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  1. It's my understanding that all of those extra berths could never be sold anyway, because more of them exist than total passenger capacity. That allows for flexibility across cabin types.
  2. Yes, I'm sure. In the past, 2 people (or even one) could readily book a 3/4 berth cabin, so it's no surprise that folks had trouble finding available 3/4 berth cabins. Especially if they didn't book early. With Royal Caribbean restricting those cabins to a minimum of 3 people, there are naturally going to be more of them available for groups of 3 or 4. But as there is obviously a demand for them, they are still going to sell out, so it's still important to not wait to book. As far as people booking phantom thirds, I don't see it being a widespread issue. Most people are too bargain conscious to spend more than they have to. And as others have mentioned, it's really no different than a solo cruiser booking a double.
  3. On a quick search I see several time lapse videos of Glacier Bay on YouTube, but none that are 30 minutes. One from Carnival was labeled as such, but only a small portion was time lapsed. Maybe someone else will have better luck.
  4. Other than a few coveted locations, there aren't vast hoards of couples rushing to pay higher fares to book phantom thirds.
  5. Meh. You a higher fare to book the 3rd person. While it's been possible in the past to eventually get a refund for the 3rd person, Royal has been making it harder to do without being forced to move. It may eventually be impossible. Depending on when you booked, you may have paid less for 3 than you'd later pay for two anyway. So your 3rd person no-show may turn out to be a bargain. So no, I really don't see a problem.
  6. Third person can be removed, and receive refund, until 2 weeks before sail date. Needed to do so with our daughter on the first leg of a B2B a couple of years ago. We knew long before then that she couldn't make that week, but of course they wanted us to move. So we waited until closer to sail date. Even then we had to escalate it to Revenue to get the cabin released to 2 people. Got our money back though.
  7. We booked directly with Princess. I guess I need to give them a call. Thanks.
  8. The cruisetour we've booked begins in Fairbanks. Our itinerary currently says that a Fairbanks hotel will be assigned prior to travel. Thinking about adding a night pre-tour, so wondering how far out assignment usually happens.
  9. I like the buffet for the variety. Usually have at least one meal per day there. I do think having staff serving the food might be a better idea than self serve. It would mean having more staff, of course. But only implementing that procedure after an outbreak of some sort, is fixing the barn door after the cows come home.
  10. Unless you plan to not sleep your last night, a great deal of the transit past Vancouver Island will occur overnight on a South bound cruise. East or West won't make much difference in that case.
  11. Even though I have the Kindle app on my phone, I usually bring a book. It's not something we'd really thought about before. Next trip we'll definitely have to think about throwing cards, dice, or other small game in the bag.
  12. Android version. Ad free since 2013. YMMV
  13. My take on the "on your own" cruisetour, is they are providing transportation and lodging, but what you do at each location is left up to you. Organized excursions are available, or you can explore on your own, or just hang out at the lodge.
  14. I'm using Pro, which is up to v8.7.0. Works fine, but every few days, it stops loading, soI have to logout and back in. CC is the only site a have to do this to. Otherwise working very well.
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