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  1. We just go upgraded from a balcony to a grand suite. Super excited!! On the SOS April 11th
  2. I read more on this tread or see on the news that there are more sailings of the Norovirus, but that doesn't stop people from going. The rates are low and it seems to be all Princess Cruise Line ships. It is good to take caution, but hopefully this will make the cruise lines and people that go on them a little more proactive when it comes to washing hands and crew wiping down area's better. I take Elderberry everyday and it does seem to help, so people need to start taking it along with practicing good hygiene. I hope it slows down because I have a ship to board on April 11th!!!!
  3. St Johns Trunk Bay is a national park. Water and view is amazing
  4. I just ordered Voom plus stream. Does it time you out and have to log into it? Or once you are onboard and set it up you are good to go?
  5. The vitamin stores sell elderberry gummies. When people around work or at home are sick I start to take them. They help boost your immune system
  6. How often do you think they change the price? Weekly or monthly?
  7. How close to your sailing have you seen the price drop?
  8. Thanks for the response. I will keep checking. Hope it drops again before my sailing on April 11th
  9. How often do you think it goes up and down? And its it based on your sailing or is it fleet wide?
  10. Do these prices change fleet wide or based on the cruise you booked on?
  11. When the price goes up and down is that based on your actually sailing on is that a fleet wide sale?
  12. Has anyone does the National Park and open bar excursion with RCCL? And how was the snorkeling? Or should we go on the Fury? We were signed up for snuba cause I wanted to try it, but only a few reviews and people said it's not that great there
  13. I will look at the menu before dinner. If I don’t care for the dessert I will order double apps or another main course. If I want something sweet it’s not hard to find it later. But I’ve also found if you want extra they don’t mind if you ask, so if you want dessert later just tell them and they will get it
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