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  1. I imagine that once this pandemic is over and cruising returns to a semblance of normal, cruise lines will again be required to comply with ADA regulations.
  2. That is the best explanation and the best advice I have seen yet.
  3. Since he has excluded the UK from this ban, does this mean anyone in Europe can just travel to the US via London ?
  4. So anyone from Europe wishing to come to the US can just come via the UK ?
  5. President Trump just announced a travel ban from Europe to the US - excluding the UK- starting at midnight Friday.
  6. This is what a pandemic looks like-
  7. https://time.com/5779803/coronavirus-new-jersey-cruise/ Doesn't sound like it.
  8. As a juror my conclusion would have to be - he was holding her, he let go of her.
  9. To me a window is a window. Whether it is in a car, bus, train,ship or building, you should be careful to know if it is open or closed before taking a toddler near it.
  10. This is not meant sarcastically, but why would they need that? She wasn't held inside. If he is colorblind or has poor vision, poor depth perception then it is his responsibility to be even more careful.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7974255/Parents-toddler-fell-death-Royal-Caribbean-ship-proceed-lawsuit.html
  12. I don't mind at all. I usually know ahead of time what I want, and they are trying to streamline service for a couple of thousand people, so if this helps, why not?
  13. Well if you know you are colorblind and can't tell an open window from closed one, shouldn't you take EXTRA care when you hold a child up to one?
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