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  1. hapster85

    Questions on Deluxe Beverage Package

    Yes, even with the cup, I sometimes was asked for for my card on Adventure last summer. Over two weeks, it was probably not more than 3 or 4 times. The first time it happened, I asked about it, and the bartender said the cups get stolen, so they randomly check cards. I wonder if they ever take the cup of your card doesn't show a package?
  2. This was taken with my phone, from our port side balcony (7124), on board Anthem in 2016. You can see her from the ship, but she's quite a distance away. A camera with a good zoom lens would be able to get a pretty decent shot.
  3. Too much of an increase for us as well. Half that and we'd start to consider it. Putting the kids in their room and closing that connecting door will also give you privacy you'll never have in the JS.
  4. Our last cruise, I kept watch on the prices of everything purchased in the planner. Rebooked one excursion 3 separate times because of price drops. The changes were usually small, but things add up. Worth the effort, in my opinion.
  5. That's what happens with the Android version when you click "no" when it asks to log you in. The login session also expires, so I've been trying to get into the habit of logging out before closing the app. Hopefully this is corrected soon as well.
  6. hapster85

    In port 3:30-11, Enough time to walk to ports?

    Definitely recommend the free trolley. Go left to board at Stop 14, between Piers 1 & 2. Stop 1 is around the corner to the right, but may be more crowded if there are multiple ships in port. All of the routes stop there, but only certain ones go to the forts. Be sure to board the right one. We took the open air tram. Was a breezy, partly sunny day when we were there, so it was a very pleasant ride.
  7. Yes, the boards are once again available via Tapatalk, however the normal Tapatalk login method doesn't work. You have to tell the app "no" when it asks to log you in, and then do a manual login. Hopefully that'll be corrected in the future, but I'm happy to see it working again regardless.
  8. hapster85

    Always asked to log on

    Finally got the Tapatalk login to work. Wasn't the normal login process for Tapatalk, but seems to be working for the moment.
  9. Haven't been using the site much since the conversion, because there's nothing "friendly" and the new mobile view. Anyway, on the occasions that I do visit, via mobile, it always asks 3 or 4 times for me to log in, even though I already am. I just hit the X to clear the dialog, but it's annoying having to do so multiple times. Also happens when returning to the home page from elsewhere on the site.
  10. Interesting. Except for the invoice totalling, that all happened for us anyway. Our head waiter even approached us at the midpoint of the first week to ask if we wanted the same table for the second week.
  11. Not to highjack the thread, but what's the point of linking the two bookings? We've only done one B2B, so our experience in that area is limited, but it went without a hitch, with no linking.
  12. hapster85

    Can't login via Tapatalk

    I can't speak to that in general, but as for the CC app, I believe it ran on an older version of the Tapatalk engine. So it was already unnecessary.
  13. hapster85

    Can't login via Tapatalk

    Same here. If I can't use Tapatalk, I won't be spending much time on this forum going forward. I fully understand that they don't wish to continue maintaining their own separate app, but enabling Tapatalk access seems like a no-brainer to me. Hopefully they'll do so soon. If not, oh well.
  14. hapster85

    Question about Check-In

    Did you book airfare with Air2Sea? It won't ask for arrival and departure information in that situation. They already have it.
  15. hapster85

    Is rci changing cruise planner?

    Sounds like part of the ongoing updates they've been making. Hopefully someone on one of those upcoming sailings will report back.