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  1. The Facebook page has tons of info from people who have been on the cruise and also people who are arranging to share taxis or tours etc on their upcoming cruises...theres lot's of recommendations and info on the tours ie picking up dropping and off times, also lots of fab pictures the cruise looks amazing !!
  2. Thanks very much for all the info..i will now be packing food for the journey home!..Sylvia re" Kuala Lumpa on your own "we have booked the Tui Petronas Towers tour but hubby now wants to go up the towers plus also visit the Batu Caves and as no Tui trip offers both he is thinking of doing the Tui " K.L on your own" so we can fit both in ..but do you think, with the time you had, that we would manage a cab to and from the caves and then a trip up the Towers (we would pre book the Towers for the afternoon) ? ...also what time where you dropped and picked up?. Also thanks jaxw17 for the advice about Facebook !there is sooooo much feedback on their page ! it's fab....really looking forward to going after seeing all the pics ๐Ÿค—...Singapore looks amazing ! ...wish we had an overnight there too!
  3. Thanks so much MrSilversurf! Its interesting to see a mix of experiences...I'm looking forward to making my own mind up ! I'll checkout that Facebook page too ..thanks for the info ๐Ÿ‘
  4. Thanks for for the update,we have that one booked as well for March. Maybe it will be replaced with a different hotel ....wonder what the "customer feedback" was ?!!!
  5. Ha yes probably! Thanks very much for the info ,i'll try again for an appointment but may be ok then if i can't get one in time ...im not planning on going near any jungles!
  6. Thanks for the update,hope you get a response soon ...by the way has anyone had any vaccinations for this cruise? I can't even get an appointment with the nurse at the GP surgery to discuss it! I know its dependant on your medical history, but if you're on no meds and in "normal health "would vaccinations be needed with just visiting these ports on a cruise? I'm going to try again for an appointment at the doc's but am interested to know what other cruisers going on this cruise have vaccinated against?
  7. Same as us, first time in Asia so we will probably end up playing it safe and sticking with the Tui excursions !! Its the first time we will have used the cruise ship excursions as we've only cruised twice before-once with Emerald Princess around the Med and the Discovery in the Caribbean and both were really easy itineraries to do your own thing on. Hope you have a fab cruise...will look forward to your review when you get back....no pressure ๐Ÿ˜
  8. Ha Yes good idea ๐Ÿค ...we are flying to Langakwi too, but in March . I'll look forward to your thoughts on your cruise and hope you have a better experience ! We cruised on the Discovery last year and used the charging cards but didnt find that a problem to be honest and also found the food to be mostly nice, though we chose to eat at the waiter service restaurant not the buffet. It's mostly the excursions we are anxious about,whether to book all with Tui or not ๐Ÿค”
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