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  1. We like the Radisson due to the nice pool area, the fence around the property, and the restaurant next door for dinner. The shuttle has always been good for us.
  2. Have been to all the islands except St. Kitts. In Barbados we liked the island tour because there is so much to see. On St. Thomas we went to Magen's Bay Beach two different times. There are many nice beaches on St. T. In St. Lucia, we did a partial island tour. The Pitons are very popular. Would only go on a ship's excursion here. In St. Martin, we went to Orient Beach. However, it was very wavy that day and not good for water sports. So we decided to go to Marigot the next time.
  3. We went into town for $5, walked around, looked at museum as well as had lunch and played at Margaritaville. There was alot of dancing that day!
  4. Thanks for the review about the buses and the distillery. We went to the distillery on a tour (for 15 min.!) which included several stops and a ride around the Eastern part of the island.
  5. Thanks for the review. We went on a HAL tour in the morning and enjoyed it.
  6. Aside from the natural bridge, the rock formations are interesting. We also visited the Aloe Factory.
  7. We liked Cable Beach. The Melia is a good hotel with a long beach area and pools. One can e-mail them or one of the other resorts on that beach.
  8. There is not much snorkeling at Magen's.
  9. Hi- Blue Bay was not all-inclusive when we were there. E-mail Blue Bay to find out what they do now.
  10. We did a ship's excursion to Magens Beach for the morning. It was good as the driver waited for us and we had no concern about getting back on time.
  11. Thank you for the information about where else you went.
  12. Willemstad, Curacao is a good place to walk around for hours. In Aruba, we took a bus in the morning to several sites- the Aruba Aloe Factory, the Casibari Rocks, and the natural bridge. We also saw about 2/3 of the island driving around in the air conditioned bus. It took about 3 hours
  13. Thank you for the information and review. When we went to Palm Beach, we ate at Gilligans and went to the casino. We had a good afternoon.
  14. cruiseapril


    We took a bus to the Aloe Factory, the Casibari Rocks, and the natural bridge. We stopped at all of the above and saw a good 2/3 of the island in 3 hours.
  15. If the ship stops in Bonaire- that is the place to snorkel. If it goes only to the other abc's , Curacao is a good place to snorkel. Be sure to e-mail and ask about equipment.
  16. We had an early day- a big breakfast on the ship- and a late lunch back on the ship. So snacks there are good for some. E-mailing them is good.
  17. Check out the websites.
  18. Both have good websites where one can see the area. We went to Blue Bay as it is natural. But there is coral there as on most Curacao beaches.
  19. There are van taxis and regular taxis.
  20. We spent the morning at a beach at Blue Bay. Then we ate lunch on the ship and walked around Willemstad during the afternoon. Blue Bay has a good website.
  21. It is about a 15 minute walk to the Avila. They have a good website which has lots of info and a place to e-mail for costs.
  22. Eagle Beach is good and yes the sun is hot- we only stay for 3 or 4 hours.
  23. Cruisers can walk around Nassau and see the sites, eat at the British Colonial Hilton, or get a day pass for the Hilton which includes beach and pool time.
  24. Many cruisers enjoy the Hyatt. Do give us a review.
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