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  1. Because of the thermal spas, I prefer the larger ships. I’m really looking forward to the next class of ships.
  2. We saw the 7pm show and was blown away for all 101 minutes.
  3. We just booked our first European cruise to the Mediterranean. I’ve never flown to Europe. Is there a window of when to book. The airfare is more than the cruise. We are specifically flying from Philadelphia to Barcelona in June and then from Rome to Philadelphia. Any tips or advice is more than helpful.
  4. Thanks for this. Escape is the one NCL ship I have a strong desire to sail specifically for the ship.
  5. I’m very excited for this next class of ships. We sailed the Bliss this year and absolutely loved it, but see no reason in sailing in the Encore. After 3 sailings with NCL, we booked the new Celebrity Apex for next year. Overall, I’m glad NCL aren’t going bigger and excited to see what they can do with this next class.
  6. Anyone used their current edge/apex sale to book? I was really looking forward to another sake like the Veterans Day one, but the price of the Apex sailing we were eyeing has dropped significantly, so we took advantage. It’s an inside cabin, but it’s such a loft extensive Mediterranean sailing. I felt for $1400 USD with all 4 perks, 250 OBC, it was the right time, first celebrity sailing 🤗
  7. Here’s hoping. I’m holding out for the four free perks again. Until then, my vacation fund keeps growing.
  8. I just did an Alaskan cruise for the first time in August, check out my review. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2689452-august-alaskan-blisswith-photos/
  9. the one I’ve had my eye on (apex June 20) has dropped about $500 recently.
  10. I should have booked. Although the Apex June cruise news dropping, I’m waiting for a better deal.
  11. I am eventually booking a june 2020 cruise on the apex and don’t drink. I guess it just proves how each sale hits a different market.
  12. The more I think about this deal, it’s a terrible offer for a Black Friday sale. Compare this to what they offered on Veterans Day, it’s a let down. Just not booking right now.
  13. I didn’t think of booking and then always switching to a better promo offer when one becomes available. I may do that. Thanks.
  14. Looks like I just might keep saving and wait for another Veterans Day type of sale. This Black Friday sale isn’t spectacular.
  15. Loving the review. I didn’t do the laser tag on the Bliss, but this course looks much better. How are the go karts? They really exceeded my expectations. They were perfect for Alaska. The track on the Encore looks awesome.
  16. same here. Hoping for the same deal along with the $25 deposit. The deposit never mattered to me.
  17. Now my partner gives me the okay to book this 🙄 I hope this offer comes up again soon.
  18. Do they frequently run this promo. I’m looking to book shortly, just not right now.
  19. Do you have a link to this? I only see the Amsterdam to Barcelona sailing.
  20. Is this a sale that is offered regularly? I have my eye on the June 20 Apex Mediterranean and noticed it had dropped in price and may see like a good time to jump on this.
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