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  1. This is utter insanity. And there is no mask law in South Dakota either. All bars open, no social distancing. My 91 year old mother lives 60 miles from Sturgis in a retirement community. Right now they are all healthy but she isn’t allowed to leave and nobody, including her family, can visit her. She goes in the garage and starts her car to keep the battery charged. She gave up her 4-days a week museum volunteering job. Meanwhile others party. It is so selfish.
  2. ThIs is just the first six months of 2020. The second six months aren’t going to be any better. Hard to see how any company can withstand this kind of impact, especially after a 2019 loss. 😰
  3. I’ll second everyone who loves Symphony. The whole appeal, to me, is the classic luxury ambiance. I hate cruising on ships that look like Las Vegas.
  4. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Hurtigruten, Paul Gauguin and (was it TUI?) were just planning to stop for a few weeks. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  5. I sure hope you are right, for us all, but there seem to be plenty of lines willing to throw the loaded dice. Other boards are full of people desperate to cruise on anything this fall, going anywhere. “I fully understand the risks” they say, but of course they never care about the risks to everyone else they encounter. I fear there will be lines that will try to meet that crazy demand, as we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Can we not live without cruising? My goodness!
  6. And of course, things are only getting worse https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2020/08/03/norweigan-cruise-line-hurtigruten-apologizes-suspends-travel-after-new-coronavirus-outbreak/amp/
  7. Everyone got off in Bora Bora for the day (a place that had previously been infection free). The passenger who tested positive had mingled freely with people on the island. It’s mind boggling that people are so ignoring the risks at the expense of everyone else on the planet.
  8. IMO what went wrong is that cruising just can’t work right now, no matter what protocols are in place. There are simply too many uncontrollable variables. My already stellar opinion of Crystal actually increased ten-fold when they canceled 2020. They showed responsibility, acceptance of the obvious and a professional analysis of risk.
  9. Now at least one passenger has it too. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/least-36-hurtigruten-crew-and-one-passenger-have-covid-19
  10. The problem is there are always some people who don’t follow the rules. There were people standing in the distant background in the video with no masks, people lying at the pool with no masks (and others walking close to them to get by), a very small elevator for 4 people, the crew living in close quarters, etc. It’s great to hope that sailing with restrictions is going to work, but it’s just not. Which is why Crystal responsibly canceled 2020.
  11. Losing 2020 has been inevitable for weeks, if not months. It would just be so irresponsible to sail now. We can all hope we have a vaccine widely and easily available in March or April.
  12. Oh man! I always manage to miss the pigs in blankets. And those potato thingies with crème fraîche.
  13. Can anyone tell me if it has this “lobster night” recipe? Because if it does I will buy in a heartbeat.
  14. I’m totally ok cruising with social distancing and masks. We live that way now, so it’s no big deal for me. My concern is when the masks come off. We all know there will be slackers, just like the people who set things on lounge chairs by the pool and disappear. Some people won’t comply or will wear a mask pulled down. People are going to congregate and talk boisterously in the bar areas, it’s just human nature. That’s why the bars are closed in Texas. But I still see packed together people talking and laughing at the bar areas in restaurants! People just forget. Will we be able to walk around the ship with glasses of champagne in our hands, masks off? And as someone mentioned earlier, the crew live together in crowded quarters. It’s fine to quarantine someone if they get sick, but once word gets out, the ship won’t be allowed anywhere. If one person has it, guaranteed others will too. The protocols are great but how will they be enforced? Nobody wants to be hounded. I’d like to hear ideas! It’s interesting to discuss the options and possibilities. Not trying to be negative, just trying to wrap my head around how this can work.
  15. OK, Crystal gets some merit for trying, but this protocol doesn't mean diddly. All it takes is one person who decides they can take their mask off in the Avenue Saloon to drink and yak it up with the person sitting a few feet away. We obviously can't wear our masks while drinking, right? And we are sitting 6 feet away but we are going to lean over to talk closer. And of course we denied any exposure at check-in - who wouldn't? Who wants to to lose the price of the cruise? It doesn't matter if the staff serves your food at the buffet so you can't touch the spoon. This can never work because we aren't working together to make it work.
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