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  1. Ive never been charged a gratuity on the thermal suite ....just on spa services like a massage, facial, etc
  2. On the 7 day to Bermuda Day 1 (Sun) was from 11 am to 10pm Days 2-6 (Mon-Fri) 8 am - 10pm Day 7 (Sat) 8am - 8pm
  3. Not to be missed....Choir of Man. It was great.
  4. Actually the one in our cabin with a 5.50 tag on it was indeed a plastic 1 liter bottle of Aquafina.
  5. On Escape a couple of weeks ago we bought the 6 pack of NCL water for about $17. (I didn’t realize it would be the NCL brand until it was delivered (my bad I didn’t ask or look at the sample when we ordered it). I was a bit skeptical but it was absolutely fine. I later noticed a bottle of Aquafina (I think a liter) in our cabin available to purchase for $5.50
  6. Hi there. We sailed a couple of weeks ago. As soon as we got on board we made restaurant reservations and had our pick of any of the restaurants for any night for the 5:30-6:00 timeframe. We selected La Cucina, Teppenyaki and Moderno each on a sea day. All were great. We didn’t have a reservation but just showed up at Pinchos at 5:00 ish one evening (a port day) and got right in (in fact no one else was even there ). Loved it. Happy sailing!
  7. Yes it does. With a nice water feature...the grotto.
  8. A couple of weeks ago on Escape we had turndown service but no towel animals.
  9. Really enjoyed all NCL cruises on the Away, Escape, Pearl and Gem....but would have to say my favorite is the Gem. Really like the more laid back vibe. Prefer the Gem Thermal Spa over the Away and Escape spas (quieter and less crowded). With respect to the the buffet .....we found that those times when the indoor buffet was closed there was a smaller buffet available in the Great Outdoors. The only thing that would make the Gem even better in my opinion is if it also had Howl at the Moon
  10. Thanks Indy. We really loved when he was in the Brewhouse too.
  11. Hi there. Does anyone who has sailed recently know if Beau Tahana is still at the District Brewhouse on NCL Escape? If not, did you like the current entertainment there? As always, thanks so much for your help!
  12. Was on the Pearl in 2017 for an Alaskan cruise. Loved the spa and used it almost every day. It was very quiet and relaxing. There were regular loungers and heated loungers (felt lucky that I was always able to get a heated lounger when I wanted) in the co-Ed area. The ladies locker room had a steam room, sauna and some loungers too. Very similar to the Gem except some differences in the ladies area. Actually liked the spa experience on the Gem and Pearl better than the Breakaway and Escape...it was more quiet and relaxing though I’m bound to try those spas again sometime too
  13. Thanks so much for the great insight!
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