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  1. Our most recent experience was, when we booked we were assigned a cabin (sky suite 2) within a month. It was an ok location and an accessible cabin which we didn’t need, but liked the idea of the larger cabin. After we made final payment I realized that the cabin number was different. We ended up to our surprise with an aft facing S2 cabin smaller than the accessible one but we absolutely loved the location.
  2. Our drinks package and internet package perks showed up on our celebrity account a few weeks before our cruise. It shows up under cruise packages under order history.
  3. Ours did not show up until 3-4 weeks out. We also have the internet package as a perk and it showed up as well. Your onboard credit should already be showing.
  4. The upgrade option didn’t show up in our cruise planner until a few weeks before our cruise. Kim
  5. If you go to the celebrity website you can’t even pull up any deck plans for the Constellation. Or at least I wasn’t able to. Kim
  6. Another thing to consider, there are way less stewards then there use to be. They are spread very thinly. Less people covering more cabins! Tipping extra I am sure is always appreciated, but the most important thing is making sure you are positive in your post cruise questionnaire. That is how they get their promotions and any extra benefits.
  7. We made our reservation on board, because there was 6 of us and we couldn't do it online. If I remember correctly it was still a late seating, about 8:30. We did not have a great experience. It is not enclosed, so it opens to the atrium, where loud music was going on and you could barely hold a conversation. The chairs are also huge wing back chairs, that also make it difficult for conversation. I pretty much disappeared when I sat in it. My dh is 6’4” and fit much better, but still looked small compared to the chair. We also had to send back a couple of steaks because they were overcooked and
  8. Our Sky Suite is still listed on our reservation. So it must not be all of them. Kim
  9. We almost always book Aqua and love Blu and the staff and service. You will get all kinds of opinions. If the difference is in your budget give it a try and decide for yourself! Happy cruising! Kim
  10. We booked our first guaranteed SS2 about a year ahead of the cruise. We were also surprised to be assigned a cabin right away, it was an accessible SS2, which wouldn’t have been our first choice but were ok with it. After making final payment we realized that our cabin had changed still a SS2 but an aft facing cabin, which is what we had wanted in the first place so all is good! So there is still a possibility of your cabin changing. Since this was our first I cant say that this is what happens all the time. Good luck!! Kim
  11. We booked a GTY SS2 also, I don’t remember when but it was at least a year ago for our Feb 2020 cruise. We were assigned an accessible SS2 almost right away. We just made final payment and saw that the cabin had changed to an aft which is what we were hoping to get. Not sure if it will change again.
  12. Enjoying reading your review! We will be in our first suite on our cruise in Feb!! Getting more excited everyday!! Kim
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