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  1. That stinks, yea... not liking some of the "enhancements" . I really liked that graphic map.
  2. Hello fellow cruisers, I am looking for some help with finding the Itinerary map or the cruise ship route that used to be on the site when you logged into your acct. It showed the map of where you are going and the ship route and gave each port docking and deporting time. Is this now gone ??? I really liked looking at that, It made it easier (for me) to schedule excursions and/or know at a glance when you needed to be back to the ship. Any help or direction as to where this is or if it is just gone. Thanks , David
  3. That is a great deal !!! We (4) of us myself, DW, BIL and SIL are booked on Allure for November 2019 and we are in a GS 2bdrm. We paid only $7997 for ours, I also would not pay $10k for this room, I might pay $10k for CLS but not for a GS. Hope you have a great time and I will be following along. David
  4. I like going to Port Canaveral, been many times. At the time we booked Allure was not docked there. Also the SIL and BIL like the itinerary that we are going on. In the future if Allure does move there I would def drive to PC over FLL or MIA
  5. I use Waze too every morning. Its is very helpful for traffic and where police are on your route.
  6. Thank you for this info. I think this is what we will do unless I get out voted and the DW and SIL want to go night before to see sights of Ft Lauderdale and do a nice dinner.
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments.... It is still a long way off and I think driving day of is fine, just have to convince the others it is ok.
  8. Sorry for the confusion, It is Nov 2019
  9. Hello fellow CC posters.... I am looking for some opinions on driving to FLL from West Central FL/North Tampa Bay area. We are booked on Allure Nov '19 to West Caribbean from FLL and we were just going to drive down the morning of embarkation and save the money for a hotel. Thinking leaving around 5:30 am so we would have plenty of time. Some friends of ours recently traveled down to FLL from our area and said traffic is pretty rough before you get to the port, So I am wondering if it is better to get a hotel rather than drive and have to worry about accidents or heavy traffic.
  10. That is pretty warm. We were in Juneau last year in June on Explorer we never saw 70F. Best we got to was low to mid 60's and lows in 40's. Enjoying your review, makes me want to go back.
  11. Hucifer, This by far is the most entertaining cruise review I have ever read. Filled with sarcasm( which makes it even better)comedy and some great commentary. You made us feel as if we were with you or at least wish we were. You tell a great story, I wish we could have been at your table for dinner, would have made for great convos, Sorry you had such sticks in the mud for dinner mates. Anywho, there are 4 of us going on Allure next Nov' and can't wait, We may do the same specialty dining you did just because of your experience on how great the food was. Again, thank you for the great report and hope you will do anther one after your next cruise. I bet you will have some great stories with your 11 yo with you.
  12. This happened to me last year for our Alaska cruise. I redeemed points early and didn't see anything until 30 days I think before the cruise. Now I will wait so when I redeem it is taken off then.
  13. We have had this card for many years, (2004) and have used it for many a onboard credit and a free 4 night Bahama cruise. The card gets used alot and paid off every month. So the perks are worth it to us. Hoping to have a lot of onboard credit and pay the balance off by Nov '19 when our next cruise is.
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