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  1. Booked a 4 day followed by 5 day cruise in the W Mediterranean on Navigator of the seas. I paid a total of $399 each plus taxes, I don't remember what they were. I booked a guarantee inside and we got free upgrades, first leg was a superior OV with balcony, second leg was a Promenade view room. So, $399 ÷9= $44.33 per day plus tax/port fees. A bargain! It was very last minute - I booked Mon during the night and flew to Barcelona on Thurs night, having got round trip tickets for $360 each. I kept waiting to get emails saying Sorry, we told you the wrong price, it's really much higher, but that's what we paid.
  2. I always buy travel insurance the day I book my cruise, just for this reason. No pre-existing clause when you do that, and it costs no more.
  3. From Brooklyn pier to Times square hotel, is it best to pre book a car service or just get in line for a taxi?
  4. How was that supposed to work with your 5yr old in another cabin ? What happens if she is ready for bed at 9pm and your sister is still out ?
  5. They have cancelled the Amber cove visit again, due to the same issue, they will go into Nassau, and they have $50 obc as compensation.
  6. The cruise my family members are booked on is 9/30, which is scheduled to go to Amber cove and Grand Turk. CVL had no info regarding any itinerary change. The only thing she knew was that the 9/26 cruise ( original itinerary pre Dorian was Freeport and Nassau) would now have extra time in Nassau. She could not elaborate, that's all she had....
  7. I got a reply from CVL on FB messenger that tomorrow's sailing will involve "extra time in Nassau" but they have no details about any other sailing at present.
  8. She is scheduled to sail tomorrow 9/26 for 4 days, then on Mon 9/30 she will start a 5 day to Grand Turk and Amber cove I have family booked on that one. No news yet of any changes....
  9. Why would you need to book an excursion to Great Bay? The water taxi leaves from the cruise pier and goes over to Great bay for IIRC $5 . Five minutes.... You can take your pick of which area you want to be, there are so many places open and competing for your business.
  10. His personal fb shows him on Santorini - on vacation?
  11. I have a friend who spent some time agonizing over this same decision this summer. In the end she decided to reschedule her treatment, booked an Alaska cruise while she knew she would have the energy, and sailed with no regrets.
  12. An other plan might be to reschedule your radiation to start right after you get back..... that would eliminate several of the potentials for problems.
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