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  1. Was on the Pearl in 2017 for an Alaskan cruise. Loved the spa and used it almost every day. It was very quiet and relaxing. There were regular loungers and heated loungers (felt lucky that I was always able to get a heated lounger when I wanted) in the co-Ed area. The ladies locker room had a steam room, sauna and some loungers too. Very similar to the Gem except some differences in the ladies area. Actually liked the spa experience on the Gem and Pearl better than the Breakaway and Escape...it was more quiet and relaxing though I’m bound to try those spas again sometime too
  2. Wow, thanks so much all for the excellent advice---so much appreciated.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences
  4. Yes, the port schedule shows that we would tender in Charlottestown (too many ships to dock). I dont see the schedule for Sydney yet but it is noted as a potential port that we would tender.
  5. Thanks so much Vinegar and Dont!
  6. Seems like the NCL Dawn could be tendering in both of these ports next September. Does anyone know how far away from the dock the ships usually anchor in these ports (ie how long does it take to get to the dock). Also do either of these ports use ferries or do they use the ships lifeboats? Many thanks
  7. Disregard...I see i can check the port schedules. I will delete my question if i can figure out how to do,so
  8. Just viewing Canada/NE itinerary and see that for some ports (Newport/Bar Harbor) you will need to tender. Also see some where you "might" need to tender (Sydney, NS and Charlottetown, PE. For those where you "might" ...what determines such? Is it scheduling (how many other ships in port).? Is it something than can be determined months ahead when you book? Not a big fan of tendering (in particular in the small boats) and wouldnt like to have to do so on the majority of ports in the itinerary. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks so much hlady!
  10. Very much appreciate the advice already provided on the Dawn. Are there any cabins you would avoid (noise, etc). Considering a balcony on the 10th floor. Assuming the cabins are similar to the Pearl and Gem? Hesitant to consider a mini suite due to the pool deck above on 12. Thanks again.
  11. Thank you all so much for your insight. Much appreciated.
  12. Thank you so very much Bird!
  13. Hi there. I love the Gem and Pearl and am contemplating the Dawn for the 9 day from Quebec to NY next fall. I've searched the boards for some of the differences between the Gem and Dawn and know that there is no Great Outdoors or Spinnaker Lounge. Wondering if those who have sailed on the Gem or Pearl and the Dawn could provide their opinions (or anyone who has sailed the Dawn who cares to share their opinions). The type of info I am most interested in is below. I do know that I can research the NCL website for the actual specifications---I am more interested in folks opinions on how they felt about it. Thank you all in advance for always being so helpful Spa - is it similar to the Gem/Pearl? Co-ed? Cabins - do the mini suites have a tub like the Gem? Would you pick balcony room over a mini suite (i.e. I would on the Gem/Pearl due to the tub and because all mini suites were on deck 11 under the busy Deck 12) Casino - is it similar to the Gem/Pearl --- larger/smaller Outside space --- other than your balcony or the pool area --- are there any outdoor spaces?
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