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  1. Thread should not have been merged, that's a bad on the Mods. For those getting so sanctimonious about my semi-serious post griping on RCI honoring the mistake, y'all need to follow the travel industry on a wider basis. There are norms on how this is handled and RCI blew it, big time. They had two options: 1. Confirm that was the published price and all sales stand, with or without admitting the mistake. 2. Announce it was an error and refund all purchases. Instead, it's a back-n-forth PR scramble. For perspective, when airlines make pricing mistakes, it almost always limited to certain city pairs and dates, making the mistake viable to literally a handful of travelers. Broadly available mistakes, like the UA/Krone thing, are immediately reversed. So, if the error was limited to one sailing of Grandeur, fine, most wouldn't qualify anyway. That's the difference and RCI's screw up.
  2. Seems they decided to honor the mistake, np, then it should apply to everyone. I plan to call tomorrow an demand I get the $18 price and everyone else who paid the full price should as well. This isn't like an airline mis-pricing some odd route that maybe 10 people might get. It's cute that they're 'owning' their mistake, but they're just screwing over anyone who missed the deal.
  3. Please re-read my post. I specifically say it's all about money.
  4. To be clear, PortFees45 misunderstood my post, not yours, but that neither here nor there. As others have pointed out, class cruising never ended. Prior to keyed entry and specialty restaurants, the 'classes' were separated by entire ships, Crystal vs Carnival. That lines like NCL or RCI decided to target both markets on a single ship isn't anything extraordinary. Airlines have been doing this forever. They found a lot of cruisers who like the hard product of, say, Viking, but still want water slides and late night parties. If you want an classless high end experience, book with Regent. If you want an classless budget experience, book with Pullmantur. These options have always been available. The Haven, Star Class are just newer manifestations.
  5. Nice try, but spare us you jealousy induced class-warfare rhetoric. A lot of people in The Haven worked their butts off to be there. Hard work and good life choices earned them and me our much enjoyed "privilege". Not the slightest bit sorry for that because anyone can do it. 'Back of the bus' is a colloquial term and the quotes are used to indicate that. Oops! There goes my privileged public school education on display again. 🙂 Spelling corrected.
  6. What bothers me most about these posts is the trivialization of terms like "class" and "segregation". We don't live in a cast system and no one is forced to the 'back of the bus'. The only differentiator is the money you pay, which is a choice everyone can make (yes, some easier than other, so just don't). And it goes both ways. I can afford The Haven, but have no desire to because everything I like about cruising happens outside the bubble. Even sitting on my balcony, I get terrible FOMO. I get what I pay for and don't get what I'm not willing to pay for. Everyone's happy.
  7. You will find people come here to complain about the most trivial, inconsequential and frankly dumb things. "OMG!!! My cruise was totally ruined because the waiter forgot my appetizer on day 4! Never cruising again! Unacceptible!!!" Or they expect the cruise line or other passengers to cover for their obvious mistakes. "Unbelievable!!! I was only like a hour late getting back and the ship left without me and now they won't pay to get me to the next port!!!! What ever happened to customer service?????" Some people are just miserable people and thrive on sharing it. Escape is my current favorite ship. Food Republic and District Brew House are great venues.
  8. I'll put it this way, you're not missing anything...other than a pin on the map. My Highlights of Havana tour consisted of: A derelict fort A cemetery with no one I've ever heard of, and... A parking lot (yes, just an actual, literal parking lot) The loyal party member guiding the tour continually blamed 'hurricanes' for the condition of the buildings. The streets reminded me of GTA, lots of people milling about and very few cars. The Tropicana show was...weird, and sad. You had to pay a license fee to take picture...no thanks. Huge spectacle, but on close examination, the costumes are very worn, the designs repetitive. And it was long, omg, it just kept going... Sad because it's probably the best the whole island can produce, but doesn't even approach the quality of shows Disney stages 3-5 times a day. Basically, the whole experience was a disappointing as expected. The only thing with Cuba was...because Cuba!
  9. I've only done this twice and both times was just a selfie in front of a lightly colored wall. Accepted, no issues. At the pier, I just walk aboard the ship.
  10. NO. Playmakers is not covered by the Ultimate Dining Package. The explanation is the Playmakers is a Bar, not a Restaurant.
  11. A combination of different accounting methods and using a price-includes-tax paradigm. They're all for sure paying the tax, RCC just chooses to not break it out. Next time I'm on board or see a friend on the inside, maybe I'll ask. If you really press the issue, they should be able to show you the breakdown.
  12. On the Symphony TA, I got paper straws everywhere except in the shake at Johnny Rockets. Not sure why that was the exception. The paper straws are actually sturdier then the plastic ones and I much, much prefer them. You can see what they look like here: Outdoor Bars on Symphony of the Seas
  13. Choose MTD. When you show up, the hostess/host should ask if you mind sharing. Say no and you will be seated with other people. The best plan however is to meet people elsewhere and go to dinner together. Then you're not stuck with the MDR.
  14. Happened to me first time. Keep your arms and knees together and you'll be fine.
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