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  1. Try Cable Beach for calmer waters and cleaner beaches.
  2. A taxi is good, but try a van cab for $5 pp- right from the pier. If cruisers have a big breakfast and late lunch on the ship- then only snacks are needed.
  3. Compare Holiday Inn Express. Embassy Suites, and Hyatt Place.
  4. We always stay near the port but don't walk in the terminal area. Take a taxi.
  5. The trolley-train is a good little excursion.
  6. The shared taxis are a good deal at $5 pp!
  7. We usually plan on 2-3 hours of sun. It gets quite hot!
  8. A good tour time is about 3 hours. Then, some beach time is relaxing.
  9. Melia is a good choice. We took a van cab there for just $5 pp- from the pier.
  10. We opted for booking an excursion the first time there and then booked day passes after that.
  11. Getting back near the ship at the right time is wise.
  12. In Nassau, a beach day is good. Cable Beach.
  13. There is a short wait at the Blue Lagoon- but well worth it. We did the excursion thru RCI in order to get the ferry on time.
  14. The Melia is very good. We eat a big breakfast on the ship and go back for a late lunch. Then we buy a snack at Melia.
  15. Be sure to walk in Willemstad for an hour or so. Very nice little city.
  16. cruiseapril


    In case of very rainy weather- don't they cancel and return payment?
  17. Take the taxi for sure and ask the driver to come back for you. Nice excursion.
  18. The Melia is a very nice option. Have been there several times.
  19. If you book direct, be sure to check the ferry times.
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