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  1. Thanks....I'll live. I'm not "non-dairy". I need it for the calcium so regular milk will do.
  2. I know I came late to "this party" but I just saw a video of a rather large guy yelling at an employee "why you picking on me". If I were the employed I would have called security and sent him off to the brig.
  3. Not that I would ever book the YC...but I wouldn't even book that as "an inside" cabin. I never saw a cabin with such a lack of storage space (we we travel lite...one carry-on each)!
  4. I believe I read they gave you $300 obc for Halifax. Anything for Sydney? Do they have "stuff" to entertain you during the day?
  5. Oct winter?? No....not yet. But I live here and I cruise out of NY every winter. It's hit and miss. The problem is in "real winter" if there's snow and ice and getting to the port. Assuming the ship heads south (Canada in the winter...no way) the weather warms up by day 3.
  6. For me, the 10/18 cruise is all about the pizza. It's pizza the way pizza is supposed to be (or better be).
  7. Rough seas and the whale situation....after that embarkation (sorry OP...I assumed it was the same time as ours)....shows being cancelled.....not sounding like "the trip to paradise" so far. You still have over a week....I hope it's smooth sailing from this point on. How does the ship handle the rough weather? Lots of those "sea sick bags" around? Have you had the pizza? Silly as it sounds, that's "my thing".
  8. Article starts off with "they were promised". If anyone read the contract, or any cruise contract, nobody is ever promised a port.
  9. It's a bit premature to blow this up. The only time I had those horrible disembarkation lines was on NCL Breakaway (5 times....mostly bad). I sailed NCL Escape twice without problems. I sailed other NCL ships without problems. I never had a problem on Carnival; sailed many of the smaller ships in addition to Horizon, Sunshine and Sunrise...all large ships....no problems. Mostly we had balcony cabins, so no special services. Sometimes it took 30 minutes and sometimes we just walked right off. (I will admit...30 minutes on a cold day isn't fun....but it's not a horror story either.) Keep in mind, OP got there at 11:45. Boarding doesn't start until 1pm. DH and I are going to leave home about 3 pm. By that time the thousands of early birds should be taken care of and I expect to sail thru embarkation. If you know "the game" you can play it to your advantage.
  10. Wouldn't be much of a factor....the holiday started about 6:30 and I doubt a substantial number of the workers would have been affected.
  11. OK....I've searched my memory. DH and I travel light, just a carry-on each so we don't use porters. However, our last trip was Carnival Sunrise, on a weekday. There was a HUGE line waiting for the porters. Since we only had carry-ons we walked to the front and went right up the escalator. We got many "dirty looks" as we walked past the people and some snide comments. If I had been unfamiliar with that port and set-up I probably would have joined "the line". That was this past June.
  12. Wow... We are going next week also and our "boarding time" is 1 pm. However, sailaway is 7pm and I believe "all aboard" is 5pm (have to check). Since we live "walking distance" (but will be taking a cab) to the terminal I'm planning to get there about 3pm based on this.
  13. I had to cancel more than once and I always got the full deposit back. However, I never booked under any "special deals or discounts".
  14. I can't find a link, but you have 60 days. You and the agent have to complete a form. My TA told me he'd only book with MSC if done directly thru him (and his perks were better than a $100 obc). I'd discuss it with the TA...knowing MSC your casino credit might vanish in the transfer. To add...it might be the most lenient policy but it's also the most complicated policy in the business.
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