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  1. There's "ship's time" and there's "ship's time". The time presented to passengers may be local to the home port, or the port of call, but the ship itself will always operate on GMT or Zulu. Airlines are the same way. Passengers are given local times (Lima) for departure and arrival, but flights are conducted based on Zulu. Tracking fleets all over the world would be a nightmare otherwise. To keep your phone from unexpectedly switching to Zulu, or any other time in port, you must go into settings and turn off automatic date, time, and time zone adjustments. It's one of the first things I do when boarding a ship.
  2. Yes, I thought of that, but clearing them didn't help this time. Oh well. Maybe they're doing maintenance.
  3. The link works fine for me, but the page seems to be pretty temperamental. Yesterday it pulled up the September 29th sailing of Freedom, no problem. But today it tells me: "No voyages were found for that ship and date; please verify that this information has been entered correctly and try again." Tried several other dates for Freedom, with the same result. Didn't try any other ships.
  4. I think this may have been the link you were trying to post: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/contentWithGallery.do?pagename=shore_excursions_main
  5. Are you on Apple or Android? In you're on Android, I posted some tips in the thread below. Post #61. On Apple, afraid I can't help. HTH https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2596038-tapatalk-forum/&share_tid=2596038&share_fid=24703&share_type=t
  6. Traded emails with Tapatalk support. The response I got said they're working with the forum owner to resolve problems with the Tapatalk plug-in. That was about 2 weeks ago.
  7. Not sure if you talking about a flight connecting in Newark, or sailing from Newark, but either way, is there not an earlier flight? I prefer to fly in a day early, but that's just not always possible. If I must fly in the day of the cruise, I take the earliest available flight. Also highly recommend travel insurance that covers for flight delays, cancellations, etc.
  8. There was a method to my madness in choosing that particular flight, despite it having two stops. The later flight, connects at MCO, to flight 2749, which is the earlier flight coming from FLL. Guessing not too many will deplane at MCO. It would be a different story if Southwest had assigned seats. The earlier flight does leave less room for error should the ship arrive late. I've been in that situation before, but if the delay is more than an hour or two, neither flight would work anyway. So after thinking over possible changes, we decided to stick with what we have for the same reasons as before. Hopefully Southwest doesn't make drastic changes.
  9. Yes, that definitely would have been more helpful than what I've gotten from them so far. I was more curious than anything, at this point, since my reservation looked unchanged. But it did leave me with a bit it uncertainty. Definitely thanks for the info!
  10. Good to hear. Hopefully, if anything is changing with my flights, we'll get the email soon as well.
  11. No, nothing visible has changed. For now, I'm going to leave it alone, and continue to monitor. Thanks for your input.
  12. Just trying to figure out why, if nothing has changed, this alert was placed on my flight.
  13. Those are the times as booked. Nothing has changed as far as I can tell.
  14. That problem was, thankfully, resolved on Android a few updates ago. I contacted Tapatalk support via email about ongoing issues with CC, specifically not able to load more than 20 threads in a forum. The email I got back was that they are working with the forum owner to resolve issues with the Tapatalk plug-in. Guess we'll see.
  15. Note that I have not (yet) been contacted by Southwest. I was making a weekly check of my reservation and there was an alert, as noted below. I'm assuming this is MAX related. Saturday outbound flight for Sunday sailing. Following Sunday return flight. While I would love to fly out on Friday, or even sooner, it won't be possible for my wife to get additional time off before fall break. Nor after really, for that matter. #TeacherLife So do I just leave it alone, cross my fingers, and hope for the best?
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