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  1. Hi, looking at booking on the Grandiosa in February with my husband and 6 year old daughter. We have never sailed with MSC before so was hoping to get some honest opinions of what it like for a family. We have sailed Thomson, P and O and Royal previously. The cruise we are looking at is around the med ie Rome, any ideas on weather around that area that time of year. Thanks!
  2. Just what I was hoping to hear...I will take it easy today and see how I go...definitely need a cheeky glass of Prosecco when I embark!
  3. Yes I saw the delayed departure and to be honest was quite relieved..I suppose it is because we also have the luxury of a sea day tomorrow so no rush to get anywhere! Will take my 2 tablets about 12.00 so they kick in. See you onboard!!
  4. Thanks everyone. Think I will take one Just before we board and then one later in the evening and take it from there. Feeling really anxious about it this evening so fingers crossed all will be fine tomorrow. Just out of interest do any of you have a drink whilst on these, I see it says to avoid alcohol as it makes you drowsy but I have seen a lot of people say they still drink on them.
  5. Hi, question for Stugeron users...do you take your first 2 tablets 2 hours before you get on the ship or 2 hours before the ship is due to sail?? Leaving tomorrow on Azura and seems it could be a little rough with this stormy weather
  6. Hi, question for Stugeron users...do you take your first 2 tablets 2 hours before you get on the ship or 2 hours before the ship is due to sail?? Leaving tomorrow on Azura and seems it could be a little rough with this stormy weather!
  7. So after all your advice and information I have just booked 🥂 have gone for the superior balcony but on E deck as it is sheltered and private so sounds just perfect plus I believe the kids club is just a few decks up from this so good location...hopefully the seas are kind and I don’t feel much motion!
  8. Thanks so much for your replies, very informative! Seems I will have to make a compromise somewhere with the cabin...I would like the superior one for all the reasons your have all mentioned especially the bed configuration and having a bath- will make life easier for my daughter BUT don’t like the idea of being over looked on D deck. E deck is certainly an option but worried about being at the aft due to motion. Hmmmmm what to do!
  9. Hi, looking at booking Azura on 27th April for my husband, myself and our 6 year old daughter. It is so much cheaper on that date than in the Easter holidays! Trying to decide on either a balcony cabin or superior deluxe for more room, has any other families found space an issue? Also where we are looking at going in term time would kids clubs etc still be running. Our daughter hasn’t cruised before so want to make it the best experience we can for her, and ourselves of course. We have a 3 nighter booked for August but really fancy a longer break for some family time.
  10. The pegboard looks fab! Might try a little of each of your ideas with pictures and a ship ornament...want it to be special, it will be my daughters first cruise so I can’t wait to see her face Christmas morning...exciting!
  11. Hi, I have just booked a mini cruise on the Independence for August 2019. I am wanting to surprise my husband and daughter with it on Christmas Day! Does anybody have any suggestions on how I could present it to them?
  12. Thank you all for your replies. I have cruises before on longer cruises and been fine with the seas. This mini cruise really appeals as Bruges is a lovely place and well we can take our daughter with us for £1.00! Unfortunately we can’t really do any longer ones around that time due to school term time. The worry is getting seasick if the water is rough but I suppose cruising is worth the risk! You have all been very helpful and those of you due off soon, enjoy!!
  13. Hi, looking at the mini cruise in November 2019 to Bruge for the Christmas markets! Slightly worried about the seas being rough being the time of year...anyone have any experience of sailing that time of year??
  14. Looking at the Independence. Looks great for us as a family but worried about the costs once onboard.
  15. Hi all, am looking at booking a 3 or 4 night mini break for next year. We haven’t sailed with Royal Caribbean before so wanted to check some things.... can we get a drinks package on a mini cruise, if not are the drinks expensive...we do like a cocktail and a glass or two of wine! Are there service charges on everything? Obviously it is not the cheapest cruise line and want to make sure we don’t get on board and realise we can’t buy much! Thanks
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