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  1. Thats his typical Curve ball he throws, difference is people got a visual finally!! 🤣🤣
  2. Haters will hate! Seems to be a common theme these days in the 'world'.
  3. OH I thought it was the Clinton Network News!?
  4. Jewel one of our faves! Best for service! But see who returns after start up post CO-19
  5. Ah yes Meaford, ok, my wife was from Woodstock lol
  6. HA...perhaps - but borrowed enough to last minimum until Nov 3rd 2020.
  7. im hearing this may go thru, more golf this w/e, more soccer now, need to start up baseball soon...need a distraction from the doom n gloom media!
  8. Georgian bay?> Parry Sound? Midland? Owen Sound?
  9. Thornton home town is from 15 min south of me, Couture 10 min north, know the parents, and when Tierney was there he played with my son in Jr A, nice to see a deep south hockey fan!
  10. Means they contracted a mild strain...just like common flu, some contract a mild case ...
  11. Cruise if you wish, Dont cruise if you dont want to! Very Simple!
  12. LOL, and there you have it, a Political Pundit jumps in and Pipes up! HBE4 and I were having a nice educational and informative banter, sharing whatever we had for knowledge .. again healthy banter until someones feelings got hurt! Keep your Lefty spin to yourself!
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