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  1. We are Bill, Arthur and John and we will be coming from Seattle to go on the Epic transatlantic as well. We did a transatlantic on the Norwegian Getaway a few years ago and the LGBT events were so active the cruise director ended up having to find a bigger venue to hold the meetup each night. We made several friends we are still close with. We are hoping this cruise is just as active. The Norwegian Star and the Norwegian Epic are doing nearly identical cruises. The only differences are the embarkation and disembarkation ports. We will be in the same ports of call on the same day the rest of the cruise.
  2. The Navy Frontier Pier is in the cargo area directly across from the Pan American Pier. I think it is only used for overflow when the Pan American Pier Terminals are full. There is a map showing the approximate location on post 10 from this old thread:
  3. Recently we booked a Transatlantic on the Jade in a non Haven 2 bedroom suite. A few weeks later we received a thank you card for booking the suite. We then changed the reservation to the Epic Transatlantic in a Haven 2 bedroom. We just received a new thank you for booking the Haven suite. Both thank you cards were similar with the only changes being a blue border on the suite thank you and a gold one on the Haven card. The Haven thank you stressed the 24 hour butler and had a gold foil haven seal sticker on the envelope. They are the same size and the only outside difference was the sticker. NCL probably just sent the OP the wrong card. Either way we thought it was a nice touch to get the cards from NCL. Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  4. Ugh! I will keep hoping that the cruise cal site is wrong, especially since it does not have the April 12 cruise cancellation taken into account. The cruise timetables site does show the NYC to Rome itinerary still but some of those ports look really busy. Ponta Delgada on May 4th shows the Jade, Epic, Star plus another cruise ship. I don't know if you can squeeze a mega ship plus 3 normal sized ships in that harbor. I guess we just have to wait and see what NCL does from here but I will keep hoping for the (NYC) best. Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  5. The cancellation of the April 12 sailing actually makes me feel better about our New York departure. Because of that silly law about carrying passengers between 2 US ports the ship will have to visit Aruba, Curacao or South America between Miami and New York. I did not think there was enough time in the 6 days between the end of the previous cruise and the beginning of ours to make it down there and then back to NY. Now with more time between cruises the charter makes more sense to me. Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  6. The funky way the itinerary looks is one of the reasons I initially questioned if this was a mistake on NCL's website. While I have held my spot on the cruise I will hold off on reserving nonrefundable things like flights until the itinerary looks a little more complete online. Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  7. Thank you for setting up the roll call. Unfortunately with work I will not have much time to give the Meet & Greet the attention it deserves. I will be glad to assist but until I get to those lovely relaxing sea days I won't have all that much free time. The NCL sits is showing 300 days to departure and I will be counting them down.
  8. I am still a little leery of booking not knowing what the ship is doing between the 22nd and the 28th and the weird way it appears on NCL's site but I am going to go ahead and book. The combination of the itinerary and the price is perfect for us. I hope it stays out of New York so we can visit family before the cruise. We did the Getaway's transatlantic last spring and loved it. There always seemed to be something going on. There were only around 30 children out of 4000 passengers. The only thing we didn't like was when we got to the ports and there was chaos when 4000 people were trying to get off and on at the same times. We prefer the Jewel class ships so we are excited to try a transatlantic on the Jade. We were able to price out airfare back to Seattle for around $650. Njkate if you are able to stay in Rome to Tuesday or Wednesday and you are willing to connect TAP Air Portugal has one way flights to JFK for less than $400 and to Newark around $430. Now we just need to wait to see if NCL changes the itinerary.
  9. I just stumbled on an April 28, 2018 transatlantic itinerary for the Norwegian Jade from New York to Rome. It does not come up on NCL's site when you enter transatlantic as the destination. You have to enter the Jade and April 2019 to find this cruise. The itinerary does not show free at sea or any other promotions. It looks like the previous cruise ends in Miami on April 22. It also looks like the itinerary might be incomplete with no arrival time and saying there will be an overnight in Cadiz all on one day. Is this a mistake itinerary? Would there be a reason for NCL to move the Jade from Miami to New York for 1 itinerary and have nothing else scheduled for the 6 days inbetween? The prices seem really reasonable but I do not want to get my hopes up and book if NCL is just going to pull the itinerary in a couple of days. Any advice on if it is a waste of time or if this looks like this itinerary looks legit to book would be appreciated. Thanks!
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