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  1. A month back we had part of our group on a 11:35am flight in FLL and we were coming from port Miami. We made it with plenty of time but everything went super smooth. We had our transportation scheduled waiting for us outside for 9am. We all kept our bags and walked off which actually went way quicker than I thought (customs didn't stop or check any of our bags and we were a group of 40!) . We left our rooms at 8:10am and were outside the boat by 8:50am latest. Arrived at airport by 9:45ish. It can without a doubt be done. IF everything goes smooth.
  2. thank you all! Is it the same as other hotels where when you check in you reserve your spot and pay the $$ in the morning and was the cost $6? We're not driving in and have transportation back to airport the morning we get back from cruise. Just need a ride to port the morning of cruise from hotel.
  3. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the Radisson Resort at the Port (port Canaveral) has a shuttle to port and what is the cost per person? Thank you!!
  4. For Costa Maya Native Choice Tours was excellent!!! We used them for our Chaccohben ruins tour. It was the exact our the ship took but we paid half the amount as the ship tour. Our bus arrived when the ncl bus did and left when the ncl bus did. Saved over 60 pp I think! Tour guide was wonderful. In Cozumel if you like a sun day I would so go to Mr. Sanchos!! Best places ever. Relaxing enviorment. Beautiful white sand beach, clear water lots of fish. All inclusive, pools over looking beach, massages on the beach. One of our best port stops out of any cruise.
  5. Also, plenty of taxis waiting right outside port, can't see getting a taxi to be a problem. Bunch of us had a 11:30am flight time in FLL and made it to the airport by 10 the latest, prob even earlier
  6. We did this 2 weeks ago on the bliss miami. We had our transportation scheduled to pick us up at 9am outside. We left our rooms at 8:15 and had plenty of time before our shuttle arrived. It was a good winding exit but not once did we have to stop to stand and wait. Customs didn't even blink an eye at any of us or ask any questions which I thought was kinda strange, we just rolled on thru. First time I walked off with my bags and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  7. It should be after you walk straight thru port, takes about 4-6 minutes. You'll see bunches of buses and taxis after the stores with lots of employees directing visitors. There's plenty of people/workers around the are to ask if you're unsure
  8. When we were there 3 years back we did Smith and sapphire. 2 weeks ago we were here again and went with our group to Secret harbor. I was not impressed. Sand was rockier and more course, beach shoreline very small. Water not as blue and clear as other 2 we went to. Paid $11 for a margarita in a small cup even though menu said $10. Chairs were either 15 or 20. Just totally wasn't a fan of this place but some who were with us liked it (mainly because bar was right there).
  9. Hi Bob, just off the Bliss. I think they made the Bliss for Alaska cruises way more than the warmer climates. The observation lounge alone would be unbelievable to set up camp and watch the glaciers go by. Super cozy with floor to ceiling views. I've never been on princess before but i'd find it hard to believe theres a better boat with better viewing areas.
  10. Oh you're so lucky!! Just got off the Bliss. Can't answer too much but: 1. yes... the go karts do race at night... we had a 10:30pm race time which was great. made the reservation right on our tv. 2.They charge your stateroom right away and yes was straight 9.95 pp 5. fun waterslides, had quite a few in our party get stuck and need to be let out of tube lol. one lost her shorts lmao so I suggest a 1 piece 🙂 6. not sure what they have but the observation lounge is an awesome place to set up playing some games!!! Have fun getting out of this New England weather!!!
  11. Thank you all so much for your insight!!! Some really great advice so far, ty again!!
  12. Hi all, We usually sail out of Miami so port Canaveral is completely new to us. We will be flying into Orlando mco, at all times of the day the night before our Saturday cruise in Feb 2020. I know its far out but with the super bowl that weekend in Miami... we're looking to reserve pretty early just in case. I'm trying to get a feel on what plan works best.... stay close to airport or close to port night before. We're leaning more towards close to port but depends on price. Any hotel suggestions and transport idea would be great, ty!! We're a large group of adults, approx. 40 people so we're looking for a hotel that's clean, not so much a high rise as we like having exterior access from rooms if possible. Must have a restaurant and bar on site at hotel. We're used to booking private transport so not too worried about that. And would like to have a hotel priced under 200$ Any and all suggestions would be helpful even if you didn't travel in a group. Would like to know Hotels you love anywhere from mco to port. Thanks everyone!!!!
  13. The Escape and the Bliss have decent sized balconies. The Getaway balcony was tiny where your knees hit the glass. But like above... if you can get an angled balcony room which is the same price as a regular balcony room they are nice and roomy for the same cost.
  14. I was on your sailing!! I agree with you on everything. We had a wonderful cruise and the ship décor is beautiful!!!! But I gotta say I loved the Escape better. Boarding was so super easy this sailing!!! We had group 1 and were on in no time. Q... funny but I think those people before you were part of my group lol. When we got to the restaurant they were sitting in there and the hostess mentioned something about it. Still have no clue why they were trying to "steal" our resies!!! lollll. We were shocked there was only 4 tables of other diners while we were there. Our waitress at Q was fantastic!! The food... we did the pitmaster as well. Sausage was great as were ribs. Brisket super dry. Good size portions. OMG my favorite drink the whole trip was the Smoked peach margarita!! to die for! The garden café... Don't get me started!!!! First.... location. Like you we always travel AFT. It's so nice to hop the elelvator and be right there. I had to listen to my husband the whole week about having to cross the pool deck to get to it. Made for a nicer pool deck but we hated the new location. Very awkward to bring a plate, dessert or coffee back to your room. Oh lord the set up. Terrible!!! whoever came up with that new concept could not have been thinking about flow at all. We had the same problem of "searching" for items, missing stations and generally fighting the crowds who had no idea which way to flow. You literally have to zig zag the whole buffet to find everything. Poor, poor design! And the "late" night snacks were pitiful to say the least. I know you havnet touched on this but 1 thing we were so disappointed with was the 80's party. It's usually my favorite part of the cruise and held in H20. It was held in 1 of the clubs instead on the Bliss. Way, way too small a venue for all who wanted to attend, tiny dance floor, super hot inside and was only an hour. Oh, and speaking of H20.... for some reason it was smaller on this ship and with no screen. Not a fan of this h20. I'll add a quick review about staff. WONDERFUL!! We were on the Getaway last year and it was the general review by all on these boards the staff was "off". Just bad service everywhere. Really got us scared for this cruise. And we were so very happy to see the NCL great service back. Smiles everywhere!! Washy washy peeps, love em. Our steward was fantastic, servers, bar tenders.... erveryone was AAAA+++!!!
  15. Just off the Bliss.... Small buffet about 15 feet long, at Margaritaville: coffee, juice, milk, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, break egg sandwiches, bagles, toast, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, pastries. Didn't do breakfast in OL but did catch a light lunch.... salad bar, small sandwiches, fruit, mac salad, potato salad, cheeses. A light selection
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