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  1. Actually, hilarious. I hope you get to cruise ASAP so that we can see if it is safe and see what the new normal will be. If you expect everyone to follow whatever the protocols will be, I think you will be disappointed. I know that you will follow the protocols and I salute that but there are too many people in this country that don't give a darn and are actually defiant. I can't believe that some of them won't show up on Regent cruises. It is inevitable. I will wait to see what happens and wait until COVID-19 is under reasonable control. Right now it's worse than ever. I expected things to improve but I am losing faith that it will turn the corner anytime soon.
  2. We can only hope that people do the right thing or we wait for herd immunity, the vulnerable dying, the hospitals and staff being overwhelmed or a vaccine is available. I acknowledge that it’s a tough balance but we have to figure out what that balance is between opening things up and keeping the hospitals within their capacities. Here in Austin, we pushed it too far and now we have to take a step backwards. I don’t blame anyone for trying to open things up. We just found the tipping point. No one is going to convince me that this huge spike isn’t partially the result of the protests and riots.
  3. But we aren't and the responsibility lies with each individual to do the right thing and think of others not just themselves.
  4. I can't say what is true and what isn't true in California. Here in Austin Texas we have seen COVID-19 cases explode and the hospitalization rate has also sky rocketed and Houston's main hospital ICU is now full. Contact tracing has consistently pointed to bars and river floating where large groups of people congregated in close quarters. They violated the social distancing and face mask guidelines for reopening. The majority of cases are now in the 20-30 age group. Most have mild symptoms but some have to be hospitalized. They all go home or to work and spread the virus like a wild fire. Even though the news would have you believe that it has nothing to do with the protests and riots, logic tells you otherwise. In Austin, the case trackers cannot ask whether you participated in a protest so we can't trace those cases. In a suburb of Austin, 300 kids got together for a pong tournament, one was not feeling well but hadn't received his COVID test back until the day after the large gathering. You guessed it, it came back positive and now several other kids at that party have tested positive. My point is that we can debate how this outbreak could have been handled better by federal and state officials but it comes down to individual choices. We were all told what we had to do to remain safe and to slow down the spread. Some did what they were supposed to do and others ignored the advice. My immediate and extended family followed the advice and no one got sick. We are at another critical point where we all have to make a choice to do the right thing not only for ourselves but more so for the people we come in contact with every day. COVID-19 is not going away on it's own. It's up to us to manage this beast until vaccines and treatments come along.
  5. I was listening to DoctorRadio today and I finally heard a doctor that was believable. Callers were asking questions like when will a vaccine be ready and will it work, will we have a 2nd wave in the fall/winter, etc. His answer was an honest, "We don't know. That's why COVID-19 is called a Novel virus. It is new and we are working on figuring it out and it will take another 6-12 months to have enough data to really understand it. It is also mutating so we are working with a moving target." We all hear about different risk factors, different reasons why it is spreading so fast, different tests and different possible treatments and vaccines. There are stories everywhere to support your belief or your hope, no matter where you stand on the issue. It's no wonder cruise lines and other industries can't come up with solid schedules on when they will return. One thing we do know is that this virus spreads like a wild fire. It's futile to speculate when your next cruise will be. Just a couple of months ago many believed that the summer and hotter temperatures would slow the beast down. We are now seeing the hotter parts of the US with some of the worst outbreaks including my state of Texas.
  6. I hope that the EU is not doing this to reciprocate. I wouldn't blame them for giving a temporary pause on travel from the US given the virus uptick we are having. It looks like the hope for hotter weather in curtailing COVID isn't coming to fruition.
  7. Right now the states with the cruise ports including Florida, Texas and.California are struggling trying to contain COVID. It remains to be seen if they can turn things around. Until then I can’t see the CDC allowing any cruises to leave or return from those ports.
  8. Maybe it was targeting. 😉😷. Just kidding.
  9. I actually cancelled it the day before my friend did the same and he got his back within 3 days. Same cruise, same TA. It was weeks before final payment was due. Regent couldn’t explAin why either. I did eventually get my refund so all’s well that ends well.
  10. Wonder why it took me over 2 months when I cancelled.
  11. For some, if it doesn't agree with their opinion, it can't be true. Personally, I am not a big fan of the NY Times. I'm not saying that this article is true or false but as far as COVID-19 is concerned, we have seen a lot of bad information coming from the news media and quite frankly some of the world agencies that a trying to guide us through this pandemic.
  12. It may be easier to have Regent book your excursions but you are hanging out with 30-40+ people on a bus and there are mixed reviews of the value of those "inclusions". For me, I am likely to visit a port only once in my life (as I like to go to different places and see different things) and the value of a small private tour is absolutely worth it. But I feel guilty not getting something for my money and since it's "included" I tend to go with Regent's offerings. I wish they would let people opt out and get a credit but I realize that this is a money maker for them.
  13. You are proving my point. Thank you.
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