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  1. This is a solid cruise hack. Thank you! I wonder why this isn't advertised?
  2. Is the Indian menu a common thing across all of Royal's fleet?
  3. In addition to the great information already given, it's worth noting that on my recent cruise, every member of the wait staff in each restaurant (mdr or otherwise) always asked about any food allergies before taking orders.
  4. If you're talking about the Symphony, you enter into the promenade area on deck 5
  5. On Symphony, I was able to use the hdmi port. Luckily the tv is on a swivel, so I was easily able to access it. However, I also brought one of these just in case I noticed that the stateroom tv remote did have an input button, but it was disabled. I also brought a universal remote and was easily able to control the tv with it, however the input button on the universal remote also didn't work. In the end, I had to first disconnect the tv power, then unplug the RJ45 (or whatever it is) network cable. Leaving the network cable disconnected, I restored power to the tv and then the input worked on the universal remote and I was able to watch Netflix, Hulu etc.. using a firestick and a travel router To restore the tv, I just needed to unplug it, reconnect the RJ45 cable and then restore power. Very simple process.
  6. Yes, thankfully they were. But she was still arrested, held in jail for 12 hours and had to pay $2000 in bail. It's a very unfortunate situation, and should be used as a tale of caution when traveling to Florida
  7. A word of warning for anybody traveling to Florida with CDB: A great-grandmother with arthritis was arrested at Disney World for carrying CBD oil Although you can buy CDB in Florida (easily found in common stores, include some Publix locations), but it is a felony to posses it. From the article: Jennifer Synnamon, the attorney representing Burkhalter, told Fox 35 that "a little drop of oil, with the CBD, is a felony. Meanwhile, you can have up to 19.9 grams of leaf-marijuana, and it's a first degree misdemeanor."
  8. I noticed Hooks offers oysters on their menu as an appetizer during lunch. I am curious if we could substitute multiple orders in lieu of an entree for the lunch price. Does anybody here any have experience ordering multiple appetizers instead of an entree from a specialty dining location without being charged extra?
  9. Were these watered-down drinks purchased on the ship, or in Cuba?
  10. My point is the comment of "there are no employees on the ship that are addicts" is simply not true. People can be addicts and skirt the system. For example, a person is chosen for their urinalysis and then they realize they probably wont he picked again for quiet some time. This is when they are able to binge. Sure, they may eventually get caught, but they are there. However I do recognize the strict rules and regulations with maritime law, along with the rules and regulations with the cruise lines themselves. These measures certainly do weed out the fast majority of people who should not be involved in this business. However it's not perfect, and bad people can slip through the cracks.
  11. With all do respect, this is simply not correct. Oxycodone for example is only detectable for a few days
  12. Based on responses in this thread, housekeeping and maintenance were also able to open the safes
  13. This is actually really good to hear. My experience is from the hotel industry.
  14. Ability or authority? What about housekeeping management?
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