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  1. I was pricing out the three main lines today for a July cruise and everyone is really high right now. This is a 7 day balcony on Symphony of the Seas for my family. That’s Disney level pricing. When I was pricing these out a few months ago, this cruise was half that.
  2. It looks like the bed is going to be by the balcony and the sofa/pullman is in the middle. I haven't found that exact room but others in the Family Balcony are setup that way.
  3. The Haven Courtyard only sleep 3. Its the Aft and Forward facing balconies that sleep 4. In those its a double sofa bed for 3rd and 4th guests.
  4. If you click the link below, the liquors not included in the basic package are listed. Baileys as others have mentioned is not on the premium list. If there is something on this list you would want, you would pay the difference above the $15 plus 20% tip. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-plus-beverage-package.pdf
  5. While they don't have a list of all the ships, each ship has its own list under what's on board and then entertainment.
  6. Not while on board unless you order something that is not included in the package which right now is a few items at Cagney's and Ocean Blue. You prepay gratuities when you book of $19.80/per day for the drink package and 20% of the retail cost of the dining package. A seven day cruise would be $19.80 added for the dining package.
  7. No upcharge before dining. There is upcharges if you order Lobster, Surf & Turf, Tiger Shrimp, and Crab Cake. Maybe premium sides now but it looks like its different from ship to ship if they are charging.
  8. We did a spring break cruise out of New Orleans in 2016 and are booked again out of there this year. This was the cruise we had the most fun on. Just go in knowing that its going to be different than your normal cruise and you will be fine. This is going to be more about the college spring breakers rather than the kids. Here are some pros and cons of going on spring break. Pros 1. There will be plenty to do at night. I have been on cruises where most places are dead after 11. My wife and I like to hang out at the bars/clubs at night and its disappointing when the vibe is terrible and no one is having fun. 2. Most the the spring breakers are not getting up early so the ship is not as crowded until the afternoon. 3. They tend to do the buffet for dinner so the MDRs are not has hard to get into. 4. Any of the interactive entertainment are more fun since spring breakers are not shy to participate. Cons 1. They will be loud going back to the room at 2-4am. 2. There will be over drinking which will lead to messy public bathrooms late at night. 3 They do not understand the concept of DSC's being added to the bill. If you have to take care of something with guests services, do it before the last night. The line will be long as they will question the $400 added to their bill. The bars tended to be more crowded but the bartenders seemed to coming back to us more frequently because they didn't want to deal with the breakers. There were a lot of them sharing cards to get the 3 & 4th guests free drinks. With the promotion now requiring all 21+ to get the drink package, this might now be as big of a problem. I did bring singles with me and tipped extra also when the bars were busy.
  9. I am originally from Broward and it had always been 6% but when I went home for Christmas this year it was now 7% including Boca.
  10. You get 4 dining credits on 10 day cruises.
  11. I posted all the ones on the Getaway here. Your ship may have a few different restaurants but the ones that are the same will have the same menu. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2714879-menu-for-getaway/?tab=comments#comment-58897500
  12. NCL doesn't count the disembarkation as a day so a 7 Day on NCL will be the same as a 7 night on other lines.
  13. When in port in Florida, you have to pay state sales taxes on the alcohol. Its 7% currently so you are looking at $.70 on a $10 drink.
  14. The amount of really bad reviews with no good ones lately is concerning but I think a lot of it has to do with the mess in San Juan right now. There are a lot of people that can't recover from a bad start to the vacation and the rest of the way are looking at ways to be upset.
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