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  1. I am on Arcadia world cruise and am thoroughly enjoying it. The food and service are both excellent. Have booked for next year. It is the happiest ship I have sailed on. Only line I would not sail again is Cunard. Felt like Britannia level passengers were not wanted there it was beneath the crew to have to deal with them. Ship rusty outside and deck 6 corridors were filthy. Food below MDR on Arcadia. If P&O is not your fit try Marellaโ€™s newer ships or Celebrity. I like both just Arcadia is my favourite ship
  2. After my experience in November 28 on QM2 would be 28 too many.
  3. My dad is 79 and not too keen to book far ahead but booked March 2018 for our World Cruise starting Friday 3 Jan 2020. I did encourage him by reminding him he cannot take it with him and my sister and I do tell him we want him to do as much as he can while he can all he needs to leave behind is his home as he needs to live in it!!!!!!!!! He worked for it it is his money not ours. Not so easy however if you have dependents I know but he has no grandchildren to worry about. We always insure our holidays we have annual cover but a separate policy for the world cruise.
  4. I have never done a blog in my life but do intend to do a journal of the World Cruise. I do not sign up to the internet on board as it is so expensive but will try to post when I can get free wifi. At the moment have sorted house insurance for 99 nights I live in a retirement apartment so only need worry about contents and have been charged ยฃ3.92๐Ÿ˜€ My sister will check on the apartment and deal with post weekly and our lodge manager will take over when she is away. Bonus to this is I will not have 3 months junk mail to sort. All visas applied for I already had the ESTA for USA as I have been there twice this year. The packing is a challenge I had to buy a new suitcase as Cunard broke the wheel off one in November. As I have a cover to make it easily identifiable in the luggage hall (came off Arcadia Jan 19 from a 4 week trip to Caribbean over Christmas and took 45 minutes to find one of my black cases) I did not notice until I got home. My bad but that was the end of my worse cruise ever. At least with a self service laundry onboard I do not need more clothes than a 28 day trip so 2 suitcases and a large roller holdall should suffice. Am take laundry soap pods as they ran out in the shop on Ventura. Kindle loaded with books and IPad with music, knitting needles and wool to make scarfs, Watercolour supplies if room is available. Have booked excursions I really want in case they sell out but unfortunately on waitlist for Pearl Harbour. Washing and ironing done now just check off the list and pack. Hope I have not forgotten anything.
  5. Ventura should be fine. I sailed 35 nights in February USA & Caribbean only because my dad wanted to visit New Orleans. Thought she was too big for my personal preference. However I had a wonderful cruise and did not want to get off at the end. I would happily sail on Ventura again in the future.
  6. Hope you like Arcadia it is my favourite ship am sailing on World Cruise 3 January 2020. I sailed Silhouette Southampton to Fort Lauderdale October and loved it have booked Reflection for next year. Only ship I did not like was Cunard QM2 the unfriendliest ship at sea.
  7. Getting ready for Arcadia 3 Jan 99 nights.
  8. I have sailed on Marella and had 2 fantastic holidays much much better than my recent sailing on Cunard QM2.
  9. Just saw you are from Surrey which is where I grew up
  10. I insure with nationwide. For 3-6 months absence has cost ยฃ3.92 TIL August renewal. Have had policy for 10 years. No cost for my Dad on his policy
  11. I would love to see what they do not class as nominal ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. I do believe i read there is no corkage fee in respect of the wine provided by Cunard on arrival.
  13. To all the wonderful friends from the USA that I met on Silhouette in October I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving day. love Mandy ps I also wish a happy thanksgiving to all the cruise critic members from USA
  14. I did my first Celebrity Cruise on Silhouette TA this Oct - Nov. It was so amazing I booked for Reflection next October. Hopefully you will love it too.
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