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  1. They I can’t recall the exact amount they give you, but it is something like 30 bucks per person to order off the menu. Plenty for a couple of rolls or sashimi, a couple of ramen and a scoop of mochi.
  2. I’d also go with your instinct about petit chef. Cute enough, but food view and service are all better in Blu, and it was a bit to gimmicky for my taste.
  3. My suggestion would be lunch at embarkation at sushi in 5 . Blu doesn’t do lunch and you could avoid the buffet madness! The food is very good even if you don’t like raw fish. The ramen bowls are delicious.
  4. Alaska from Vancouver. Im looking forward to Norway next summer though and it may take top marks!
  5. Hi! I note that Canyon Ranch has discontinued port day pricing - what sort of spa deals or discounts are you seeing once on board (if any)? Thanks! Dana
  6. Yes that is all you need, though I printed out just in case. Mans yes it has the facial recognition software and your key is at your cabin, where you can go immediately to drop of carryons. I’ve not been on edge so not sure if that is the same, but it was the most efficient check in ever for us.
  7. There are meetings every day - good attendance on longer cruises but our experience is that in short cruises attendance is very low. Nit sure where you are going but if key west is a stop, there is a pretty famous club there called anchors aweigh with its own clubhouse and meetings generally every other hour.
  8. I’ve got the cabin next to yours on an upcoming cruise (9042) as an aqua guaranty. Was the window washing equipment parked there? Was it bothersome?
  9. The noodle pots and appetizers at Sushi on 5 are terrific too! It is such a nice, luxe way to ease into vacation instead of trying to hit the crowded buffet or just having a hotdog. For sailaway, I just love the view from the Aft. I find the pool at sail away a little hot and crowded, and its hard to get a decent drink. It just feels more like a ship from the back to me - maybe weird 🙂
  10. I love that ship! Don’t miss for us are: 1. Springing for sushi in 5 lunch at embarkation. You’ll get 30% off probably! 2. Afternoon coffee/espresso and a sweet at cafe el bacio. 3. Sail away at the sunset bar. 4. Sauna in the spa area locker room (not co Ed) 5. Coffee on the balcony in the am 6. Silent disco and a trip late to the martini bar to watch the bartenders tricks!
  11. Yes - way more room and privacy Assuming 3 adults)
  12. There is an unassuming looking endive salad with white balsamic dressing that is amazing. Best salad all week. All the soups were very good. THe beef Wellington was also very nice.
  13. I was on infinity for a short 4 nighter I’m March. The stateroom baths (grout/tile) were showing their age. Some public area toilets were out of order. The Persian garden had seen better days too. Other than that, it was beautifully maintained and cared for. We had above and beyond service every day and every meal, without exception. I traveled with friends that are carnival and rc regulars and they thought it was the nicest cruise they’d ever sailed, by a factor of 10.
  14. Couples massage, or a weeks pass to the Persian garden. Wonderful to take the steam, sit on those heated loungers and watch the amazing scenery
  15. From what I understand, the primary benefits are blu, as you mentioned, as well as entry into Persian gardens. I don’t believe there is a dedicated concierge lounge. You are correct about no embarkation lunch perk.
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