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  1. Hopefully faster than they did mine when we cancelled the cruise due to the Hurricane coming. I had to called them 3 times and the first time they didn’t even have a ticket out to process it
  2. Thanks for a awesome 2 week adventure on the SOS. I can't wait till my week in April!!!! Wish I was on it for two weeks. Can't wait to see what you go on next!
  3. I was trying to find it in a post I read, but I think people were saying that the Chicken Sandwich (maybe crispy) on Coco is pretty good?? And I will be having a few funnel cakes...can't wait!!!!
  4. Oh I don’t use the internet on the ships but I know it must be getting more popular this day in age and would think they could cap it at 10mbps.
  5. I wonder if those speeds are so slow cause so many people that now get the internet package or because your on a ship, but I would think it would be a little better. I also love that you call your wife Lala. My daughters name is Emilia but when our son tried to say her name when she was born it came out Lala so that’s what we call her along with the whole family 😁
  6. It says it ranges anywhere from 500k to 15 million. One is listed for 18 million. They are pretty big places for the 10-15 million range. There is a nice 2b2bath for little under a mill.
  7. I wonder how much those are running for? Wound be a awesome place to live
  8. I got on this site for apple updates and tips, try to look through this when you can for tips on the new camera on the 11 http://www.iphonehacks.com/2019/10/iphone-11-pro-max-camera-settings-know.html
  9. What was the best thing you ate on board? I keep reading mixed reviews, but also know it can vary from each cruise and ship.
  10. They are on here if you use the search near the top right of the main board and in the drop down select in this forum. The last one I saw was a live review in September titled Watch me Sip watch me lay lay
  11. I agree with you. I have two little ones at home and have been on many cruises before I had kids with them running around, but its usually in the area like pool, putt putt and maybe in the halls. They aren't harming anyone, they are just kids and having fun. If you want to avoid them there are many ways and area's to do that. The elevator thing is just impatient people. You are on vacation in the middle of the ocean, where are you in a rush to go? Take a walk/detour and find another elevator.
  12. A few things from sailing over year that I have learned especially on the bigger ships. If the elevators are a issue for waiting for them, could be after a show or dinner time is that if you are try to get back to you cabin or another part of the ship, say you are at the front, just walk to the middle to the next set of elevators and it should be less wait/crowded. You are on vacation and on a cruise, you shouldn't be in a rush to get somewhere. I get some people are older and don't want to walk out of their way to get some where. Another tip if you get out of a show just hang out in the theater for a while and let people clear out and then check out the elevators, like I said, you shouldn't be in a rush. As far as smoke goes in the casino, I am not a big gambler, but I do like to play a little and also watch people play other games I might want to try to learn, but smoke is a little frustrating. My mom is a pretty big smoker, but she is pretty considerate and doesn't smoke as much on a cruise and I just wish sometimes others would think the same and just not smoke in the casino, but I know it is allowed so I don't spend much time in there so I don't get really worked up about it. But I have also found if you go in the early hours of it opening and not late at night you can avoid the heavy smoke times. It's been 7 years since I have been on a cruise and can't wait to get on the Symphony in April!!! The last one I went on was the Allure and thought that the big ship was amazing and I didn't feel like it was ever crowded. Maybe I've never had a bad cruise experience yet, but to me on a cruise for a week, don't have to work, don't have to cook, don't have to make my bed, there isn't much I can complain about. Happy cruising, because I know I will be in April!!!!
  13. Ok that's what I thought when I inquired about it a while back
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