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  1. I think that sums up many of the comments I've read about the Edge (not just the Retreat Lounge.)
  2. I think the point is really that we want options. Maybe we watch a movie or maybe we don't. Maybe we go to a production show, or not. Maybe MDR, buffet, room service, or Murano. Maybe we'll get off in Nassau this time... or maybe not (again.) Part of what I love about cruising (well, vacation in general) is the sense that I can kind of do what I want, when I want. I might choose to do something I don't normally do at home (like watch a movie) just because I can. I may, on a whim, go to a production show (hardly ever do... but it's nice to know the option is there.) When we all only focus on the options WE like, we forget that part of the enjoyment might be the feeling that we have so many choices... even if every single day we make the same choice, we know we COULD choose something else. I personally have no interest in gambling (not against it, just not interested.) However, I see this is a huge draw for many people- good, it keeps them out of the lounges where I like to listen to live music ๐Ÿ™‚ On a X ship, nearly any night, you'll find me following live music acts here and there, and eventually eating dinner, then back to a bar for a cocktail and another band. I do the same thing almost every night. That being said, I love knowing that I could just as easily go for a late swim, catch a show, go shopping (OK just kidding I hate shopping), go to see a comedian, go the casino, read a book on the deck or my balcony, or put on my pjs at 700 and watch movies until I fall asleep. Part of the fun is that you get to choose, at almost any moment, what you want to do. I don't know about you but that is certainly not how my day to day life is!
  3. Hey! We are on your Equinox sailing in a sky suite too! Small world.
  4. Same. Especially if it is $14.99 for 24 hours when my kids will probably only watch 30 minutes of it each day but want to watch the same movie for 30 minutes EVERY day...
  5. We book on multiple lines, depending on our needs, itinerary... we like many things about the X product. These cruises were both booked VERY far in advance (one of them two years to the week, the other about 18 months.) When we cruise with kids + nanny we need very specific room setups- two adjoining cabins, one of which can hold 3 people. So we have to book far in advance to get this arrangement, and could not have predicted at the time of booking some of the major changes that have happened since...
  6. I don't disagree with you- but I'd like to point out that I am in my 30s and have two young children... not a "cruise oldie" ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I am just about at my breaking point with Celebrity. Too bad, since we should be turning Elite in Feb... I understand things change over time. But, I've been sailing with Celebrity for over 10 years and I am now at the point of starting to really wonder if I'll continue spend money with this line. I want footstools on my balcony if a book a class of room they are included in. I want comfortable furniture in my room and on my balcony. I don't expect a table to seat 10 in an AQ, but a reasonable way to enjoy a light meal either inside the room or on the balcony is not unreasonable. I want to have the opportunity to watch a movie in my room, free of charge, like it has been on every other ship I've ever sailed on, at least that I can recall. I really want this for my kids, when they are tired and cranky and just need to veg. If I get sick, or sunburned, or tired and want to stay in and eat a sandwich and watch a movie, I think that's not an unreasonable thing to have included on a cruise. Not everyone wants to spend all of their time running around the ship. Not all itineraries have great weather all the time. I don't care about production shows and don't want to see a movie in a theater or especially on a huge screen ruining the atmosphere of the lawn. Sometimes I just want to wear my ugly pajamas and veg out. Read a book on the balcony. Watch a movie in bed at 2pm. Almost like I was on vacation or something, you know? Our best morning on the Silver Wind in January was staying in the room until almost 11am (we are usually pretty early risers and up and about). We ordered filets and cheesecakes and watched a movie on the couch. It was so luxurious and fun, and definitely different than life at home! Heaven forbid I ever contract norovirus and get quarantined! Please stop messing with the in room experience. We get the point that you clearly want people out of their room as much as humanly possible, but if you make the experience unpleasant enough, we'll just find another room on another cruise line to hang out in.
  8. Here's my list of requests for my upcoming Celebrity sailing: 1. Please, no rocking chairs. 2. Comfortable balcony chairs with a table large enough to put more than two cups of coffee on 3. In room movies, included. 4. Footstools on the balcony. Seems easy enough!
  9. My daughter, who was 7.5 when we sailed on Reflection for 10 days in November, really liked Celebrity. The kid's club is less chaotic than it was on Disney or NCL. My son, 4, also liked it. Basically their days were something like this: Wake up Eat breakfast Kids club Lunch Nap Snack Swim Early dinner (usually in buffet or room service- MDR took too long for their attention span) Maybe kids club vs watch a movie in the room or hang out on the lawn Bed They thought it was SO COOL that you could watch a movie in your room (we don't watch a lot at home so it was a treat) AND someone would BRING YOU FOOD! We like to keep expectations low so even the small things seem really fun. Having said this there is another thread currently active about X pulling the complimentary in room movies. This is a HUGE problem for so many, but especially I think for those of us with small children. Sometimes they just need some downtime to veg out and watch a movie. This keeps them happy and cooperative and prevents them from being whiny, obnoxious, cranky children that so many folks are worried they will encounter. I would encourage you to CALL CELEBRITY and inquire about why this is being pulled, and if it impacts your decision to book, I'd let them know that too.
  10. Maybe the technology tour shows you how to hook your iPad to the in room tv so you can still watch movies ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. The customer service rep AND management person I spoke to yesterday indicated (FWIW) that they REALLY are interested in this feedback. The mgmt person especially seemed to grasp why I was frustrated, and actually even sighed and said "oh my gosh!" when I told her how much they were asking for to watch a movie. I think the more people who call and complain we may have some chance of finding a compromise. The rockers are gone, right?
  12. I'm on the phone now with Captain's Club expressing my significant disappointment. I encourage you all to do the same.
  13. 1) Yes! We travel with our 8 and 4 year old sometimes. They enjoyed some quiet downtime in the cabin watching movies (which is a really special treat at home) on the cruise. 2) Yes! 3) Yes! I've watched TWO movies in 2019 and one of them was on the Silver Wind in January. (The other I watched over 4 or 5 chunks of time a couple of months ago...)
  14. I have to say, I think I'm going to miss Tastes when we sail Serenity again in December. This was in some ways our favorite restaurant onboard. We love dining outside when the weather is cooperative. When we invited a guest onboard in SF, we all dined there and had a lovely, more casual (think sundresses and cardigans and sandals, not dirty t-shirts and cutoffs) and fun evening.
  15. I also remember the tubes being quite a bit smaller. Maybe I am just forgetting, but the "skinny tube" pic seemed right to me. IIRC the tubes couldn't have been 3 oz each. Not a problem for me either way, but I do swear they were small and thin.
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