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  1. I’m also on her in late June and will be on either Weston shore or Netley shore for her arrival the same as we were for Britannia.
  2. I was told the balcony cabins will be a few feet above the promenade and will have privacy glass installed so people can’t see in! I wasn’t going to take a chance and booked a different cabin. To be honest though I don’t think young man had a clue and was making it up as he went along.
  3. On Britannia the rear deck behind the buffet area had Bollywood music being played every morning around 7.30 At first it slightly irritated by it but by the end of the cruise I quite enjoyed it. It wasn’t intrusive or loud just playing in the background. Looking back now I think I would have preferred a mixture of music but it wasn’t a problem.
  4. Thanks Jaydee it works for me on iPad and android phone.
  5. Been three times to the fjords and have never spent cash for anything even down to the cheapest items. Cards seem to be the normal thing over there.
  6. I phoned P&O when I was looking at cabins on Iona as I was concerned about the promenade deck cabins. They told me the cabins are higher than the prom and people passing could not see in. When I questioned this I was told the cabins will have privacy glass but yes the balcony will have the prom deck in front. I booked a higher deck in the next grade up as I didn’t want to take a chance.
  7. I agree about the travel agents and have always booked direct with P&O and received first class service including extra OBC for a very minor mistake last time I booked. However the new website is not good enough just for general browsing and checking on future prices and availability etc. I have two cruises booked for this and next year but for new customers it must be such a mess that it puts people off booking.
  8. Thanks for your help Les it’s worked for me but I still can’t see grade prices. However the instructions you posted have moved me further along than I was before!
  9. I have tried on Safari, google and edge without finding available cabins so have given up for a while
  10. That’s a shame as it’s a better positioned picture, thanks for answering
  11. I have been following the progress of Iona on the shipyard webcam as well but thought there was only one cam looking at Iona? Am I allowed to ask where the above cam is on the web?
  12. Dreadful just dreadful. P&O if it’s not broken leave it alone you are not capable of running a website. Surely someone gave permission for this to go live and I’m thinking it was someone in the wrong job!
  13. Been to the Fjords three times now and first time we went we took £100 worth of N.K. That same amount is still in a drawer at home and never been used but taken every time. Cards are so easy to use over there. We are going again in 2020 but won’t be taking the N.K.
  14. I agree as our first cruise was on Britannia and we loved it our second was on Aurora and I found it too small and lacking something. Our third was on Britannia and booked again on Britannia and Iona. Horses for courses I suppose although my wife loved Aurora. Edit Just thought of another thing I like about P&O.... fried bread
  15. There was a soot problem in 2016 which seemed to be worse in the mornings but the crew soon got it sorted. In 2018 we had no soot at all on the aft deck which we used a lot. We would sail on Britannia again like a shot so don’t let it put you off.
  16. I have no problems with P&O whatsoever. I have only sailed four times with them and any problems (very rare) has been dealt with quickly both onboard or prior to sailing. I find the staff extremely helpful and we have two further cruises booked. staff good food good British locations I want to visit nice relaxed holidays
  17. It's been a year now so I can't remember the channels etc but I can remember the small tv that had a bad picture and the fact that the bracket was bent and screen at an angle. A year previous we were on Britannia where the tv was excellent. I did mention it to reception and their answer was we will get it sorted sir...........but they didn't. Other than that Aurora is a lovely ship and we loved the cruise. I'm sure you will enjoy it
  18. Personally I keep no memorabilia from our cruises and strangely I take very few photos either. Probably because I have a very good memory and don't need anything to remind me. It's something I may regret as being close to 70 I expect my memories will start to fade in the future. If that's the case I will do the cruises again as long as I can remember to book 😊
  19. It happened last week and a few hours later it was back, it must be a tech problem.
  20. I booked a cruise when they were first released. There are two differences with this Autumn offer one being it's now only £50 deposit per cabin and the other is the cruise price is £770 more! Just shows how booking early really does make sense sometimes. I was advised to book early by other forum members so it's a big thank you 😊
  21. I know it's not ideal but if you turn the iPad vertically the posts fill the screen like it does on a phone.
  22. I have been on three in two years with two more booked. I heard back with the answer being £50 extra OBC on the same day I wrote. I'm not sure if I fall into a regular passenger bracket or not. Friends of ours who have only used P&O once a couple of years ago waited 10 days for the extra OBC offer. Another couple with no P&O experience heard back in around 3 or 4 days with the same offer. So there doesn't seem to be any connection between time waited for a positive reply and experience of P&O.
  23. The blue bullet button on the first page where you choose which thread to read. It's on the left in front of the thread title.
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