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  1. Over and above the normal gratuities given to RC - if at Specialty Rest I tip $20 for 2, if 4 at table we do $40. - if it is a seven nt plus cruise, and we do MDR, we will give $20 to head waiter and $20 to their assistant. - the main bar or lounge or bar waiter, we go to, I tip a $20 right at the start, and we are buddies rest of the trip, then the odd $1, after that, plus I give all my faves a hat. - Room attendant gets all my change from day one to the end, plus a few $singles, plus a hat,
  2. Was a silly comparison, geeze...ive seen non smokers leave a bathroom, and not wash there hands and then see them at a machine or at a table, NOW that is disgusting! Just saying -
  3. You have it figured out LP, im same!
  4. We were on the Vision this past August in the 12 nter Mediterranean Cruise, loved the ship, entertainment was so so..We do the Panama Cruise in March East bound from San Diego! on the Jewel. Good posts btw!
  5. Dont confuse things, like everyone is!? 1st if you bet a $1K you are a gambler, and if you win, you arent done there Mr. you will play more, you will play tomorrow and day after...winning or losing, again!!! its entertainment! 2ndly If you dont want to play, then thats fine, you gonna watch? i bet not! excuse the pun HA, but I will play on... 3rdly - its a simple promo, you dont have to do it if you dont chose, if you know you will go thru whatever amount you wish then do it, you have 5 days, 7 days or whatever to play through it, one pocket is promo credits/chips, the other pocket your winnings, some are poopoo'g it, but probably same people that complain about any promo looking for angles and snags... Just enjoy your cruise, smile and have fun, thats why you are there!
  6. lol like i said , its simple, not rocket science, people are over thinking something simple...
  7. TekGuy, we are on same side, ok you have your $1k out real cash chips and we are playing roulette, forget about odds and 0/00 for now, lets you put $1K on Red, I put $1K of Promo chips on red, we hit Red...we both high five each other right!? you get $1K paid back, I get $1K paid to me, still high fiving each other right? next bet, same Red, same $1K each, its black, you lose $1K cash chips, I lose $1K promos chips, whats the balance, we are back to even, $1K each, but I have $200 promo still to play...thats the difference, not much I know, but we both knew we were playing that $1K, I simplified the bet for sake of ease, now i can bet the $200 again or BJ or craps, ...***** you and i can go for a drink and watch me scratch my ticket too lol, its fun, its entertainment, all im trying to say,
  8. Ice Bear - i get it, then they dont need to buy the promo then and get the additional bonus...i know I will play thru mine, eventually by the end of my cruise, its a no brainer,
  9. Its actually very simple folks, if you think you will spend $1K or $2K or the $500 then purchase and get the extra promo chips or slot play. You still get bonused for points, you still get awarded your winnings in real cash or credits or chips... Simple marketing scheme, and assures a gambler will gamble his minimum, if you want more, get more if not dont... No need to over analyze... I will be playing with mine in a few days! 🎲
  10. Its in the Planner for our Independence Cruise for next week, but not in our Jewel 16 ntr March 2019 I am gonna purchase one or both slots and chips and will keep everyone posted on what occurs...just not sure of amounts yet as it is only a 4 ntr
  11. Another thing you fail to mention...Fun & Entertainment, the Whole cruise is for fun and entertainment, relaxing! When you start to calculate averages, and winning vs losing odds, why are you there then? Where is the fun in that? I go with a set amount, gambling is gambling, doesnt matter how you want to slice and dice it, I play craps most of all, why? the best odds, thats all I care about. Sometime I will sit at a poker table to banter with others, sometimes just sit at a slot machine and go at my own pace...
  12. Your credits will continue to accrue! NP there. Slot play credits is for slot play only, all considered Free Play though, so $2K plus the $200, all for slots, not interchangeable. Same as for Chips and table play, you still gain credits, and as you all know credits are calculated little different, based on time and your bets. So you can do $4K but it will be $2K per each slots and chips. From the Higher ups!
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