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  1. Thanks! I have been looking for info that I could update photos to the cloud overnight! I purchased the Premium Package for our 51 day South Pacific cruise. I wasn’t sure you could stay signed on overnight. With Princess Medallion Net I could. Thanks again!, Denise
  2. I have been wondering about the Premium Internet as far as logging on and off. With Princess MedallionNet, we could just leave it on. So nice to be able to have photos backed up every day. It was the best part of our cruise. Thanks for the info. Enjoy every minute on the Maasdam. We loved our cruise to Alaska in June. The EXC program was fantastic. Cheers, Denise
  3. The only way my medallion worked was when I dropped it in the hallway by our cabin!😂 Cheers, Denise
  4. Our package for 2021 is Premium Internet for Guests 1 & 2. 🤗 Cheers, Denise
  5. I’ve been twice in November and the weather has been ideal. Cheers, Denise
  6. So would we. It was our 5th cruise to Alaska and the best one by leaps and bounds! Cheers, Denise
  7. We will be sailing on the Miracle to Alaska from SF in June. It will be our first Carnival cruise. We have sailed 40 cruises between Princess and Holland America. This will be a brand new experience. Our Grands think it’s a kick because we will be the Newbies.
  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos!! We did the 3 week cruise on the Maasdam. Even though it was our 5th Alaskan cruise, we didn't eat in the MDR once. The scenery on this cruise was so spectacular, we couldn't make ourselves stay inside. 🤗 Cheers, Denise
  9. Hi Jeannie, I’ve been thinking about you!! We are 7 weeks away from embarking on the Amsterdam for our second 7 week South Pacific cruise. Hopefully my internet will be good and I will be able to follow your travels as we cruise through the beautiful islands you love. Cheers, Denise
  10. Princess has paper laundry bags. They are awful. Cheers, Denise
  11. I have a question. We have done quite a few cruises on Princess and HAL. Their tables are just thick cardboard like material They can then change tables from 4 tops to 6-8-10 tops. What are Carnival’s made of? I don’t have a problem with no table cloths, I’m just trying to picture the table. Photos anyone?? Taking our first Carnival cruise in June. Cheers, Denise
  12. We only request a two top now. The problem with a six top is when you are seated with two couples that are traveling together or meeting up on the ship. This has happened to us several times. You might as well not be at the table!! Cheers, Denise
  13. We added the promo yesterday on a cruise we booked two weeks ago during the $25 deposit sale. We did have to increase our deposit to $1750 but it is fully refundable. Ours is a 43 day cruise. Free gratuities are a big bonus. All other Explore 4 perks stayed in place. Our fare didn't change either. Cheers, Denise
  14. We booked New Zealand South Pacific Crossing last week. Cruise begins on 3-28-21. Cheers, Denise
  15. Have your TA call back! We got a firm NO on any adjustments when our cruise price dropped by a couple of thousand dollars after final payment. Our TA called back the next day and we were given credit for shore excursions, beverage cards, a cabin upgrade and $$ toward a future cruise. It can’t hurt and might help. Good Luck, Denise
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