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  1. I had my hair color, cut and styled. I was very happy with the outcome. I ordered it before sailing; the price was excellent. I don't know the prices on board.
  2. I had a bella balcony on the Meraviglia and loved it. It was one of the corner ones, so the balcony was a bit bigger. I loved it so much I came home and immediately booked another Bella on the ship for next year, with an even bigger balcony. The ship goes to the same places and the food in the buffet/mdr is the same no matter where your cabin is. And the staff speaks to you..lol. We don't drink; we like buffets over mdrs and specialty restaurants; we can walk and talk so we don't need a someone to do it for us; we like mingling with the masses....so you'll never catch us in the YC (and yes, we can afford it). For us, it would just be throwing out money. I prefer coming home with a lot of nice souvenirs!
  3. To put this in perspective: Nobody will starve. The is plenty of decent food on board. Anybody sailing for "the dining experience" will complain.
  4. We don't have the UBP because we are basically "a couple of glasses of wine a week" people (and that's only for good heart health). And I know about getting sick from mixing. The problem....DH would like the show (all the sexy women) and I wouldn't drink at all. DH wouldn't let what he paid for go to waste....so he'd drink mine and his. He doesn't hold his liquor well. This happened with "Wine Lovers the Musical", "Choir of Men" and an excursion we did once in Cozumel. Then you add "the getting sick" factor to the drunk factor! Thanks for the feedback....I'm gonna skip this one
  5. I was looking at a 3/1 Bliss sailing. The price went way up overnight...and then way down in 2 days. I grabbed it on 11/26 as part of the BF promotion. I was going to wait until "a week or 2 before" the cruise. Since I booked it, it's gone up over 25%. I'm talking about Sailaway rates (and they gave me a BA cabin the day I booked). Usually, I'm not this lucky.
  6. Yes...elegant but relaxed puts it very well. Most of the passengers are not American; they have a better sense of style and take pride in how they look.
  7. Has anyone seen this show? It comes with 5 cocktails. Do they let you substitute wine? (I'm thinking everything is pre-mixed and poured....but maybe I'm wrong.) Other than wine, I don't drink so it may be a waste of money. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  8. "Wine Lovers" was another one I could have lived without. Again....it's all about your taste.
  9. The best entertainment at sea! The best pizza at sea! The multicultural aspect! The Swarovski staircases!
  10. Was on the Meraviglia in Oct. Loved everything about the cruise except the food. I didn't go hungry (how could I with such good pizza?) but there were some really inedible things. Take "the grill" in the buffet: one bite of a hamburger (which I later found out was a turkey/beef burger) and into the garbage it went. They also ran out of things during the meal...for example, the omelet station closed early and some days omelets weren't available at all. The good part is I didn't overindulge in desserts as I do at the NCL buffet because there wasn't very much to overindulge in. A true gourmet wouldn't be happy. A gourmand would do just fine.
  11. I saw "Choir Of Men" when we had to pay for it on the Escape. I wasn't wowed. I saw it again when it was "included". I still wasn't wowed. It have have to do with that I'm not a beer drinker. I liked "After Midnight" both times that I saw it. Bottom line....both shows are included with your fare. Go in...and if you don't like it....walk out. Everyone's taste is different. I saw "Ford vs Ferrari" with a friend; I loved it, she hated it.
  12. So, maybe someone without an economic background can explain (I have a the background, I know the answer) how NCL (or any cruiseline) can keep the rates so low but raise the quality of the food? If someone can, they're a financial genius!
  13. The buffet on NCL wins. The pizza on MSC wins. I'm not a fan of MDR....only once per cruise at most....and I'd say they were equal. On MSC you have a set table (for 2) but they were so close to the other tables there was no privacy. As far as "dressing up"...the majority of passengers aren't American. They have a better sense of style and personal appearance. So, while it might not be "formal night" many people will be looking good. We were on the Meraviglia last month and I liked it so much the first thing I did when I got home was book a cruise for next Oct. ETA....desserts are much better on NCL. As a "non-foodie" person I found MSC weak on food, even in the buffet, except for pizza and salads. You won't starve, but don't expect an "out of this world" experience.
  14. I live in Manhattan and eat out about 6 times a week (not fancy, not chain...just casual places)....I eat a lot of fish. I have never had fish in the MDR that approached "good".....not on any ship or cruise line that I sailed. (In fairness to fish...I don't recall any MDR food that I liked except for soups and desserts.)
  15. Sorry....I was confused. It sounds like you want Disney....not Disney Springs. When we did it our bus only went to Disney Springs. Therefore, I assume those who went to the parks had a separate bus.
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