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  1. Will this work on Allure ? We sail in Nov and this would be a great feature to use as there are 4 of us.
  2. I keep seeing talk of this "patty" what is this you speak of ? We are sailing Allure in Nov and wonder if it is something we need to experience.
  3. We have had this card for 15 years. It is our primary card so we use it a lot. We rack up points pretty quick. Back before they changed the redemption breakdown we sailed for free (+ taxes) To Caribbean for 4 nights, but now it takes alot to get a free cruise so we use points for paying down a cruise and/or for drink packages and dining.
  4. Yep, We just got the email this morning. We are on this sailing. With as short a time we have in San Juan, we most likely will just stay on the ship. Having to back on by noon doesn't leave much time for much. Kind of bummed.... looking forward to the train ride we had booked in St Kitts
  5. Hello, We are 2 couples sailing in a GS 2 BDRM on Allure in Nov and wanting to know if we can separate our on board credit but we are under 1 reservation. The reservation has $100 already in credit for just booking and I assume that is to share between all of us. We are going to be adding more on board credit to this reservation but would like it to be used separate for each couple.(Say $300 for each couple) I don't know if it is even possible to keep them separate as we don't want to share one big pot of credit. I figured I would ask here in the forum as using Royals customer service might not yield any answers. Thank you, David
  6. My apologies... I was reading before earlier in paragraph about Pinnacles and thought this guy was.
  7. LOL !!!! This is one of the best representation of some Pinnacles that I have ever read
  8. That stinks, yea... not liking some of the "enhancements" . I really liked that graphic map.
  9. Hello fellow cruisers, I am looking for some help with finding the Itinerary map or the cruise ship route that used to be on the site when you logged into your acct. It showed the map of where you are going and the ship route and gave each port docking and deporting time. Is this now gone ??? I really liked looking at that, It made it easier (for me) to schedule excursions and/or know at a glance when you needed to be back to the ship. Any help or direction as to where this is or if it is just gone. Thanks , David
  10. That is a great deal !!! We (4) of us myself, DW, BIL and SIL are booked on Allure for November 2019 and we are in a GS 2bdrm. We paid only $7997 for ours, I also would not pay $10k for this room, I might pay $10k for CLS but not for a GS. Hope you have a great time and I will be following along. David
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