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  1. Thanks - I know in the past the casino bar area has had lots of sports on (football, soccer, tennis, etc.), but we've never tried to watch the CFL Grey Cup. It would have to be a TSN or ESPN feed or something. Plus, Americans definitely outweigh Canadians in cruise passenger numbers, so we'd have to do a little begging, maybe?😉😉
  2. Anybody out there successfully used Sirius radio streaming on the SURF (not unlimited) internet package?
  3. And now for the most important topic of all😉...We will be on the Celebrity Eclipse on November 24, the day of CFL Grey Cup game. We will be at sea, having left Puerto Vallarta and headed for Huatalco. Any Canadians out there every been on a cruise during Grey Cup? Could you watch it on the ship? We've been on many cruises but never during this important (to Canadians) game. We will have the surf internet which doesn't allow video streaming, so we will have to depend on the ship for access to the game. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Anybody know if the surf package can be used for streaming Sirius radio? I know it doesn't allow video streaming, but what about audio? Thanks!
  5. He also watched US college football there.
  6. We sailed on the Reflection and Edge in January this year and my husband watched NFL games in the casino bar.
  7. Thanks for your recommendations! We, too, have Blue Cross (I'm a semi-retired teacher, so we have a decent plan through that), and we also use an Avion card for most purchases, so have some coverage through that. You're so right, though - we have to look into buying extra, as the above don't cover enough in a "worst case scenario" situation. We cruise once or twice a year and go on all-inclusive land holidays as well. We are also at the point where we are planning on spending extended amounts of time in hot locations (renting a condo/apartment, etc. for weeks/months in the Caribbean). As we move into full retirement in a few years, we'll probably spend even more time away and need even more coverage. We've been pretty carefree travellers for decades, so this is new to us.
  8. This is an excellent topic, but most posters are American. Insurance options and recommendations for Canadians are often very different than those for Americans. We have medical insurance and limited other insurance (int., canc., and baggage), but are looking at more. We are healthy but getting older and more worried about aging relatives and, of course, our own aging! What specific companies/options are best for those living in Canada? Thanks for all information from those Canadians who have done this before us.
  9. On the Edge in January, we were using refillable metal water bottles; no plastic bottles were used for drinking water. Perhaps, soap and hair products will eventually be distributed in a more eco friendly material too? I bring my own hair and body wash products, so I don't use the Celebrity products, but my husband does. BTW, the amount of lather is not an indication of product quality but just something that a lot of people like in their hair or soap products (me included😄). My expensive (unfortunately) salon shampoo really helps my hair, but it doesn't lather as much as my husband's drugstore shampoo.
  10. Thanks for bringing this up again. I tried to get it going on another poster's thread, but no one's responded. Anyone have any experience (now or recent past) with the Surf Internet Package?? Thanks, (especially from us Canadians)!
  11. I think an earlier poster said you can't stream video on this package.
  12. We're on the Eclipse in November and the Apex next year. We're trying the Surf package for the first time. We, too, are wondering about communicating on WhatsApp, etc. We don't care about streaming video, but it would be great to be able to use our Sirius radio on our phones. Anyone on ships right now and using the Surf package? Thanks, in advance.
  13. I agree totally with the last two posters. I enjoy bringing a lot of fun things to wear (casual, dressy, swimwear, etc.) in a new setting. I don't want to wear the same three items over and over (even with good laundry options on ship). I would get bored. Again, I see creatively moving our fairly large amount of luggage around as a fitness challenge😊. Maybe I'll change my mind when I get older? For now, toting around luggage is a sacrifice I'll make to be happy in my clothes and have everything I need.
  14. We take the stairs throughout our cruise, since the elevators are always super busy and full, and we'd rather walk. We like the added exercise. On the last day, we got up and lined up very early to get an elevator and walk our luggage off. We knew that everything would be very congested later on. We actually had an elevator to ourselves!
  15. We have been on several cruises and tried all the dining options (just the two of us, a set table of 6 or 8, moving around every night, etc.). We've enjoyed all of them and have met some great friends that way (and had some very good talks with just each other, too). We usually book a few specialty dinners for variety, so there are some nights we aren't in the MDR. It's just a meal, so we don't worry if we, or others, don't show. On a side note, the most interesting and challenging cruise dinner experience we had was the cruise we were on when Trump was elected. We had a set table of 6 couples, and....you guessed it!! Two were diehard Trump supporters, and the other two were diehard Trump haters. We sat between them (we two Canadians) and watched the fireworks and tried to control the damage. On a two week cruise, it got to the point where the two couples wouldn't come to dinner if we weren't there. We always told them the day before if we weren't attending the next night.
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