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  1. Do these prices change fleet wide or based on the cruise you booked on?
  2. When the price goes up and down is that based on your actually sailing on is that a fleet wide sale?
  3. Has anyone does the National Park and open bar excursion with RCCL? And how was the snorkeling? Or should we go on the Fury? We were signed up for snuba cause I wanted to try it, but only a few reviews and people said it's not that great there
  4. I will look at the menu before dinner. If I don’t care for the dessert I will order double apps or another main course. If I want something sweet it’s not hard to find it later. But I’ve also found if you want extra they don’t mind if you ask, so if you want dessert later just tell them and they will get it
  5. Went on the Allure 8 years ago. Going on the Symphony in April. Can’t wait to have that sandwich again! That’s where we went when we boarded!
  6. I am traveling with my parent's and my dad gets the Voom while on the ship, but I don't want to have to go back and forth having to log off for him to log in. If we are in the same cabin I can purchase my own and it won't effect us correct?
  7. Just tried it and it did work. Never I new that. Good to know thanks
  8. That’s on of the major pluses I like iPhone over android. You can only iMessage someone. If they have a Android it uses SMS and won’t be able to get text since it uses cell daft only. But you can FaceTime or video chat on Facebook messenger over WiFi to any device
  9. That other person would have to have the app to call them, which it’s a free app and you can use your number on. You cannot call landlines. You can text on it as well to other WhatsApp users
  10. If she doesn’t have WiFi calling. She can use the WhatsApp and make calls over WiFi and text through it if she gets the internet package. It’s owned by Facebook. Or if she has Facebook she can use messenger to do that as well
  11. They might be stating you can’t be barefoot 🤷‍♂️
  12. I totally agree with you. My mom is a big smoker and on cruises she cuts way back, so you are telling me these people can't sit at the tables or a machine for a few hours and not smoke? How do they sit through dinner. To me is seems so inconsiderate. And to me why would you want your ship to smell like that. That smell is hard to get out. Hopefully it's not too bad when I got on the Symphony in April. The rest of your content was great as well
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