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  1. Go to the "on demand" movies channel. They have a few freebies. We watched Pacific Rim 2 and Ready Player One at least 3 times on the Horizon last week LOL We love those movies... the other one was a love story which we didn't watch. If you want to rent a movie they're 4.99, we didn't rent any so I don't know how long the rental is good for.
  2. I disembarked the morning of the 23rd and it wasn't delayed. Self assist were leaving at 645am and tag 1 (us) left at 730. We were on the road north by 815am. They sent this email to about 90% of the members of our "other website" group before we embarked also.
  3. I've booked a transatlantic cruise (Carnival NY to Dover Jun 2020) but I'm stumped about the insurance. I have to purchase the insurance within 14 days to get the pre-existing coverage, which is fine BUT how do I factor in the flight back to NY and all the hotel costs? We plan on staying in England for 3 days after the ship docks. Should I estimate what I think they might be? I've search for fares for Jun 2019 to get an idea what they "might" be, but I don't normally fly. Do fares change a lot year to year? Will my insurance (I normally use travelguard) allow me to add the flight and hotels in Sept 2019?
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