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  1. Thanks, although not all TAs are the same, my last 2 did not get the price adjustments for me... and one even got the price difference but tried to keep it. Until I found out.. than it was given to me. No extra perks. If I book it myself I have total control and have the ability to make changes without delay. thanks, I will message you if I have any TA questions!
  2. That’s kind of what I was thinking. I am fine with my current price, just thought I might be able to save a couple bucks. thanks
  3. My cruise is nearly a year away but I want to follow and watch for potential price drops. Is it possible to do this if you have a specific room type (aft wraparound balcony)? All those room types are already booked so I can’t mock book it.. assume no price drops would be available than? thanks all!
  4. I am on this cruise in March. Appreciate your review as I am new to NCL but not to cruising. Looking forward to it! thanks again!
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