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  1. Regarding Tortola, I like this port. We did not really like our "Virgin Gorda, Baths, and Snorkeling" tour. It was disorganized. We did not realize that we would snorkel from the boat, to the island/baths, walk the baths barefoot (and with no glasses for my poor husband who can't see hardly anything without them...) and then all the time on the island was without our bag. So no reading, no sunscreen, no towel, we did not have any way to bring cash or credit card with us so we could not get even a bottle of water or a snack. There were too many people on the boat- when it started to rain they made those of us sitting outside come in (reasonable) but not enough seating for everyone, so people sitting on the floor and all over the aisles, very unsafe and kind of nauseating. We were rushed through the baths (which is where I would have preferred to spend the most time) and then when we arrived at the beach we were given no instructions about when we would leave, so we couldn't really make a great plan.
  2. Two things we have missed this cruise: -The cards letting us know the clock was moving forwards or back. This nearly resulted in a $20 late fee in picking our kids up from kids club on the first sea day because we did not realize until about 1155am (when they close at noon) that the time had changed. It was printed in the fine print in the daily, apparently, but we have been conditioned to look for the little card. (Who reads the whole daily?!) -The red channel for Latin music at silent disco was replaced with another channel. Not that we didn't like the other channel, but we enjoyed the Latin music. It seems like one channel was maybe 50-60s, one was 70s-80s, and one was 90s +?
  3. We are also onboard right now. Our balcony room has what appear to be updated curtains (a light steel blue/gray color) but carpet is the older red/beige. Room is overall in good condition and the bed is comfortable, my biggest concern! The new way they do the movies is very irritating, it looks as if you have to purchase but then eventually find out that they are free. Selection far more limited than in the past. Had to make a trip to guest services to ensure I wouldn't be charged. Balcony furniture is silly; I can't remember if the last time I was on EQ if we had a table large enough for at least coffee or a snack but this is just a side table, essentially. So we sit out there and balance our plates on our laps... Modern Luxury. Speaking of Modern Luxury, there are NO pads or pens in the room. I asked and eventually was provided a pad and two pencils. We are traveling with family in the adjoining stateroom and need/want to leave notes for them frequently. Or for each other, or whatever. Why is this happening and why do we only get pencils that roll around everywhere? Our stateroom attendant is a rockstar, essentially. He is very great at anticipating our needs and handling the needs of our children. (Like, the day that the sheets on the foldout couch bed got some pizza sauce on them they were changed without a request.) We had a small hiccup in Murano with our booking and a need to change times, but it was ultimately sorted and the food was quite good. (I had the sole, husband had venison, both excellent.) Music acts are quality; lack of much live music on formal night (at least at the times I am out and about) is perplexing and I noticed this last month on EQ as well. We have sailed CC, AQ, and SS in the past on X. This is our first "regular balcony" but honestly as compared to CC or even AQ we aren't finding it that different. The room seems exactly the same minus the fancy showerhead in AQ which was nice but really no big deal. Didn't use Persian Garden passes much. Our steward has been great, as mentioned. Our location is on the hump and very convenient. We liked Blu for just the two of us (or the time we sailed with friends) but it isn't really a restaurant I think my kids would like so it's not a problem for now.
  4. The balcony had two dining style chairs and a Decent size table, there was also a chair with the footstool that could recline somewhat but not completely flat, it appeared to be a different perhaps older style.
  5. We were in 2150 on equinox just a few weeks ago. The noise was absolutely unbelievable. Honestly I can’t believe that they would sell any cruise room with this level of loud noise, but especially a suite.. The scraping and banging of the deck chairs began at around 6 o’clock each morning and continued throughout the day. Tired from being awoken so early and want to take a nap after lunch? Too bad, it sounds like there is a bowling alley above you. It wasn’t quite as bothersome in the evenings as it seemed to quiet down after 9 PM so I didn’t keep us from going to bed, We tried your plugs which dampened some of the sound but didn’t help the vibration at all. It was a really a non-restful week and I can’t imagine that they won’t have to do some significant reengineering to dampen the sound. I wouldn’t go on a cruise in this room again if it was free and I’m not kidding.
  6. See you on board! We fly to FLL tonight!
  7. We took a 10 day Caribbean cruise with our two kids (at the time aged 4 and 7)... at the end I asked them what their very favorite thing was. "ROOM SERVICE SALMON AND MOVIES!"
  8. Yes, and they make sure to not let the people working on the ship know about all the details, so that everyone is VERY confused onboard.
  9. We were offered an "Ultimate BBQ" on Equinox last month, we didn't take part, but it said it would happen in the Oceanview Cafe outside deck. Anyone done this on Equinox?
  10. This is really absurd. We noticed last month on Equinox (in a sky suite if it matters) there was NO pen. Just a crummy, dull pencil. Not good for writing on the newspaper crosswords I brought with me 🙂 Finally found a pen hubby had stashed in his backpack. Reading above posters who say no pencil or pen could be located, or had to be borrowed and returned from guest services (!?!), this doesn't seem like Modern Luxury. Also how in the heck can you ever write a note if there is no writing implement?
  11. Maybe it was "brain splitting" instead but I've had a number of experiences on my balcony where I could clearly hear EVERY. SINGLE. LOUD. WORD. from balconies 2 or 3 rooms away. It's pretty obnoxious.
  12. Agree regarding "interesting"... although most of the time if I am on my balcony I am seeking quiet, not entertainment! It's been my personal experience that the more intrusive the conversationalists, the less they pick up on the subtle hints like a cough. I guess if they were clued in to subtle social cues they probably wouldn't be having an earsplitting conversation on the balcony to start with 🙂
  13. Thank you for all the ideas! She called X and they said "all gone!" We can keep checking but I think she might just book something else instead. Appreciate the idea about adding to the room but not sure if me, hubby, and mom in a balcony sounds like much of a vacation 🙂
  14. Thanks this is all helpful we will call X. Thanks!
  15. Yes, I contacted both TAs showing availability and they said none...
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