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  1. If you are into specialty restaurants, RCI does have a nice unlimited option on the oasis class ships. I believe it was $170 for the week last time we went. You could go to any specialty restaurant for lunch and dinner everyday if you wanted. We did not do that, but said we would if my wife and I went by ourselves (we had the kids this time). As for being worth it, if you get them on sale (as with most things RCI, sales happen all the time), they can be worth it, but without a sale, they can be pretty pricey imo.
  2. Thanks. While I am a member over in the book, I don't really bother with it anymore as it not near as helpful as this thread.
  3. I just wanted that part done before boarding. I wanted to get as many gc added as cruise cash, but you are limited to $500, and with 4 people x8 days, the grats alone are almost $500.
  4. My order a couple of weeks ago, I was null, but the one on Sunday still has my name, however I do not have it yet.
  5. I was able to get to mine on Delta right away, and move seats around. The price was less than the cheap seat through Delta that did not allow you to choose your seat.
  6. We booked through a TA (big box). There was no place to add gratuities to our booking, or to pay them. I had to call to have them added. Since we are past final payment, I just had them take the GC over the phone. Maybe if they were added in the past, you can make the payment.
  7. So, are claiming you can do everything on your balcony you can do in your room? I can tell you that is not true.
  8. Do you know if there is a limit to how many can check in? We have 14 in our group next month, and wondering how it will work.
  9. While I would probably not care, by asking them, you are putting them in a predicament. Many people, even if annoyed would say they were fine with it, even if they were not just to not be 'that guy' that complains.
  10. I can see an argument about individual's rights, even though I personally feel safer flying with people that had verified identification to get on the plane. I am simply questioning how is this trampling states rights? The states have no say over federal buildings, nor flights - the FAA has always been in control of that. No state is required to offer real id, but if they do not, then their residents will need a different ID to fly.
  11. That still doesn't answer how it tramples on states rights. States rights end at their state border, on top of that, domestic air travel has always been under the jurisdiction of the FAA, not each state. I realize this is different, I am not disputing that, just wondering how this tramples on states rights as you mentioned.
  12. How exactly does this trample on states rights? States rights end at the border of their state. The only possible place this may trample states rights are flights within a state, but that has to be a fairly small number overall. If you are flying to a different state, then federal has jurisdiction. If you are going to a federal facility, then federal has jurisdiction. No state has to have realid, but if they do not, then their citizens will need another form of documentation to fly domestically.
  13. Great tip, never thought of that.
  14. How much is a 3rd person? You could always book 3, and then they no show. Usually the 3rd person is fairly cheap. You might also be able to cancel the 3rd person after all suites are full before final payment, and be fine as well.
  15. From what I can tell, that is correct, you would need to cancel the whole order.
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