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  1. I just checked my account, and the $50 has not been added to my OBC yet either.
  2. We were original scheduled to go April 11, 2021. We just rebooked on the Symphony for the same week, just leaving a day earlier. I hope Cozumel, Roaton, Costa Maya and Coco Cay are good ports. I booked mainly for the ship since this will be our first cruise!
  3. Central Park was my first choice, but they didn’t have any available for 3 people😟
  4. Me too, but do you know if there is a lot of movement?
  5. Hi! I’m thinking of changing my cabin from an interior to either a boardwalk view or promenade view. I didn’t even know there were a couple of cabins available on deck 7 to view the boardwalk until a friend told me. Is there a lot of movement on the boardwalk? I would prefer an outside view on the boardwalk, but nervous about seasickness. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks!
  6. Thank you! I was wondering if the water would be warm enough!
  7. Hi! I was thinking of moving my cruise from April to January because it’s $1500 cheaper. Is January a good time to cruise in the Caribbean? Is it worth the extra money to cruise in April? We would be switching from a Western to an Eastern Caribbean cruise. Thanks for your opinion!
  8. Great! I actually have triplets, so it seems like they will have a good time!
  9. Hi! This may seem like a ridiculous question, but what things can an 18 year old do at night on the ship? We are going on the Encore, but after doing some reading, I’m seeing that there really isn’t anything for kids that age to do on NCL. Is this true? Just curious what time do the pools close? Do they show any movies on deck? Thanks!
  10. The Bliss is going to Orlando, Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau.
  11. Hi! I am looking at booking a cruise to celebrate my triplet daughters’ high school graduation. I really would like to go on the Encore, but it docks 2 days in Bermuda and I’m not sure how great that would be. The Bliss seems to be a little more for the week I’m looking at, but it goes to a few different ports. Has anyone ever done a cruise to Bermuda for a few days? Is it worth it? Looking for opinions of what we should do? This will be my family’s first cruise. Thanks!
  12. Oh I’m ok with it being loud during the day. Thank you for your help!
  13. I was actually wondering if they were sitting when that picture was taken. Thanks for letting me know!
  14. Thanks! That’s not a great view and I want to sleep! Lol!
  15. Do they things going on to late at night? We don’t go to bed before 11.
  16. Thanks! We are going with a Central Park balcony instead.
  17. Thanks for posting this picture. This definitely helps. I’m going to keep my cabin in Central Park!
  18. I booked our cruise for April 2021 already. I would book now so you have a good choice of the cabins.
  19. Thank you! Hope you had a great time on your cruise!
  20. Hi! Does the slide on the Harmony block the view for the aqua shows if you stay in the last few cabins in a Boardwalk Balcony? How late do the movies and shows go on at night? Is it too loud in these rooms? Is it worth a little extra to get one of these cabins?
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