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  1. The head office email arrived saying the below. Obviously a standard email where they haven't taken any of the circumstances into account at all. Not going to both pursuing this before Christmas now but I will be chasing them up after. "I am sorry to read that you felt disappointed as your itinerary was changed and you missed the port. I can understand this had an impact on your holiday. However, I would like to inform you that the activities we describe at ports may not always be possible - due to the time spent in port or other factors outside of our control such as bad weather - and are always subject to availability. Sometimes we have to alter the port, the order of ports or substitute ports entirely due to bad weather, port congestion, public holidays or other operational reasons. These changes can happen before or during your cruise. In exceptional circumstances we may have to change your ship. Sometimes public holidays and events mean we have to change our itinerary or miss the port altogether. This information is available in our A- Z guidelines. I am sorry if you were unaware of this."
  2. Hi everyone Thanks so much for replying, apologies for my late response - WiFi is in short supply out there! We got home in the early hours yesterday and after reading all your replies and looking at the social media comments marella have been receiving (seems everyone has been receiving different onboard spend and advice) I called TUI this morning. The first team I spoke to, who the ship themselves directed us to speak to, transferred me to another central team who have been tasked with dealing with the complaints, they then proceeded to tell me that TUI are 'digging their heels in' and the £250pp is all people are going to receive as everyone had the chance to cancel or not board the ship. Once I reiterated that as the fire happened whilst we were onboard I'm not sure how we would have been able to cancel prior to it happening he then transferred me to an after travel team, who yet again said the £250pp was the offer. When I said I wasn't willing to accept they said that head office will be in touch via email but likely not until after Christmas. In the meantime I've contacted my travel insurance who do cover us for missed ports, which although isn't much, was a much nicer experience than dealing with TUI and anything is better than nothing. This was very helpful thank you and I will be keeping this as a resource when needed! I definitely think it applies. Completely agree and it sounds like they've dealt with this a lot better than Marella have. Anyway the honeymoon was not a disaster of course and we made the most of all the ports we saw, just focusing on recouping as much as possible now to try and do a similar trip again in the near future as a bit of a re-do honeymoon! :) thanks again all bw L
  3. Hi all We were told a couple of hours after we had left Singapore that there had been a fire on the starboard engine, which thankfully had been put out with no injuries. This meant that we had to miss Koh Samui (for which they gave us £25pp on board credit for) and now after flying in technicians while we were in Bangkok for two days, we have been told the itinerary has been changed again. We are now also missing out on Cambodia and Malacca but going back to Singapore again which isn't high on anyone's list by the sounds of it. They are offering us £250pp for the inconvenience which doesn't sound like a lot considering we have now missed out on 3 ports due to an engine issue. Has anyone else has any similar issues who can advise on where we stand on this? Doesn't sound like anyone on this ship can help so can't do anything until we get back anyway so haven't tried asking yet. This is our honeymoon and we were so hoping to see all the ports, especially Cambodia, I've put the original itinerary below if anyone is interested. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give 🙂 L x Day 1-2Langkawi, MalaysiaDay 3Penang, MalaysiaDay 4Port Klang (for Kuala Lumpur), MalaysiaDay 5Singapore, SingaporeDay 6at sea...,Day 7Koh Samui, ThailandDay 8-9Laem Chabang (for Bangkok), ThailandDay 10Sihanoukville, CambodiaDay 11at sea...,Day 12Phu My (for Ho Chi Minh City), VietnamDay 13at sea...,Day 14Malacca, MalaysiaDay 15Langkawi, Malaysia
  4. Yes that's correct, make sure you bring your passport photo
  5. Patpong night market sounds a lot better than the market we were going to end up near, thanks for the recommendation!
  6. Thanks Jackie this is so helpful, I definitely think staying overnight is what we'll do then - it sounds completely worth it!
  7. Thanks Jax that's helpful, never been to Thailand so would like to see as much as possible! We've been given a proposed itinerary below but we can amend if we'd like to - but I don't know anything about the area - does the below look OK?? Day 1: + The Royal Grand Palace & The Royal Temple (Wat Phra Kaew, The Temple of the Emerald Buddha Image) + Wat Pho (The Temple of The Reclining Buddha) + Canal tour, Private Long Tail Boat, By the river see Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) + Pak Klong Talad (Flowers & Vegetables Market) Day 2: + Maeklong Railway Market (Unique Local Fresh Market) + Damnern Saduak Floating Market + Private Rowing Boat Obviously don't want to miss any of the must sees but I don't actually know what the 'must sees' are! Any advice from yourself or anyone else greatly appreciated! L x
  8. Hi Jaxw17 I know this was a while ago but can you remember who you booked your prived tour at koh samui with and was it a good one? Thanks L
  9. Hi all The Husband and have recently booked our honeymoon on the Marella Discovery for the Enchanting Far East 1 itinerary which begins in Malaysia on 5th December. The itinerary looks incredible however the excursions offered by TUI don't look amazing. Since we are in Bangkok (or the port 2 hours away from Bangkok) overnight I've looked at the possibility of organising a private tour, this has of course turned out more expensive that TUI however it has more sights and we're definitely getting more for our money and the overnight stay is actually working out cheaper than TUI! So I have two questions: 1. Has anyone done this before for Bangkok and are there any recommendations of tour guides to use or sights not to bother seeing? 2. Is there anyone else on this cruise who may want to join us? We're looking at either a 1 day or 2 day tour with an overnight stay in Bangkok in order to see the floating markets on the second day. Thanks Laura
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