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  1. His personal fb shows him on Santorini - on vacation?
  2. I have a friend who spent some time agonizing over this same decision this summer. In the end she decided to reschedule her treatment, booked an Alaska cruise while she knew she would have the energy, and sailed with no regrets.
  3. An other plan might be to reschedule your radiation to start right after you get back..... that would eliminate several of the potentials for problems.
  4. James van Fleet tweeted photos 2 days ago, which showed Coco Cay sustained no damage, not even vegetation. They were checking just to see when their Bahamian employees were going to be able to get back to work.
  5. James van Fleet posted photos of Coco Cay which showed there was no damage, not even vegetation was affected..
  6. You can always skip a thread once you are bored with it, not request it be shut down . This cruise is not finished yet, there will still be lots of questions as to disembarkation, final travel arrangements people are having to make and whether NCL assists them at all. I anticipate that once some of our CC members are home they might also add comments.
  7. LOL. I suppose they could have all hopped onboard the last Disney ship to call there but that would have been "too difficult" ?
  8. Would the port of Tampa be able to handle a ship of that size?
  9. Meanwhile at the port of Miami, not even a breeze...
  10. https://www.portcanaveral.com/About/Hurricane-Awareness?viewmode=0
  11. If by some 'glitch' they had overcharged you by $900 would you expect them to return it to you?
  12. It states clearly that Royal Caribbean do not allow any cannabis derived product onboard their fleet. What else do you need it to say? That is their policy, regardless of cruise itinerary. .
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