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  1. I usually wear mine with the long part out, and that's silver and black and gold, so I've worn it with a grey or black T, a black, white, tan or brown merino sweater and boots in the winter, or a white button up knotted at my waist with sandals for in-between (with a tank underneath if I'm at work, because no one needs to see my belly...) There's also some pink in there, so I could dress it up with a magenta silk shell, magenta pumps and a gold cardigan or black blazer too... I just haven't yet.
  2. I would skip the snorkeling in Cayman, and either go and visit the stingrays or if you're looking for non-boat options, check out the iguana farm and have lunch by the bay and feed your fries to the enormous tarpon. The Atlantis submarine in Cayman is also quite cool, since you can go and see the drop off and walls of the Caymanas Trench. 🙂
  3. I'm tired of my snorkeling trips getting cut short because even with sunscreen I'm too pale and red-headed to keep going without a sunburn. Normally, I snorkel in whatever swimsuit is clean and at hand, but I think I need to step up my game. I'm not sure that it's time for a full wet-suit, but I'm boggled and confused by the huge range of rash-guards and swim shirts and what-have-you on Amazon (and am vain enough to kind of want to look cute when I'm out in the water). What have you found that works and isn't too hard to pack?
  4. Once you get the equipment, make sure you and the kids get a chance to mess around in a pool and really practice with it -- check for fit, comfort, make sure everything works, get the de-fogging situation sorted, practice clearing the snorkel, etc. We just got back from a snorkeling trip where we didn't do this, and it would have made a TON of difference. Luckily, we were just driving and overnighting, so we can try again in a month or so. But hands-on practice definitely makes perfect.
  5. Check out the Aruba board for some interesting conversations about snorkeling in Aruba. We're still going (we're doing a cruise-ship excursion) but it was good to hear candid feedback about some of the sites and the water depth and current so we can be prepared.
  6. We've been considering a full-face mask for our youngest, who wants to join us in snorkeling but has a hard time managing a split mask and snorkel. I'm trying to understand the difference here, as when I'm snorkeling with a normal mask I end up taking the thing off pretty regularly to de-fog/clear it, to clear the snorkel, to figure out where I am and whether I'm going to run into a bouy, etc. Is this not a thing one does with a full face mask?
  7. We've got three snorkeling dates planned on our upcoming cruise. I'm a redhead with super-fair nordic skin, so I burn even with frequent re-applications of reef-safe sunscreen. I have finally given up and admitted that the sexy suits need to go and I have to be covered up if I don't want to turn into a whiny lobster after a day in the sun. I'm trying to figure out what I can wear that will let me snorkel all day long and not regret my poor life choices the next day, but also doesn't look like a burkini, and isn't as hard to pack as a shortie wetsuit. I want to feel pretty and stylish, while also not burning to a crisp. I've got a speedo, which is full coverage on the bottom, but risks burning the tops of my thighs (ouch!) and has a relatively open back. I could put a rash guard over that suit. Or I could consider getting some board shorts and a sports-bra style top, and putting a long-sleeved rash guard over that? Or maybe something else I haven't thought of?
  8. I have just hit the peak of ridiculous stupidity in women's pockets. My new pair of Gap capris has two side pockets at the hip. You'd think they were real pockets, due to the fact that they went to all the trouble of putting zippers into them -- but they LIE. The pockets are 2cm/less than 1 inch deep. I have no earthly idea what they thought we'd be putting in a pocket that was so precious it needed to be zipped closed, but so tiny it fit in a space that I can barely get my headphones in. *headdesk*
  9. I've always hand-washed mine, just in case... and then hung to dry. It gets a little wrinkled, but I like the way that looks with the patterns and the prints. Definitely a great go-to for travel!
  10. This is exactly why we're cruising this winter. I had a terrible issue at work that had me glued to me telephone for the entire winter last year. I missed Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, my own birthday, my husband's birthday, Christmas, New Years and one of my kids' birthdays because I was constantly trying to hold things together at the office by my fingernails. So the kids staged whatever the land-based version of a mutiny is and insisted we go somewhere this year where my phone wouldn't work. Their first suggestion was Antarctica. We compromised on a Panama Canal Cruise. 😉 Honestly, though... we're really land-trip, bush-wacking, charging off to get the horizon kinds of people -- but every once in a while, we need a vacation where Mom isn't stressing about where we're going to dinner and how to use public transportation in a script I can't read, and how we're getting to the next hotel. That's when we cruise.
  11. 83, finally! We just got the check-in email. We booked this one about 330 days out and I neeeeever plan vacations that far in advance, so this is all new to me. (And I think I like it...)
  12. I'm a died in the wool lover of the (fading, sadly) Superzoom camera for travel, because it gives me so much flexibility to get the shot I want without intruding myself in the shot. But I've been flirting with the idea of getting a mirrorless setup to play around with. Since my favorite camera will probably still be in the repair shop on our upcoming cruise, I'm actively shopping. Since this is just a 'for funsies' purchase, I'm looking at used, cheap bodies with a basic lens that are small and travel well. Any recommendations on things to go with -- or to avoid?
  13. Definitely use the GETT app -- the prices are fixed and regulated WAY better than negotiating with cab drivers on the spot, especially for an expensive run into Jerusalem.
  14. If you're an American you don't need a visa for Israel. If you've got any kind of Palestinian relatives or ancestors, you should probably check out travel.state.gov before you travel, to make sure you won't encounter unexpected questions/problems coming in, but probably not an issue if you're coming in as a cruise passenger.
  15. We're considering the dining package, but are on the Seranade, where there are only 3 specialty restaurants in board. Does the dining package not apply to Izumi at all, or is the Hibachi experience a different/separate thing an we could still eat there with the package?
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