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  1. Returned from Arcadia 6 Jan 2019 was in Cabin C196 deluxe Balcony and had no trouble getting our cases under the bed did not have to open them.
  2. Please do not be put off by one persons insensitive behaviour. This forum is here to help and you have as much right as anyone to ask a question. I do not have children but love to see well behaved but slightly mischievious little ones enjoying themselves. We all have to learn. A cruise is a wonderful experience and I am sure you will all enjoy it. I totally get what you are asking. We all have a budget to keep to and have to prioritise how we spend it. I say you have got it right. You can bring your on crisps, snacks etc onto the ship and eat them wherever it is not like taking your own purchases into the M&S etc cafe. However you may not bring on alcohol to drink outside your cabin. You can take on 1Litre each on embarkation of alcohol and any amount of soft drink at any time. With the buffet open almost 24 hours and 3 meals plus afternoon tea and the option to take food to your cabin hopefully you should not need to take too many snacks on board. Enjoy your holidays you have saved and earned them.
  3. I think Christmas should start 1 December and not any earlier so with you on that
  4. Yes I do decorate my bedroom with a few items. I just wondered if being away from home for Christmas anyone took decorations with them.
  5. Hi. Am on my first Christmas cruise Arcadia 9 December and wondered how people decorated their cabins.
  6. We always stay at Bougainvillea Beach Resort
  7. I have travel insurance on my nationwide account but I do get an annual certificate to show my entitlement and a policy document. I suggest you may find the details online or contact your bank.
  8. My dad wore a suit and he did not feel out of place. There is no reason not to wear a bow tie with a suit if you like. We were concerned about formal nights and thought of skipping but in the end really enjoyed it.
  9. The time will show on your ticket via cruise personaliser
  10. I sympathise with all those who had their holiday cancelled however ther is no such thing as a badly behaved child just lazy parents
  11. My first interest in cruising was indeed The Love Boat. Then probably early 1990s I sent for a VHS from P&O showing life on board thought too stuffy for me so never went. Dressing up is not my thing. Roll forward to 2001 and found Disney had relaxed dress code so did 4 nights on Disney Wonder which I loved. In 2006 decided I wanted to visit Hawaii and that a cruise was the only way to see more than 1 Island NCL Pride of America was wonderful the next year it was NCL Norwegian Spirit New York to Halifax & New England. In 2014 I found Royal Clipper and have done Windward Islands, Grenadines and 2 Transatlantic Lisbon to Barbados plus Star Flyer around Cuba. Then 2 short breaks on Fred Olsen. Now for the best bit after saying I would never cruise on P&O I could not resist the Black Friday deal to the Canaries on Oriana. The plan to try Black Tie once then use the buffet. Well that did not work I loved it so much I was planning what to pack for my next cruise. I booked one for November on Aurora whilst onboard and one on Arcadia in December 4 days after getting home. Guess you could say I am hooked!!!!! Love this thread
  12. I had coffee card on Oriana and when I wanted a syrup with coffee was just charged the 50p extra and 1 coffee taken from 10 on the card
  13. Sailed on Oriana to Canaries 30 Jan to 11 Feb 2018. I am mid 50's and did not feel in any way I was on a care home in fact I found the older passengers as a whole way more friendly and engaging than those my age group. It is such a shame that some people are so prejudiced over age. They should remember that they will get old themselves. I hope Oriana stays as she is the first P&O ship I have sailed on and I have booked 2 further Aurora and Arcadia as a result of the friendly welcome I had from the regular P&O passengers I met.
  14. I look at the cost add on the gratuity and decide if the price is right for me and then make a booking. How the company describe any part of the cost is irrelevant. However if it is to be called a service charge rather than a tip I feel it should be compulsory and all should pay. Further if charged separately the fee should be per stateroom not per person.
  15. Hi. I have done 4 cruises on Royal Clipper 2 in carribean and 2 transatlantic crossings Lisbon to Barbados. Only had 1 rough day between Lisbon and Casablanca when really felt any adverse movement. I always carry sea bands and stugeron tablets but never needed to use them. I have also sailed once on Star Flyer around Cuba. You will love Royal Clipper I am envious as I do not have any sailings on her pending at the moment. The crew are really friendly and helpful. Enjoy your sailing.
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