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  1. We are sailing on the Harmony 12/9 and received an email today to bid for an upgrade. We are booked with a travel agent. Originally booked in a GS then last month we were able to upgrade to an OS for no additional cost due a price drop. Here is what RCI is "offering" for Star class bids: A2- 500.00 pp TL-1300.00pp VS-2100.00pp Question is, If we were to bid the minimum of 500.00pp for the A2 and its accepted, do you think I would I lose OBC from RCI and my TA? We have 700 total in OBC currently along with prepaid gratuities. I am pretty thrilled with what we have and feel like I may be pushing my luck with this bid thing. Your thoughts are appreciated.
  2. Same thing happened to us. Price came down and while we weren't able to get any money back we were able to upgrade from a grand suite to and owners suite for no cost. I still think we got a great deal plus we were able to keep our existing OBC. Good Luck.
  3. Woohoo. Just what I need to make the next 7 weeks seem not that far away until our turn. Question for you, I see you have a CLS this time. Have you sailed in an Owners Suite before? if so do you prefer one over the other? We upgraded to an Owners suite for no additional cost over what we paid for a Grand Suite. Cant wait! Have a great trip.
  4. 194 for Harmony. Sky class for the first time. Can not wait!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Well we did it! But... changed it up to Harmony of the Seas. Saw there was a 1 GS left on Deck 8 and shopped around got it for $5785.00 with prepaid gratuities and $700.00 OBC. That Owners suite looked wonderful on the Oasis but for the cost I still don't think we needed all that space. LOL .We have never been on the Harmony and the itinerary is still going to Labadee so we can see what Barefoot beach is all about. Plus Saint Martin is our favorite. I know I am under a nonrefundable deposit but I am not planning to cancel. Thanks again for all the input. I am done shopping and not looking at prices anymore. :)
  6. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. We are happy with the JS but thought a suite with the "suite perks" would be nice treat for ourselves. Add in some OBC and free gratuities certainly helps to justify paying the difference. We love to spend time on the balcony so the larger room/balcony is the a big draw. Would definitely use the SL/CK. My husbands biggest + is the priority boarding. Internet would come with the suite also, if I read correctly.? We have purchased the beverage package before but would not do it again, it felt like work the last few days to come out ahead lol. I guess my last question would be for those of you who have booked through a TA and received OBC, did you see the credit in your cruise planner before boarding? I guess thats a question for the TA if we book perhaps. Really appreciate you all taking the time to reply. We will sleep on it an decide tomorrow :)
  7. Yes another WWYD? Oasis Dec 9 2018 - Already booked in a JS. Got a good deal I think $3068.00 with insurance and $100 OCB. Booked it with Royal directly under a refundable deposit so I can change/cancel if needed.Now looking to upgrade to the Owners Suite but the cost is more than double what we are paying at $6575.00 plus insurance Been reading about going through a travel agent and got some quotes to include 800.00 OBC and free gratuities. It will be my husband and I on this sailing celebrating my 50th birthday and wanted to splurge a little, but am having a hard time justifying the cost difference. I have been comparing at prices for the Owners suite at different times of the year to get a sense of "what the going rate is". I really wanted the Grand suite but they are sold-out. What would you do? keep the JS or splurge for the Owners?? TIA :)
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