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  1. Hmmm... I have sailed on the Equinox (without my kids), Solstice (without my kids), and Reflection (with my kids.) I have two upcoming Equinox cruises booked (one with kids, one with out) and also an Allure booked. I have only sailed RCCL once and it was 17 years ago so really not a helpful comparison, so for all intents and purposes, I'm an RCCL newbie. We have sailed NCL, Disney, and X with our kids. Honestly my favorite trip with them was Celebrity. Disney kids club was wild and crazy, pandemonium to the max. NCL kids club was busy and I did not like a lot of the public areas for kids because it was a lot of adult only type activities... and smoke everywhere. Luckily one of them we were in Haven so at least the pool was calm. Now, you are looking at 20 something, not children, but I went on my first cruise as a 17 year old on RCCL Legend of the Seas and had a great time. But, I'm an introverted only child who grew up in the country and as such am very good at entertaining myself. Maybe this is the case for your 20 something, maybe not. But I started cruising Celebrity in my 20s (albeit married and going with my husband) and really enjoyed it.
  2. Haha, me too, but I am the only physician in my department so need to be available for some urgencies. Won't be doing routine stuff, don't worry about that!
  3. How would I know if my VPN uses SSL (I barely know what that even means!)? If it helps it is to access EPIC electronic medical records.
  4. I don't need streaming, just access to work... Can I get in through a VPN on this? (For work.) One 24 hour period for a 2 week cruise, is that right?
  5. Someone commented on another thread that diamond gets free internet. I could not find this on the benefits package. Can someone explain? if my husband and I are both diamond will we both get internet?
  6. Not exactly the same, but similar: Last year just a few days before our cruise Celebrity contacted our TA to say that our connecting balcony cabins that held 2 and 3 people respectively... didn't. They actually held 2 each. Apparently they had been "reclassified" (we booked far in advance as you have to do if you want connecting cabins) in the interim and they just then figured it out. They kept offering us random, unsatisfactory cabin combinations. We booked connecting because we were traveling with our two young kids (age 4 and 7) plus nanny. At one point they offered a sky suite for them (wow) and some other balcony for us on a totally different floor... I refused all offers and told my TA to have them find two connecting balcony cabins. We ended up in great cabins on the "hump" (larger balconies) in a convenient location. Actually the exact pair of cabins I'd TRIED to book initially but they were full. Keep persisting.
  7. Hmm, the price is still $50 for us (Allure TA next November) and no mention of sales...
  8. Sounds great! I am happy to hear we'll have normal kids club services on Allure.
  9. Wow you are very experienced at taking longer cruises for kids. Any tips on how to deal with all those sea days in a row? Schoolwork handling? Any other thoughts that you wish you had known? We definitely take the kids on cruises but no longer than seven days and have been port intensive.
  10. Glad to hear it sounds like the basic services will still be offered. I’m on the November 2020 TA. My youngest will be turning six on the cruise so I’m glad to hear that he may combine the age groups because then he can be with his sister. Not sure how she’ll feel about that though 🙂
  11. I wasn't sure if that would work- we will have Diamond status through Celebrity reciprocity. This will be my second RCCL cruise but the first for everyone else in my family. (And my last one was in 2002 so really not a similar product at all.) Can they still get Diamond if it is via reciprocity?
  12. Hello, In my roll call one of the posters shared that on their Symphony TA there were only 12 children under the age of 16. Obviously we are bringing our kids (they will be 5 and 9 upon sailing) because we like them and want to spend time with them, but they really liked their experiences in the Celebrity kids club and we are looking forward to utilizing the Allure kids club for their own entertainment (and our sanity!) Is the club going to be operating on reduced staff or hours? I would not think it should be since that is a major service for the kids (who are NOT 3rd/4th pax- they are full fare).
  13. My husband and I are going to be Diamond, but traveling with our young kids who are not. Can I bring the kids in with me just as I am walking in to get a coffee and going right back out?
  14. Ooh, I don't usually eat at specialty restaurants much (most of time on X we do AQ and I like Blu well enough) but I have done Sushi on 5 a few times when we just want something small and don't feel like going through hours of endless dining at Blu. I would definitely go for 50% off.
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