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  1. Hi all, Can anyone confirm or deny if there are outlets and or USB ports next to the beds in a balcony room on the Breakaway? If not... are the closest outlets or ports on the counter where coffee pot is? Thank you!
  2. Can you just bring extra pods? Last 2 cruises for some odd reason I had a problem getting enough pods from my stewards. And we drink a ton of coffee throughout the day. thanks!
  3. Has anyone cruising out of Florida ports early February 2020 receive their flights thru NCL yet? thank you!!
  4. This will be our 4th super bowl cruise and if the football Gods will it... we'll be watching the Pats again!! It's amazing how many people on the boat don't like the Patriots so it's kinda fun when you see other Pats fans, nice bonding thing lol. It was also nice to educate some Pats haters about all the charity work they do, how Craft has revitalized Foxboro and our surrounding towns ( I'm about 10 min from stadium), how humble Brady actually is and to remind people that for years n years they couldn't GIVE away tickets cause the team was so bad and the stadium was a dump. Each year, on getaway, escape and bliss its been on in the atrium, by the pool, in your room tvs and I'm sure other bars. It was also on at Spice H20 which was the best place to watch but the Bliss didn't have a screen and the Escape had a private party booked that year, which stunk! So no worries fellow Mass neighbor... if we're blessed again with them in it this year, you'll be able to watch it!
  5. Hi! they look amazing. How many people can use the villa at $400 price? Also... do you know if you can use any of your cruise excursion credit to pay towards the price.... we have $50 per port credit. Thank you!!!
  6. I can't wait to read review. A friend of mine was on your cruise and she said staff was terrible across the board.
  7. there isn't any by the bed in the lamps? I need to bring my usb fan uggg! lol If anyone knows for sure that' be great to know
  8. We've always booked directly from the vendors themselves... saves a lot from booking an NCL excusion and saves a little from using sites like viator and shoretrips.com. With some research and reading reviews you can see if a company is any good. For example... on our western carib cruise we wanted to do the ruins in costa maya so I read bunches of posts on cruisecritic and found a company called Native Choice. We were still a bit nervous booking directly thru them but In the end we were so happy we did!!! We paid 60% less than NCL for the same exact tour. We arrived and left at the same time the NCL bus did and saved over 60$ pp and the company was great!!! Same thing for some of our beach excursions or all inclusives day passes... booked directly thru hotel instead of using shoretrips.com and saved around 5-10$ pp I suggest if you look on shoretrips and find something you'd like to do.... do a web search for the direct vendor site and compare the price of booking at either place.
  9. Hands down the jan-feb Caribbean. I agree 100% with above post. Also consider that in april the weather will be cold traveling to and from Bermuda out of NY so you will loose those days outside if you like to lounge and if the sun is important to you. April is prime school vacation and some colleges taking late spring break. We sail in the 1st week of Feb every year to avoid most children. And the weather Is great down south that time of year!! Also consider that the water may be a bit more bumpy in april going to Bermuda due to any late season noreasters. I've never done a mini suite but it seems from posts on here that the bathroom is just bigger. For me... as long as I have a balcony I'm good to go! The Escape is still our favorite ship!!
  10. We're on your cruise and I thought that was weird when I saw it yesterday. hmmmmm guess we'll have to see if its a glitch or what. Hopefully they don't change anything as we've started booking things to do without ship.
  11. What a sad day that was 😞 lol at least for us patriot fans. We watched at H20 was amazing. OP... there will be plenty of places to watch including in your room on tv. Stinks you can see the commercials or half time show but still fantastic watching on the boat.
  12. I'm actually surprised by the responses on the coffee being awful lol. I am a huge coffee drinker... drinking one now and it's 2am lol. And I like strong coffee. I find the coffee maker in the room great! Coffee is nice and strong, stronger than at buffett or room service. I always ask the steward to load me up with pods and creamers.
  13. Opps my bad... I meant a big screen. We like to watch the super bowl there and theres no screen.
  14. I'm sure I'm going to repeat some from above but this was my opinion of Bliss compared to Getaway. Remember... everyones' likes in a ship are different so what bothered me, might not bother most.... 1. Location of Buffet. We always book the AFT. We love how we can hop on the elevators and come right out at buffet. With the Bliss the buffet was more in the middle ( totally my fault for not noticing when choosing room site). So we had to get on the elevator... walk across the open pool deck to get to the buffet. Or we could have walked thru the small hallways after taking elevator. For us... it' was an awful location for buffet to be moved to. Also the buffet itself... on other ships its one long line on both sides. With Bliss it had cut throughs every 20 feet or so. So it made it really disorderly, never knew where line was for an items or station and people just everywhere. Never knew if you saw all the food that was offered. Bad set up. 2. H20. It seemed half the size on the Bliss from the breakaway ships. No stage, crowded. Also the night parties are my favorite at H20, like the 80's night!!! On the Bliss the 80s night was inside this absolute tiny club. Was awful!!!! 3. Everything on the Bliss just seemed smaller and squished. Not because of people but actually size. I assume to accomidate the observation lounge. The resturants seemed smaller, hallways, etc. 4. The pool deck on the Bliss was great. Super open and spacious even though the pool was just as small as other ships. 5. Balconies were much bigger, more normal sized on the Bliss. Getaway was tiny!! 6. Go karts were fun on the Bliss, go late at night, no waiting. But I could totally do without these for more deck chair space. 7. The observation lounge. It was gorgeous!!! and huge!!! The ship seemed built for Alaska, not warm weather as it took space from outside. The lights food served there was great, nice quiet spots to sit. All in all I found the Bliss more upscale than the Getaway. Which was nice. But the layout of the ship I did not like. Not sure if we would book it again. And I know most will disagree with me but like I said before... we all have small things on cruises that we love and make our trips. And my things fell short on the Bliss. So far our favorite ship is the Escape!!
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