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  1. This part is confusing to me. We were on the Oceania Riviera and docked at the port in Portland, Maine, along with an NCL ship, on October 15, 2019, less than two weeks ago. We didn’t see any issues with the port, although we did spend a very long time, while still on the ship, going through Customs, Immigration and Border Control. (It was our first US port after coming in from Canada.) The port facilities in Portland were modern and “ready” in every respect.
  2. Captain just announced we will be skipping Newport, RI tomorrow and going straight to our final port, NYC, on Saturday. Right now the seas are quite calm in our little sheltered space, and the sun even makes an occasional appearance. But I gather the route to the south must be quite rough. The atmosphere among the passengers is surprisingly upbeat, but everyone is staying inside. Very windy.
  3. We are on board the Riviera right now. Today was supposed to be Boston but we are skipping it. We sailed from Bar Harbor yesterday and spent the night sheltered at anchor off some little islands. It is dark and foggy but, at least here, the conditions are very calm. Not sure when we will set sail to Newport, Rhode Island.
  4. Thank you! This is good information. I have bookmarked both those car services and will check again when it’s closer to the time.
  5. I have seen several mentions of this luggage storage place, but I’m still confused. My maps app shows it’s about a mile from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal and, oddly enough, it takes about a half hour to drive, and an equal time to walk! What to do? Our Newark flight is at 4:00, so we don’t have much time. I had this idea we could walk down to the Intrepid Museum and stash the luggage at a hotel, if any, along the way. We would, of course, pay the hotel for the privilege. Presumably, when ready, we could catch a cab to EWR from the hotel, ¿yes? Would this be a better use of time than going back and forth to Schwartz Luggage?
  6. We’re leaving in three days, and I’ll report back. Weather apps have Athens in the low 90’s (so just like home), and the various islands at plus-or-minus 80, cooling off at night. No rain in sight. Can’t wait!
  7. We will be in Sydney on Saturday, October 12. We were thinking of picking up a rental car in town and driving out to Fort Louisbourg. If we’re not on a ship’s tour, but just arriving on our own and buying a ticket, will we still have something to see at the Fort that late in the season?
  8. What a coincidence! Just this morning I posted a similar question on the Oceania board. The replies were not encouraging. I guess we’ll just go over to the airport in Newark and hang around all day.
  9. This has surely been discussed elsewhere, but I am still uncertain how to handle our luggage after disembarking from the Riviera at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, 711 12th Avenue, on a Saturday morning in October. We have a flight out of Newark at 4:00, so must probably be on the road to the airport by 2:00-ish. This means we have, at most, time for lunch and a little bit of walking around. What to do with our luggage? Others have recommended several businesses that specialise in luggage storage, the most popular being a location on W 37th Street. I looked at the map, and this is a 1-mile walk from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, or 2 miles by car. It hardly seems convenient to get off the ship and embark on a 1-mile trek dragging all our bags and carryons through city streets. I guess we could go by cab, but the whole process seems awfully inefficient and time-wasting for such a short layover. Ideally, it would be great if we could just NOT pick up our luggage when we disembark, and then go back for it after lunch and proceed to the airport. I have read that the Cruise Terminal, per se, does not offer luggage storage. But does Oceania? Embarkation for Riviera’s next voyage starts that day at 1:00 or thereabouts, and the ship sails at 6:00. Presumably, while the ship is still docked at the port, our luggage wouldn’t be going anywhere. Or would it? Any ideas would be welcome.
  10. Anybody else getting this message right now on the Oceania site?
  11. Lois, that sounds perfect. Is it advisable to try to reserve this tour in advance?
  12. Hi Lois. We will be disembarking the Oceania Riviera in Manhattan on a Saturday morning in October. We expect to fly back to LAX that same day, but we haven’t booked our flights yet. The sightseeing tour sounds great! Question: Is there a place to store your luggage at the terminal? Or on the van itself? Thanks. Francie
  13. Frncie

    Le Bougainville

    https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20665-ponant-takes-delivery-of-le-bougainville.html Le Bougainville has left the shipyard in Norway and is sailing to Malaga, Spain. We sail in September.
  14. How do we know in advance when the captain’s welcome party will be? Our last cruise on Riviera was a couple years ago, and I think it must have been near the beginning of the cruise, but I can’t remember which day. Is there a rule of thumb for this?
  15. Our ship will be in St. John, New Brunswick, on Monday, October 14, 2019, which I am told is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Here in the US, pretty much everything shuts down on Thanksgiving, and people are home with their families. What should we expect as visitors to the Bay of Fundy on this national holiday?
  16. I’m sorry, but you are mistaken. I have it here in black and white. At the time I printed out the itinerary on September 22, 2017, the May 1, 2019 cruise was a Silver Cloud Expedition, scheduled to end at the Tower Bridge in London on May 13, 2019. The route was apparently changed to Amsterdam sometime after I printed it, and that is why I am hesitating about making a future booking. I don’t want them changing the route after I book it.
  17. Newbie here. I was going through an old file, tossing out old travel brochures, when I came across something I printed in September 2017. I saved it because it sounded so exciting and different: May 1, 2019, Lisbon to London (Tower Bridge) on the Silver Cloud, 12 days, Voyage #1910. Never booked it, just thought it sounded great. I liked the whole itinerary, and especially the idea of sailing up the Thames into London! Out of curiosity, I checked again this week. That voyage now goes to Amsterdam instead. Everything else is the same, except now you skip London and finish in Amsterdam. Here is my question: If I had booked this cruise, and paid and made plans, when would I have been told of the change? If sailing into London was important to me, would Silversea have given me the option to cancel? Or book a different sailing? What if I’d already bought airfare? i understand that cruise lines sometimes need to make changes for reasons we do not understand. But from my point of view, this would have been a dealbreaker. And is this itinerary change something I have to worry about if I’m looking into a similar cruise in 2020?
  18. We are booked on “Fall Foliage,” Montreal to New York, on the Riviera, in October 2019. I saved the Oceania brochure we received in the Wall Street Journal two Saturdays ago. Comparing those brochure prices to the website today, it appears that prices are $100 per person higher now in every category. Not a big increase, but still, I guess they didn’t lie.
  19. Food and Wine Trails. http://foodandwinetrails.com/purecru2019
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