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  1. No, on the first night we decided the cruise line wasn't for us and we'd do our best to have a great time! I don't think you can excuse the horrific leak with no apology or offer to move us without being quite insistent, the noise in the cabin with the whistling noise that went on all night and of course someone else's rubbish being left on the bed!
  2. Today, 12:13 PM Well, I'd like to tell you all what a wonderful time we had onboard the Magellan, but I can't. We were well-prepared for the ship to be nothing like we are used to, we knew it wouldn't be glamourous, that it's dated and the clientele would be predominantly British, older folks. After dinner on the first night we decided that it wasn't for us, that although there was nothing 'wrong' with the cruise we wouldn't use the line again due to matters of personal choice, such as not enjoying the entertainment or the food as much as we usually do. Then we got in to bed... noticed the light above it had a load of what I thought was flies so stood on the bed to have a look so I could then ask the steward to sort it when we saw him... it was thick with dust, probably not been cleaned in the 36 years since the ship was built. Couldn't sleep on the first night due to a bizarre whistling type noise - presumably as we were experiencing rough seas. Showed reception a video of it, they just said the ship was full so tough. The walls, as we had heard, are very thin, so you can hear your neighbours talking so if you're going on the ship definitely take ear plugs! The two full days in Dublin were fantastic, although the gala night was organised for whilst the ship was in port over night, whilst a number of passengers had taken an excursion or gone to Dublin for the night. We decided to make a night of it out in Dublin. Got back to the ship and had another night with very little sleep, as the fan in the room is incredibly noisy but with no other source of air it gets too hot if you don't have it on. Following day had a great day out in Dublin, went to the Guinness stores and that killed a couple of hours, plus plenty more walking around the city, got back to the ship and found that our cabin had been flooded. An industrial dryer was in place, and our steward came to tell us it would be dry within the hour. We thought ok these things do happen and went and had a drink for an hour. Went back to shower and change, Andy went to get a glass of coke from the bottle at the side of the bed and the carpet was absolutely sodden to the point the water was over the soles of his shoes. Dry in an hour!? Didn't mention which hour of which day I guess. Went to reception to see what could be done, response was that it wasn't their fault and to not stand in the wet bit! We insisted we moved cabin which we did. No apology - didn't expect a grand gesture but just a simple sorry for the inconvenience would have been nice! Went to dinner and two ladies on our table had also been flooded, they were told on arrival back at the ship earlier in the day to go to reception and had a much better experience, but again no apology etc. Arrived back at the cabin after dinner to find someone else's suit carrier, toothbrush and an empty medicine box on the bed. I wonder if as we'd got the cases on the bed the stewardess thought they were ours after finding them in the wardrobe or under the bed perhaps if she'd not cleaned it earlier? Arrived in Liverpool after another poor sleep, was looking forward to disembarking. This took longer than expected. After queing to leave, was told to go back to reception. Went to reception and it was because of a message being left to tell me the cabin had been flooded! Was one last parting shot I think. Needless to say, we won't be booking another CMV!!
  3. Thank you Bea! We're working it as a side to our main jobs so won't be aggressively selling
  4. Yacht Club cards look pretty similar to Black, and also the dark blue of no membership until you get closer to the card?
  5. I rarely use CC these days, the facebook forums are taking a lot more time, glad you shared it though 🙂
  6. I didn't know you were in our group Bea, good to have you onboard 🙂
  7. It was wonderful to be there last night as the news was announced; we've known about it since March but not the finer details. Keeping it secret has been so difficult and a challenge! There is talk that if this is successful then the next thing will be to go for one of the newest ships based out of Southampton http://timthorpetravel.com/2019/09/11/msc-magnifica-news
  8. Dave, you know where to be for all the news
  9. Looking forward to finding out more
  10. Glad he's on the mend Bea, must have been very stressful for you both. Hopefully you can enjoy the rest of your cruise now
  11. Have a fabulous time Bea! Seaview is my favourite ship. Was the Veuve included?
  12. My choice would be Magnifica - great ship, plenty of balcony cabins which makes them a bit cheaper than on the Lirica class. Sailed on Lirica class both pre and post stretch, and have been on all 4 of them; they're nice ships but really do lack any wow factor and they are starting to show their age
  13. Hi all, We usually cruise MSC (have done 28 with them). I know CMV will be an entirely different style of cruising, just wondered what feedback you guys have? We're looking at an ocean view and it seems a good deal with an overnight in Dublin
  14. The bid for an upgrade programme isn't active in the UK Cruisingfox
  15. We were somewhat excited about the launch, and was considering it, despite the itinerary, but the prices have put us off
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