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  1. So glad that the bugs were not in other cabins on the ship !!
  2. Whatever - 🙄 Dr. diagnosed as bed bug bites - said that they often don't appear right away.... I was just trying to "share" my experience and what I have been told
  3. Doubt it, since my Hubby did not get any bites ! And Dr. said that it is "quite common" to have bed bugs on a cruise ship (who knew ?)
  4. Hi No - we flew into San Diego (departure port) on the Morning that we boarded the ship - and when we disembarked - flew home same day (Tucson)
  5. Returned from a wonderful, relaxing cruise (Mexican Riviera) on March 7th Discovered several red bites on my back on about the the 10th of March - itchy, itchy, itchy ! After trying SEVERAL different lotions, creams, etc. to stop the itch, for the last week, finally went to the Dr. yesterday - and was diagnosed with bed bug bites ! Dr. thought about 10 days old. I always sleep on my back - My husband has Sleep Apnea - DID not sleep on a bed in our stateroom on the ship, but sitting up in a chair, next to his CPAP machine. - he has NO bites ! Just thought everyone should be aware. I am going to send an email to the execs at HAL -
  6. Thanks ! - On our last HAL cruise - it was (slightly) cheaper to purchase in-advance on line
  7. We are not all that familiar with the guidelines/policies, etc. with Celebrity Our cruise is (obviously !) several months away - but wondering if we can pre-purchase a voyage long pass for both of us to the Persian Garden ? We are sailing on the Equinox, in a Sky Suite - 11 night (Southern Caribbean) Also - can someone quote a (ball-park) cost of the pass ? Thanks !
  8. Thanks for the suggestion ! I have read about the Tamarind - it does sound good 😀
  9. Is that only for those that booked directly via NCL ? - If you booked via a travel agent - the ASSUMPTION is that you would contact that Travel Agent to cancel (???)
  10. Thanks - that what I guessed it was - it just was such a strange amount !! THANK YOU
  11. Well - yes there was an Orange night ....not much promotion of if ....just a small little note on the daily When and Where - and I certainly didn't see very many people wearing Orange that night (although I DID!)
  12. Just disembarked from our first HAL cruise also !! We are Elite with Princess, and Platinum Plus with NCL (previously our two favorites), have also sailed several times on Celebrity and Carnival. This was our 42nd cruise. Decided to try HAL (finally) we live in Arizona - easy to cruise in and out of San Diego. Will write a complete review when I get the chance - but just wanted to make a couple of comments - the service and attitude (friendly, smiling, welcoming) of all of the HAL Crew/Staff was absolutely wonderful ! - We were in a Neptune Suite - didn't use the services of the Neptune Lounge Concierges' very much - but loved the other suite perks - the breakfast in the Pinnacle Restaurant each morning, etc. A couple of (small, but very much appreciated) Suite perks that HAL offers that the other cruise lines do not were: the clock on the wall in our room (that changed whenever there was a time-zone change automatically - I think 3 times on a 7 day cruise) and the FREE Laundry ! We really missed out on the Entertainment, I guess. There was absolutely no description of the type of entertainment in the daily "What and Where" literature each day. W had no idea if the entertainment was a magician, a juggler, a vocalist , or whatever ! - We did happen to catch the 2 piano players in the Billboard Lounge one night (by accident) Loved the size of the ship - and that we NEVER had to wait for an elevator ! We did find out the the ship only had 1732 passengers on this itinerary, and that 9 Korean Nationals were denied boarding; and that only 1500 or so passengers were booked for the one following ours (departing San Diego on March 8th) the Concierge commented on the large number of cancellations. Question: Our Credit Card was charged $822.22 on the 2nd day of our Cruise (March 1st) - (in addition to our actual charge for the week - which was charged the day we disembarked (which makes sense) Is that strange amount of $822.22 supposed to represent just a "test hold" on our Credit Card ??? or ???
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