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  1. I agree with many of your points with the exception of the part I bolded. Unfortunately, the actual smoke does stray and is not always contained in the smoking area. And the smell of cigarettes/smoking goes with the smoker and is not pleasant for others in an elevator, for example.
  2. We sailed twice with Chris Turner, on the Zuiderdam. A really nice man and an excellent captain, the epitome of an officer and a gentleman. Wishing him a very happy retirement.
  3. In July the safe needed a card with a magnetic stripe. Doesn't have to be a credit card. I saw no shows with singers and dancers. Just a magician and a comedian. Then a joint show with both. And Planet Earth. I was happy to see the Lido is not self-serve.
  4. I believe we have the same friend! He started off as a Yum Yum man, has worked his way up. On our last cruise there was just a cart with the goodies, and you had to serve yourself. I really miss the Yum Yum man sounding the chimes to come for dinner, too.
  5. The signs in July were much clearer than that. Black print on white, simple "No Jogging". Perhaps supplementary to the above.
  6. There are two prominent "No Jogging" signs, one at the bow end and one at the aft. I was on the Zaandam in July, and I pointed out the clear signs to one guy who insisted on jogging every morning. After telling me to "f... off" he did stop jogging! Mind you, he probably changed his time so as not to run into me again.
  7. I would report it to the supervisor of PCCs, so she gets some additional training in customer service, and to save anyone else getting such an awful response.
  8. I haven't noticed many bad reviews, but I can say I've sailed on the Westerdam twice in recent years, and have no complaints apart from the diabolical change to the Crows Nest - but that is mostly fleet-wide.
  9. No photos, sorry, but if you check cabin 3341 on Halfacts dot com it is the same, just reverse.
  10. 3348 on the Promenade deck. Right next to the door to the outside - which we had fixed so it stopped slamming hard whenever anyone went outside! Great location. This cabin has not been updated but it was more than sufficient.
  11. We did that cruise as a B2B in early July, and I liked the ship. The food, I agree, was mediocre - I had a pot roast that was too tough to cut one night! And we were in an ocean view for the first time in years, and it was one of the cabins that has not been updated, but it was fine. Main Stage entertainment was also mediocre. We loved the ports, and the CD at the time was Jude, who seemed to be all over the ship and interacting with everyone. The second week saw a change in front office staff, and they really needed some more training in customer relations! Otherwise, a good cruise for us, and it was nice to be back on a smaller ship again.
  12. I think that amount is way out of line. I can only compare to my own experiences with HAL (twice) and while I didn't need to stay in the infirmary overnight, I had personal care (nurse under direction of ship doctor) and medications in my cabin for several hours in the night, and including medication, the most recent bill was only $124 .
  13. Not sure where you will find the info in the KBYG booklet or on the website, but I do know this questions has been asked and answered many times on HAL's facebook page, and it was clearly stated all beverages must be carried onboard, including included water and soda. I think there have been incidences of leakage in the past, probably affecting other people's luggage. I also vaguely remember it being referenced on my edocs somewhere, but I no longer have the recent ones.
  14. We have always rented a wheelchair from Special Needs at Sea, and you can opt to pick it up at the port where this is an option, or have it delivered to your cabin. We also request wheelchair embarkation. Please note that if you bring your own wheelchair (or pick one up at the port kiosk), you will have to either wait your turn until after all the others needing wheelchair embarkation with HAL's wheelchairs, or have your companion push you onboard (I have had to do this twice). At the end of the cruise, you simply leave the wheelchair in your cabin. My preference is to order a wheelchair delivered to the cabin, and to use HAL's wheelchair for embarkation. From HAL's Know Before You Go: Contact Access & Compliance Department and to submit a Special Requirements Information (SRI) Form well in advance of the departure of their cruise and/or Land+Sea Journey. We recommend submitting an SRI upon booking or a minimum of 45 days prior to departure. Special Needs at Sea link: https://www.specialneedsatsea.com/reserve-equipment/ Hope that helps.
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