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  1. H20 is great. Busy but a way more relaxed quiet vibe than the pool area and no kids!! They usually have 1 or 2 servers walking around. But since it's not a huge area... the bar is a super short walk from anywhere in h20 ( 20 seconds max) and isn't over crazy so you can get drinks fairly quick (tipping the bartenders goes a long way of them "seeing" u 1st lol). You might also consider finding a nice spot on the higher sun decks where you can all take over a corner and relax
  2. Once on the ship it's truly easy to get reservations. You can go to guest services but we always skip this and use the tv in our room to scroll thru whats available and make the reservation right there with your remote.. You can also just go down to a restaurant and ask for availability. You may have to wait 15 min but have a drink and relax. People are notorious for making reservations and not showing up or cancelling on the day of their reservation so you most likely won't have to wait long for a table anywhere. early dining times such as 530, 6pm do tend to be the busiest times. I've never not been able to use my dining packages because we didnt have a reservation so don't worry πŸ™‚
  3. people book reservations and don't show all the time. They have a 15 minute window to show up. So if you don't mind waiting a few, you can head right to the restaurant and see if they have any open tables. As others have stated you can Check your TV in your room, call guest services from your room phone or head on down, use the touch screens located on ship.
  4. In layman's terms.... you have the drink package which includes alcohol up to $15 a drink which is almost all drinks unless you enjoy the fancy stuff πŸ™‚
  5. Hi all! Wondering if anyone has the dates when jetblue, southwest, frintier eyc open flights for February 2020. Flying from Mass to Orlando Thank you!!
  6. I've never had to tender for the ports I've been too so this is new to me. Is it like the luggage thing, disembarking, where the night before they put out tender tickets? Or do you book it thru kiosks or tv in your room after you board the first day? If anyone could explain exactly how the entire process is done that would be great! Thank you in advance!!! πŸ™‚
  7. I would absolutely get the bump out. And on the higher floor. I'm super excited for our 2020 cruise I finally have a bump out! On our last 3 cruises others in our party had them and they were great! Oh... and they also have more shade then regular balconies
  8. Yes, the time changes. Look in your dallies for time changes. And you can also look on your room phone for the correct time at all times.
  9. A month back we had part of our group on a 11:35am flight in FLL and we were coming from port Miami. We made it with plenty of time but everything went super smooth. We had our transportation scheduled waiting for us outside for 9am. We all kept our bags and walked off which actually went way quicker than I thought (customs didn't stop or check any of our bags and we were a group of 40!) . We left our rooms at 8:10am and were outside the boat by 8:50am latest. Arrived at airport by 9:45ish. It can without a doubt be done. IF everything goes smooth.
  10. thank you all! Is it the same as other hotels where when you check in you reserve your spot and pay the $$ in the morning and was the cost $6? We're not driving in and have transportation back to airport the morning we get back from cruise. Just need a ride to port the morning of cruise from hotel.
  11. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the Radisson Resort at the Port (port Canaveral) has a shuttle to port and what is the cost per person? Thank you!!
  12. For Costa Maya Native Choice Tours was excellent!!! We used them for our Chaccohben ruins tour. It was the exact our the ship took but we paid half the amount as the ship tour. Our bus arrived when the ncl bus did and left when the ncl bus did. Saved over 60 pp I think! Tour guide was wonderful. In Cozumel if you like a sun day I would so go to Mr. Sanchos!! Best places ever. Relaxing enviorment. Beautiful white sand beach, clear water lots of fish. All inclusive, pools over looking beach, massages on the beach. One of our best port stops out of any cruise.
  13. Also, plenty of taxis waiting right outside port, can't see getting a taxi to be a problem. Bunch of us had a 11:30am flight time in FLL and made it to the airport by 10 the latest, prob even earlier
  14. We did this 2 weeks ago on the bliss miami. We had our transportation scheduled to pick us up at 9am outside. We left our rooms at 8:15 and had plenty of time before our shuttle arrived. It was a good winding exit but not once did we have to stop to stand and wait. Customs didn't even blink an eye at any of us or ask any questions which I thought was kinda strange, we just rolled on thru. First time I walked off with my bags and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  15. It should be after you walk straight thru port, takes about 4-6 minutes. You'll see bunches of buses and taxis after the stores with lots of employees directing visitors. There's plenty of people/workers around the are to ask if you're unsure
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