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  1. A strangely dressed Linda Carter as Wonder Woman?
  2. That sounds reasonable, maybe even surprisingly low. But $1349 is just ridiculous.
  3. Just found your review today, so I'm late to the party, but glad I found it. Always enjoy reading your reviews, and loving the pictures. Definitely helps pass the time until our next cruise in September. Not a bad way to kill time at work on a Friday afternoon, either. Too bad you couldn't stay onboard for turnaround, like we did last summer on Adventure. But a cruise is still a cruise.
  4. It'll be hit or miss. You could probably upload something small, low quality. I sometimes had trouble uploading pictures from that ship. Sometimes to the point that it would eventually timeout and ask to start again. Other times, they uploaded fairly quickly. Off peak hours would be your best shot.
  5. Did the TA give any reason for the original answer?
  6. We live just south of Louisville but flying out of Covington (yet again). Fares were equivalent, but the only option back into SDF was a 12:50 am arrival. Or more like 1:50 am getting home, if we're lucky. Not exactly conducive to returning to work Monday morning.
  7. I've only encountered that scenario one other time, many years ago and I forget the airline, but it was assigned seating, so not a big deal. If I were a seasoned Southwest flyer, I probably wouldn't be overthinking every detail of this trip. Bad habit, I know. Lol
  8. It's 3 devices at any given time. Which was why I suggested 3 people could use a single device package, if there was no need to always be logged on at the same time.
  9. If the 3 if you don't have the need to be logged on simultaneously, you could also share a single device package.
  10. I figured at most it would be grabbing a premade sandwich at Urban Market and eating it on the plane. Wouldn't be the first time we've had to do something like that. If there's a big line, we'll just have to skip it, and survive on snacks until we arrive at our final stop. The alternative would be to book a flight that connects through MCO with a 1:50 layover, which looked good at first. But if I'm reading it right (see photos), the folks in MCO will be boarding a plane that already has the folks who boarded in FLL on board. Besides costing more, without assigned seats, I'd rather not go that route. Anyway, thanks for the input.
  11. That's certainly possible, but even when clicking that link, the full array of what will be offered won't always be available. The farther out the sailing date, the more likely that is to be the case. Our upcoming sailing on Freedom, for example. Until a couple of weeks ago, each port stop listed about 10 excursion options. At around 200 days out, each began listing at least twice that number. Just have to keep checking, and definitely click to "show all", as you indicated.
  12. How far out is your cruise? The full array of excursions generally doesn't appear until closer to sailing. If the bungalows are indeed gone, that would be a very new development. Lots of things are changing, but can't imagine that they would do away with them altogether. Lunch will be delivered to your cabana, however you're free to go to the buffet area, if you prefer. No idea as to the "self serve beer".
  13. Hadn't realized Southwest had any international routes, but yeah, all domestic.
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