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  1. Computer Nerd

    Laundry on POA

    I understand that the $19.95 laundry special is usually on day 4 but what if I need laundry done earlier than that (cruise is part of a multi-week vacation). What is the cost of a bag of laundry if not using the special?
  2. Computer Nerd

    Getaway Delay / Crew Member Overboard

    Wow, can't even congratulate Carnival for picking up an NCL crew member out of the water on an NCL board without someone getting their panties in a wad and deleting the post. Tough crowd. :rolleyes:
  3. Computer Nerd

    Half Moon Cay or Princess Cays?

    And the clarity of the water is amazing. In chest deep water I can still count my toes. ;p
  4. Computer Nerd

    Diminishing Quality on Carnival?

    I highly doubt I would have taken even half of my cruises taken if it wasn't for the dive-in movies. I don't like the shows and used to get bored in the evenings. With the movies, I can lay out under the stars and catch a new movie every evening. When we first started cruising we would take about 1 cruise every 2-3 years. Now we take 2-3 cruises every year and I always look for a ship that has a big screen on it.
  5. Most likely it's less expensive to use someone else's island than it is to buy and create one of their own.
  6. Computer Nerd

    No more First Cabin Access for Diamonds/Platinums?

    Bribing an employee to break the rules. Just when you think you've seen it all. :rolleyes:
  7. Computer Nerd

    Diminishing Quality on Carnival?

    To quote multiple posts at the same time, on the first quoted post, click the "+" button to the right of quote. On the last post you want to quote click the "Quote" button like normal. Both posts will show up in your reply then.
  8. At least in their MDR. Specialty restaurants are good but you gotta pay (and a whole lot more these days) for it.
  9. Funny but I don't see anything in the thread title asking to compare Carnival to RCCL. Just checked again. Nope, still nothing about RCCL so no, it's NOT what this thread is about. :rolleyes: BTW, you pay for those "perks" on RCCL in the form of higher cabin prices. Hmmmm....now where did I put my pom poms at??? :confused: Oh, that's right, I don't have any because I'm only loyal to my wallet, not a cruise line meaning I've sailed RCCL 3 times and have two more booked with them. Still couldn't care any less about their perks.
  10. And? This isn't an RCCL thread. :rolleyes:
  11. You have to build something before you can operate it. Plus, with more furniture, more demands, more things that can break and are more expensive to repair, operating costs are going to be higher. Not trying to make it anymore complicated than it actually is. If you want to base the rewards on money spent, that is way too simplistic hence the reason we have the system we have. Of course, you can argue the point till the cows come home but simply put, no on here can change it and many here don't want to change it. Personally, I don't care about whether perks operate across the spectrum of the parent company because I don't care about the perks at all. I pay for a cruise, I get a cruise. I didn't pay for any perks so I don't care if I get any perks. Perks are simply a good will gesture by Carnival which they are not required to give at all if they don't want to (and again, personally, I wish they wouldn't).
  12. Computer Nerd

    No more First Cabin Access for Diamonds/Platinums?

    And many of us pay for the cruise, not the perks, and couldn't care less about any perks.
  13. Not necessarily true. While it costs more for a more expensive cabin, it is not necessarily more profitable.
  14. Sorry but your analogy doesn't work either. If you want to see what generates the most profit, rarely is it the most expensive item. I walked through a mall yesterday and saw a gelato store. Small cost $6.29, Medium cost $6.39, Large cost $6.49. I have to believe you would understand that the owner wants EVERYONE to buy the cheapest item because it will generate the MOST profit. Unless you have a cost benefit analysis available for every cabin on a ship, you truly have no idea which cabins generate the most PROFIT for Carnival. So, if you really want to go by dollar amounts, Carnival needs to determine the amount of profit given to Carnival based on their cabin and what they spent per cruise (and on what) to determine how much profit was generated by that person and then award points based on that profit. Not to mention, there is no cabin deferential of 105.67 - 1 between any Carnival cabins on any ship (based on your grocery store analogy). Also that $35 turkey may be bought only once a year and that 33 cents can of beans may be bought every other day so the can of beans could be generating more profit for the store and therefore deserves more rewards.
  15. Most rich folk I know are tightwads (in a good way) so just because someone books a more expensive cabin does not mean they will be more profitable for the cruise line. Usually it's the other way around.