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  1. Your best bet is to familiarize yourself with the deck plans and type of room you'd like. Before you call NCL... load up the deck plan on your computer or tablet. This way when you are speaking to the rep and they suggest a room, you can pull that deck right up to see if this works for you.
  2. Hi all, never had the excursions $50 credit per port as a perk. If we do not take any excursions with ncl… does the credit just go away? Or is it like an obc and added to our obc? Thank you!!!
  3. I can't wait to try Moderno. My husband went to Ocean Blue with a few family members on the Escape or Getaway (can't remember which) And loved it. We went last year on the Bliss and it was just ok. He said it didn't compare to his experience from before on the other boat. Hopefully the Breakaway it will be great as before!! Thank you all for your responses!!!
  4. Hi all! Sailing breakaway 2020 feb We have the dining package. And I'm looking at Moderno, which we have never done before. I see the upcharge is $39. How does that work with the package... do we pay the difference? Or is it the flat $39 and it doesn't count on our package as a meal used since we paying separate. And lastly.... if I choose to book online when res opens up... do I have to pay them with credit card on website? Also.... Ocean Blue seems to be al la carte on the Breakaway... is there no upcharge for that now or is it included on the package like Cagneys etc.. Thank you!!
  5. When we were there, all these ports/cabs accepted US cash. I agree with Bird about catching a cab in Roatan... Hounduras port is super sketchy, the worst I have seen. We had a large group of us going to a private excursion and had the people meet us at the gates then walked us about 5 blocks to where their bus was parked. Even with our 12 large manly men friends we were all a little on the worried side. This is a port I'd deffinitly plan ahead for and go in a group.
  6. You mean while on the ship right? If say 2 people decide that day they don't want to go to dinner right? If so yes.... you can simply call the reservations line right from your room and tell them your new party size. Or you can tell the hostess when you go down for dinner but I think they prefer to know ahead of time because of table space.
  7. They have hair dryers in each room. And as a hair stylist... they are pretty good πŸ™‚ Never once have had a problem bringing a flat iron ( I think you'd have a ship full of angry women lol) I bring downy wrinkle release travel size I get at target. That stuff is a God send!!!! Works on pretty much every fabric in under a minute. When I unpack I spray each item before hanging and all wrinkles completely gone on everything from my husbands thick cargo shorts, t shirts to my dressier slacks and tops.
  8. It's funny how it's different for everyone booking and dealing with NCL reps. For 4 group cruises I've dealt with 2 separate reps. Both were extremely precise in answering my million and 1 questions and making sure everything was explained fully. The 1st rep was supper nice. But she would never return anyone in our groups calls BUT mine and the other group leader. If I called and got her voicemail, even if I didn't leave a message she would call me back within 10 minutes. Our other NCL rep is a doll!!! She returns each and every call and email for all the group not just us 2 leaders. So for me, I've had pretty good luck with their reps and service. But I also only deal with that one person for all our group bookings and questions. I use their extention and do not call the main hotline.
  9. Hi! This year is our 4th group vaca ive planned via NCL. And I know exactly what you are talking about when the individuals load their own account it doesn't show but it shows on your group report. Yes, this is what happens, and like someone else mentioned group bookings are handled a bit differently. But YES... all in your group, under your group report will get what you have listed in your report. It just doesn't show on each of their online accounts. If you ask your NCL rep you're dealing with, they should be able to confirm all is well even though they can't see it. By the way, good perks on the waived fees!! This was our 1st year we couldn't get that as a perk. And a great perk it was!!
  10. We're waiting for our Feb cruise. Southwest website says this right now : We are currently accepting air reservations through January 5, 2020. On August 8, 2019 we will open our schedule for sale through March 6, 2020. This date is subject to change! Please check back frequently. BUT last week it said opening JULY 10th for flights thru March 6th. So we'll see!!!
  11. We sailed last 3 years super bowl week with a large group and we love it, Go Pats! We have only sailed out of Miami and when we saw that's where the super bowl was we looked at other ports. This year We are leaving out of Port Canaveral the 1st. Just booked our flight down for Friday Jan 31st from Mass to Orlando nonstop 74$ frontier airlines (123 pp with bags and special seating). Still watching for flights home. If I were you considering hotel & flight costs I'd either 1. Switch to a cruise out of port Canaveral. 2. Fly into Orlando the night before, stay there and either rent cars or look into a private transportation the morning of the cruise like others have said... get a pencil and paper and run thru each and every scenario of keeping the Miami cruise or switching cruises and see what exactly the cost will be for each. It's still a little difficult because airlines are all over with booking right now. Southwest will open flights july 10th. Jetblu has flights open now but they are set high and I don't think they will lower until day before or of when southwest opens. Frontier is open and prices are great. But also depends where you are flying from. Also remember your flight home shouldn't be a problem out of FLL and you can always use 2 different airlines for flight down and flight home. It's a tough situation but know this... if you stay anywhere near fort Lauderdale, Miami hotels will be insane. And flights to miaii and FLL will be about double normal price. If it were me... i'd fly to Orlando, stay there and drive in morning of cruise. πŸ™‚
  12. We've used super shuttle 3 times now in Feb from port Miami to FLL. Super easy, fairly cheap and right outside the ship. You can book it ahead right on their website and pick your pickup time which is what we do or I think there is a kiosk right outside ship for them. I'd book ahead so it's all paid for and you don't have to worry.
  13. H20 is great. Busy but a way more relaxed quiet vibe than the pool area and no kids!! They usually have 1 or 2 servers walking around. But since it's not a huge area... the bar is a super short walk from anywhere in h20 ( 20 seconds max) and isn't over crazy so you can get drinks fairly quick (tipping the bartenders goes a long way of them "seeing" u 1st lol). You might also consider finding a nice spot on the higher sun decks where you can all take over a corner and relax
  14. Once on the ship it's truly easy to get reservations. You can go to guest services but we always skip this and use the tv in our room to scroll thru whats available and make the reservation right there with your remote.. You can also just go down to a restaurant and ask for availability. You may have to wait 15 min but have a drink and relax. People are notorious for making reservations and not showing up or cancelling on the day of their reservation so you most likely won't have to wait long for a table anywhere. early dining times such as 530, 6pm do tend to be the busiest times. I've never not been able to use my dining packages because we didnt have a reservation so don't worry πŸ™‚
  15. people book reservations and don't show all the time. They have a 15 minute window to show up. So if you don't mind waiting a few, you can head right to the restaurant and see if they have any open tables. As others have stated you can Check your TV in your room, call guest services from your room phone or head on down, use the touch screens located on ship.
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