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  1. Thanks, all! Husband wore his tux and we had a ball! Most men had on dark suits or sports coats but he was not the only one in a tux.
  2. My husband would like to wear his tux on NYE on our cruise. Do people do that or would that be too formal? Thanks!
  3. Hello! We’ve been on one cruise (Alaska with Holland America) and loved it. Considering doing a Carnival cruise over Nee Years. What is the dress like? Formal? Cocktail? Party? Thanks!
  4. Thank you. I’ve only ever been on one cruise. In June we sailed on Holland America’s Eurodam. Smoking was only permitted on one side of the aft outdoor pool, so it was easy to avoid. I’ll have to talk with my friend.
  5. I am looking at booking a cruise on the Epic. The friend I would be traveling with is allergic to cigarette smoke. I know there is no smoking in rooms or on balconies but what is it like on the rest of the ship? Can the smoking area be easily avoided? Is there any smoking permitted inside the ship? Thank you for any help.
  6. Due to time constraints, I cannot take a seven day Caribbean cruise in Spring 2019 but rather am looking to take a four or five day cruise. For those of you who have tried other cruise lines, which one would you recommend for a Caribbean cruise? I absolutely love HAL, so the closer it is to HAL, the better! Thanks!
  7. As a teacher, I’d like to know where are these six-figure teaching jobs!
  8. When we were on the Eurodam in June in a balcony cabin, my husband had to plug in an extension cord at the desk and run it over to the bed for his CPAP. I would imagine both people would have to do that.
  9. I faxed my doctors note to HAL a week before just in case they had any questions. They did not. We also purchased our beverage packages ahead of time so it would be all set by the time we got on the ship. I’m sharing my experience because it’s a legitimate medical issue. I was not “getting away” with something. Believe me, I’d love to be able to have the occasional glass of wine!
  10. I did this in June. My doctor provided a letter stating I cannot consume alcohol due to medical reasons. My husband purchased the Elite package and I purchased the Quench package.
  11. We had the same experience in June. Miss the Eurodam a lot!
  12. Is this a summer issue or year round? We are scheduled for the Romantic Danube Viking cruise November 2019 and I’m starting to get nervous.
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