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  1. Hi For anyone who has completed a whole world cruise how much luggage did you take and how did you obtain your visas. I am on Arcadia 2020. Thanks
  2. I did the Transatlantic Homecoming Barbados To Southampton this May and can honestly say it was the best cruise I did this winter and I am a fan of P&O. Explorer has the friendliest crew at sea. Mix bag of passengers. Did not see any drunken behaviour but likewise I did not use the Squid & Anchor pub so cannot comment on that. The friendliest Spa staff I have met. I will not hesitate to sail on Marella again it is the best value for money at sea.
  3. Hi I was on Ventura this February. Immigration started at 7am ish and I believe completed at 3pm. Once you had been through immigration you collected a card to say you had completed immigration and could then return to the ship you did need to keep the card until the whole process had completed. Everyone was given a time period to go through immigration but priority was not given to excursions some independent travellers were called at 7am and some on excursions missed their excursion. I missed mine but the excursions team managed to re book for a later time and we received compensation. If the new time was not convenient you could get a refund + compensation. With 3000 passengers to get through immigration I do not think P&O could do any better I certainly had no complaint and by being called in groups was much better. I have had much worse experiences at Airports. One Virgin flight into LAX it took over 2 hours for the one plane to be cleared as half the immigration booths shut as we arrived and I missed my onward flight.
  4. Returned from Arcadia 6 Jan 2019 was in Cabin C196 deluxe Balcony and had no trouble getting our cases under the bed did not have to open them.
  5. Please do not be put off by one persons insensitive behaviour. This forum is here to help and you have as much right as anyone to ask a question. I do not have children but love to see well behaved but slightly mischievious little ones enjoying themselves. We all have to learn. A cruise is a wonderful experience and I am sure you will all enjoy it. I totally get what you are asking. We all have a budget to keep to and have to prioritise how we spend it. I say you have got it right. You can bring your on crisps, snacks etc onto the ship and eat them wherever it is not like taking your own purchases into the M&S etc cafe. However you may not bring on alcohol to drink outside your cabin. You can take on 1Litre each on embarkation of alcohol and any amount of soft drink at any time. With the buffet open almost 24 hours and 3 meals plus afternoon tea and the option to take food to your cabin hopefully you should not need to take too many snacks on board. Enjoy your holidays you have saved and earned them.
  6. I think Christmas should start 1 December and not any earlier so with you on that
  7. Yes I do decorate my bedroom with a few items. I just wondered if being away from home for Christmas anyone took decorations with them.
  8. Hi. Am on my first Christmas cruise Arcadia 9 December and wondered how people decorated their cabins.
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