On tables they take your average bet and multiply that by hours played. So if your average bet is $25 you would need to play 96 hours on a sailing to get to 2400 points needed to get a free inside cabin on a cruise. to get to prime you would need 100 hours of play. Couple of thoughts. The sailing offered lately for the free cruise earned on a sailing stink. I don’t care if I make it to 2400 points anymore. I care about the 2500 to get to prime for the year (4/1-3/31). I take advantage of the plethora of offers I get in the mail and my one free 8 day or less itinerary I get for being prime.
  12. Oh I don’t win. But as long as my loses are less than what my wife and my next cruise would have cost I come out ahead. If I lose a little more than hat we would have paid it’s the price of admission and ok.
  13. For table games the basic formula is average bet * hours played equals points. This can change from session to session and even in the session if the pit boss adjusts your play up and down. For example on the last cruise I was playing Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em. My standard play was: $10 Trips $5 Ante-$5 Blind They then assume a play bet of $5 Making my total bet $25 and I got 25 points per hour. Some sessions I played more and I think one session the pit boss gave me more credit (and two days the table min was $10 so that right there got me to 40 points per hour.) For the nine night cruise I earned just over 2200 points. One night the casino was only open for 3 hours also. As for what Prime gets you...one free 8 night cruise (any itinerary) in an inside room and also free drinks in the casino. That is basically the best of it. Of course the more your play and are rated the better the offers you get in the mail.
  14. You can get the Casin Host info at clubroyaleoffers.com for all of the ships.
  15. Chris I see that Joyce the host on Oasis leave on 11/18...are you getting a promotion to host?
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