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  1. I just finished reading your season 10 wrap-up and I feel like I have lost friend. I have read along for all 10 years and have enjoyed your blog immensely. I do understand how you might want to stay home next year and not cruise. With this crazy virus and ships being quarantined, I wouldn't want to be sailing right now. Maybe you will do the tour that is still on your bucket list whatever that may be. I just want to say thank you for doing this blog as I for one have gathered a ton of information from you. You have answered my emails and given me tips, etc. I hope to see you and G one day on a cruise. Happy Sailing whenever it may be Cheryl
  2. I am looking for a private bus to take about 15-25 of us that are staying at Hotel Continental in November to the port. Has anyone hired a private bus to do this. I have one company but they have not responded. Transfers Soberti. Any other suggestions? Thanks Cheryl
  3. We had brought our 2 bottles on board and they checked them, etc. Then when in port we bought 2 more bottles and went over to 2 crew members and tried to declare them and they said don't bother we allow you to bring whatever you want back on board for wine. We did consume in our cabin, but continued to bring wine on board with no charges. We were on a 28 day South Pacific voyage. Going to try this approaching London when we arrive tomorrow. Bring 2 bottles when first boarding and buy a few along the way. If we pay corkage then so be it. Still cheaper than buying a bottle on board.
  4. This calendar is so cool. What app did you use to make this? We leave for London on 8/12, then do 12 day British Isles Cruise and then take Eurostar to Paris for 3 days. I have made a day by day itinerary using Word, but this calendar is so much easier to use.
  5. That sounds great. I thought it would be easier to taxi over than to wait for the shuttle bus. Are you doing the walking tour after the castle? We are doing it at noon. Then will probably have lunch and go back to ship. Maybe meet at Vines as soon as ship docks so we can get off right when they clear us.
  6. Great review. Looks like at lot of other people going in August. We leave August 17th on Crown Princess. Very excited. Cheryl
  7. I researched a ton of restaurants and most of them were not taking reservations. They are doing the combination tattoo ticket with dinner. I finally found an Italian restaurant along the royal mile that took a reservation for 6 of us at 5:30. They were the only ones I could find. It is called Vittoria on the Bridge. Good Luck in your search. Cheryl
  8. We just might have to wait then. I know we can use a credit card to pay our car service. We might have to get a few before we leave from our bank here so we have tip money. Thanks for the hint!
  9. Yes, but there are usually bank ATM's in airports. We have always found one and have never had any trouble. In Berlin Deutsche Bank and several ATM's, etc. I have heard to always withdraw in their currency and let our bank do the exchange rate. That makes sense. We have a no fee checking account so we are not worried about fees either. They reimburse for their fees and any ATM fees or foreign bank fees. Thanks for the tips.
  10. We are booked for August in Cobh/Cork with Butlers. They have an extra leg room bus that holds 16. There are only 12 of us going to it worked out perfectly. You could book this and see if you can get a few extra people in your roll call to split the cost of the tour. There are lots of private tour guides in all ports. We are going for 12 days with 9 ports and have private tours booked in every port. All but one tour is for just the 6 of us, but most larger companies had different size vehicles available. You shouldn't have a problem finding some one. The only thing is you are only a month away and a lot of tours are booked up already so I wouldn't wait to contact some. There are always the Sandeman's free walking tours of the bigger cities. I have them booked for Edinburg and Dublin. In Edinburg I booked our Tattoo tickets when they went on sale in December or January and booked our tour guide to take us from the port in Glasgow to the Tattoo almost a year ago. Good Luck in your research and happy sailing!!
  11. We are going in August too on Princess. We will get our first round of cash at an ATM at Heathrow. We have some private tours that want cash after the tour so we will need quite a bit of currency for those tours. We have some private transportation set up too. They will take credit cards, but there are 3 couples traveling so it will be difficult to use 3 different cards so will need cash for that. Otherwise, all hotels, meals and purchases will be on our credit cards. Notify your credit card companies of when and where you will be traveling so they don't put a hold on any of them. We each carry 2 different cards just in case one of us would loose a card to heaven forbid get one stolen. At least we will have something to use. Our plan is to use up all our GBP prior to going to Paris after our cruise. Once in Paris it is Euros and we will keep any leftover as we will be going again in 2020. Hope this helps a little Cheryl
  12. Thank you so much for your review. We leave August 17th. We were on the Crown last year and like you said yes it does need some work, but we are going for the ports, not the ship. We are not picky eaters so I am sure we can always find something that will satisfy us. As far as things to do on the ship, it sounds like we will be too busy during the day that we will just want to go to bed early. Again, great review and thanks a bunch. Cheryl
  13. Just wondered if anyone just off the Crown will be doing a review. We are going in August and wondering about shuttles at the different ports, etc. Thanks Cheryl
  14. What do you think a taxi would cost for 6 of us to go to Edinburg castle in lieu of taking the bus? We have a 10 a.m. time entrance to the castle and it sounds like we might not make it in time. 2 of us are elite so we can all probably get off on one of the first tenders. Thanks Cheryl
  15. When in August are you going? We are on the 17th of August out of South Hampton. Read our roll call and you can find lots of ideas for tour companies. We will be in London 4 nights prior and then 3 nights after in Paris. We are staying near Waterloo at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge. We are using Blackberry cars to take us from Heathrow to Hotel, then hotel to ship and again from Ship to Eurostar train station. They were the most reasonable for 6 persons. Book your shore excursions early with Princess as they do sell out. Also, anything you want to see sells tickets on line and you can book most of them now. We have purchased Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Kensington Palace already. Still need to purchase Westminster Abbey tickets as they are not on sale yet. You can even purchase the HOHO on line. Usually tickets are cheaper on line than in person the day of tour. Plus you don't have to wait in line. See if there is a museum pass if the is what you want to see. I have been researching for almost a year now and am still not done. Since there are 6 of us going you need to have a daily plan all mapped out. If it was just the 2 of us, we would wing it more. If you have any questions on tour operators, let me know and I can give you who we booked. Good Luck Cheryl
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