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  1. I have never tried RCI as I travel with my 79 year old dad and the ships are too busy for him as he has dementia. I have never had a bad experience on P&O and I say the having recently returned from Arcadia’s World Cruise. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I will stay with P&O. Last November I sailed on Celebrity Silhouette and Cunard Queen Mary 2. Without upsetting Majortom I personally found the crew less friendly and the dining room experience (both service and food) far far inferior to either P&O or Marella. I walked off both those ships without a backwards glance but left Arcadia on 12 April after 99 nights with a heavy heart. I found the Celebrity ship all style and no substance. The current situation has only affected me in an amended world cruise itinerary and doubt over next year’s which was booked before all this took off. P&O have the friendliest crews at sea. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Arcadia’s world cruise had social distancing and I used the lifts often as I travel with my dad who has dementia. We never had a queue for the lift. Most people did use stairs especially for short trips. I always get out a lift if a wheelchair is waiting to get in as did several others. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. I love your positivity. I agree in the current climate we all need something to look forward to. I have Arcadia’s 2020 world cruise booked. Do I think realistically it will go ahead? Not sure as I travel with my 79 year old father. But I still plan to go. I refuse to let this virus keep me down. Remember just because we plan to go on a future cruise does not mean we will if circumstances are not safe to do so we each make our own choices. In my case I have no family except dad and 1 sister I would prefer to live a short happy life with happy memories than a long one fearful of doing anything however that would not be my view if I had children etc. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. I love Arcadia as she is. Been on Celebrity Silhouette all glitter no soul. The ambience is much much more important to me hence big zero to Cunard as well. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. I had a message from a waiter on Arcadia’s world cruise he has a balcony cabin sent me a photo. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. I thought I was the only person who thought the unions destroyed the car industry. Maybe I have misjudged you.
  8. The other issue is people are very vocal about a grievance ie missing refund and then shut up when they get it. Quite simply we do not know what is going on.
  9. The thing is with reduced staff it is going to take longer. There are going to be more processes required to take money out of a company’s bank account than to pay it in with a booking we just need to be patient.
  10. If it would I would not have been cruising in the first place.
  11. Yes we would have trouble getting on our favourite ship🤣🤣🤣
  12. Sorry you are missing your cruise. QM2 is a beautiful ship just not my cup of tea.
  13. Depends on ship. 6 days QM2 transatlantic my idea of hell could not wait to get off. 33 days Arcadia Fremantle to Southampton had a ball and did not want to get off. Before the usual suspects wade in I travel with my 79 year old father who has health issues and just enjoys being on the ships. He had joined the navy at 15 for 4 years leaving when he decided it was not the life he wanted to raise a family. My sister on the other hand is not a fan of sea days. To each their own.
  14. I was on the world cruise. It was described as a Western Circumnavigation and that is what we got. None of the changes were P&O’s fault and their goodwill gesture of FCC plus the extra onboard credit we were given was very generous. For 33 days we were fed and entertained and well taken care of and all that cost is available for a future holiday. It is greedy so and so’s demanding further compensation who will put the cost up for us all. I did not get the itinerary I booked but having no wish to catch the virus I am very very grateful the itinerary was changed. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday and met a whole bunch of people who did the same. Just remember if you demand perfection you are destined for disappointment if you go with the flow you get a wonderful holiday. In my mind applying for further compensation is fraud.
  15. My last cruise was the Arcadia World Cruise 2020. I had a wonderful time P&O could not have treated us better. The end of cruise variety show was brilliant and entertainment Manager Nick Cosslett sang Music of the Night, unforgettable. My cruise before that was Queen Mary 2 and I would never set foot on that ship again even if you paid me the deck I was on was filthy the crew were aloof and did not wish to be inconvenienced serving you. The welcome on Arcadia was a million times better and they did not kick us off the ship in Australia but sailed us home safely. Now what to do with my future cruise credit of 33 nights as I have already booked next year's world cruise. I have an October sailing on Celebrity Reflection which I will cancel as Arcadia has proved to me that what I enjoyed about my holiday on Silhouette last year was not the Celebrity experience (Cold in comparison to Arcadia) but the group of cruise critic travellers I met who were extremely friendly and that cannot be replicated it is a once in a lifetime. The celebrity ships may look all sparkles and contemporary but they have no soul. I know where I preferred to spend 32 days at sea.
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