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  1. Millennial here. I can echo just about all of your observations. I very much prefer to spend my money on experiences. I think a lot of share the same "experience-driven" mindset, so it drives our choice to spend money on trips, concerts, events, etc instead of a car or a house. That's a big reason why VV has appealed to me so much because Virgin has always been so focused on the experience of using their services. Everything VV has released has shown they are striving to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. Maybe they're not trying to be better than everyone else, but they're definitely trying to be unique. Personally, I am digging it, and I cannot wait until 2020
  2. It will be interesting to see if they at least keep the newlywed game. Its a cruise tradition/almost necessity.
  3. I highly doubt you'll be outcasts. Just because they are focusing their marketing towards the under-40 crowd doesn't mean it will be only be younger people on the ship. I'm sure there are plenty of people of all ages (other than those under 18 of course!) who will enjoy VV's atmosphere and offerings.
  4. You can select a cabin by calling VV directly.
  5. With sound bleed, I was referring more to the loud music/bass normally played at cruise pools. It would really only be an issue during the afternoons, when the pool would most likely have the highest traffic.
  6. I agree. All of their marketing is geared towards a younger demographic. Plus, Branson has said it will be a "party ship."
  7. Well, color me wrong. I've met plenty of people outside of bars who prefer the package over individual purchases, but I must've not run into you two yet!
  8. Some thoughts I have: 1.) It seems like the "well-being" zone and spa are very close to the main pool. Are they not worried about sound bleeding over from the main pool into a designated relaxation area? 2.) Many different places on the website mention the in room mini-bars are "on us." Does that mean the mini bars will be free game? I would assume alcohol would not be in the minibars if that was the case. 3.) The lack of beverage packages is a big deal. It makes sense because VV is trying to cut back on all the added fees, add-ons, and packages associated with other cruise lines. However, I think this is a crucial option to have because I haven't met a single cruiser who prefers paying per drink. On the other hand, Virgin does have a track record of not overcharging on products such as alcohol or minibars in their other ventures (i.e. Virgin Hotels). Nevertheless, I am still excited about VV, and I'm very eager to go sailing with them next year.
  9. I understand them starting off with 4 and 5 day cruises if they're going after non-cruisers. I think shorter sailings are a way easier sell than week long sailings to those who have never cruised before.
  10. No tipping on VV https://people.com/travel/virgin-voyages-adults-only-cruise-scarlet-lady-no-tipping-policy/
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