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  1. Are you a fan of Tagore and/or Cervantes' Don Quixote? My handle is still with me, although the house we had on the Canary Island of the same name is - thank goodness - finally sold (only took 12 years to do so!) BTW - another Mustang fan here ... my first "real" self-bought car was a '66 wine-red 'ragtop' bought in 66. Wish I still had it!
  2. WELL DONE!! And thank you - saved me going through about 30 cartons within the next year or so. (But I'll still keep searching for other "lost" treasures.)
  3. I've already searched through many files on the laptop I'm now using, and promise to keep looking. But it may take a while (hopefully in this lifetime)!
  4. Thanks for updating this, dani! Somewhere on my old PC, I downloaded all of Chester's wonderful reviews and, IIRC, even printed them all out (lots of pages). Now that I am only using a laptop - and 2 moves later - I haven't booted up the old PC in a couple of years and think the "dinosaur" is in a stored carton. Maybe there's hope one of these days....
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