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  1. I'm inclined to think he's taking a well earned rest and vacation with Karen. He will eventually surface.
  2. Oh dear how dare we Canadians fly our flag, LOL. The figures speak for themselves. Long may the border be closed and those US citizens claiming to be driving back to "their homes" in Alaska stop going through Vancouver Island or Quadra island or Whistler. Quite the detour.
  3. Then I wonder how they feel about what was likely a confidential announcement to just some being announced on Cruise Critic. Word must have gotten back with many CC members asking about their bookings, etc. So time to fess up!
  4. Was that really necessary? The comment made was not demanding or showing disappointment. Simply a comment. And it wasn't sarcastic, either. I do believe we all enjoyed Captain Jonathon's blog, and it is only natural to hope for an epilogue, whenever he has time.
  5. You can't blame the EU at all given recent events that encourage the spread of the virus, the fact that it is already out of control over most of the US, and now support for the test centres is being withdrawn. I just hope the Canadian border remains closed indefinitely. Each country has a duty of care for its own citizens, and I'm sorry that does not seem to be happening in the US at the moment, especially for those states which are trying to do their best against the virus.
  6. I don't doubt this is a reputable and reliable source! My point is, this is a strange way for HAL to let the information trickle out.
  7. I don't understand certain groups or individuals getting an email with such important news, and no release from HAL. You would think they would handle it better than this.
  8. We have lots here, too, backing onto farmland with a salmon-bearing creek. There are many young and juveniles right now, and one day last week we had many of them soaring over our home. Wonderful to watch.
  9. I would normally never take time to defend that poster but I have to ask - how so? There really wasn't an insult directed at Himself. But I also have to say that - unless someone has a direct line to the Almighty - we all have exactly the same connections.
  10. Where did you get that impression? In fact, if you read my post, I said "of the bigger ones the Nieuw Amsterdam is my favourite", and KK (who you quoted) didn't reference the NA being a smaller ship, either. I've not had any desire to cruise the new class of HAL ships - Koningsdam, Niew Statendam - and likely never will, but perhaps the NA is considered smaller when compared to those.
  11. Having sailed many of the HAL ships - and of the bigger ones, the Nieuw Amsterdam is my favourite - I have come back to an appreciation of the smaller ships. I really hope HAL keeps some of them.
  12. You did 2 cruises in May 2020? Perhaps last year? Aside from that, I would like to see the Crows Nests returned to the way they used to be, with a bar, service, and music in the evenings. It used to be a great place to gather pre or post dinner.
  13. Thread drift. It is sad to see that there are those to whom their own cruising desires take precedence over the health and safety of everyone else, including cruise ports.
  14. I'm bumping this thread up because this is the one with the Excel spreadsheet list of cancellations (post #5). Sorry I can't copy and paste into the other thread, but I do think they should be merged anyway.
  15. Thank you for the link. My bookmark takes me directly to this page - the HAL forum - and I seldom, if ever, see the CC main page. Possibly it is the same for many others, hence the ongoing belief that only Vancouver departures have been cancelled.
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