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  1. Looking forward to this live report. Have a great trip. And finally I understand the pineapple references...It's been a long working week is my only defence. Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  2. VAT stands for Value Added Tax. It's like a state tax. In shops it is normally included in the price you see on a product.
  3. Sailings from Barcelona are Sunday to Sunday, so an overnight flight after work on Friday should get you into Barcelona on Saturday. That gives you a day and a half to see some of Barcelona before boarding on Sunday afternoon. The Monday is a sea day, giving you time to recover from the jet lag. The ship is due to get back into Barcelona early the following Sunday so you should be able to get to the airport by noon. As long as you can sleep on the flight back it should be do-able. We are doing this cruise next June and have already realised that we may be exhausted after hitting 6 ports in 7 days, so may stay on in Barcelona post cruise
  4. Thank you for all the photographs; only 431 days till we board her
  5. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you have put into your review.
  6. I sympathise with the poster who lost her iphone - several years ago I caught a pickpocket on the train about to pick a man's pocket, and my husband had his pocket slashed while we were in the city. Be very careful on the trains, and in the square around the Naples train station. Also - make sure you take water into Pompeii. There is little shelter from the sun. You can refill bottles when you are walking around (well there were about 5 years ago), but I didn't see any shops inside after you have bought your tickets.
  7. Belated Happy Anniversary - glad you both had a good day. Thank you for another trip report
  8. I asked my pcp this last month and he though they would be out in October.
  9. Shows are at 7pm and at 9pm. Second show was 'Swing'. Second City one night, and another comedian another, plus an acrobatic duo
  10. Hi, What port was this and when? The hat looks exactly like the hat that was blown from my husband's head while we were sailing back from Jost Van Dyke on Valentine's Day. Fortunately, the rum punch on the Rebel Yell soothed the loss.
  11. After the 'Denied boarding' story I did print off our ESTAs before embarking on the Gem last month, but at check in no one asked to see them. We had been through full photograph/fingerprint at JFK, and I believe our passports were stamped. Having said that - they did take both our passports away to check/photocopy - so maybe they were checking for an ESTA online?
  12. I was going to say, in the UK 18% is normal
  13. You can get credit cards that you pre-load with cash. They work the same as normal credit cards but you cannot spend more than you pre-load.
  14. Not for the MDRs, just the other restaurants like Cagneys. We were given a pager at Magenta one night, and waited 20 mins for a table, but normally walked straight in - there was only two of us
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