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  1. Besides getting shareholder benefits for cruising on all RCI and Norwegian lines, we also enjoy getting loyalty perks from the various lines we cruise with. We are 4* on HAL and enjoy the free laundry and 50% of wine packages. On O we are silver and like the free gratuities and $250 OBC. We're Elite on Celebrity and enjoy the 1 bag of laundry per person per leg and free internet minutes as well as 3 free drinks during happy hour every night except for embarkation day and look forward to making elite+ and getting 2 bags each as well as more free internet minutes. But I will say we do appreciate Princess for giving us $250 pp military service OBC (as we are both retired military) and look forward to the 250 internet minutes when we reach platnium and free laundry once we make elite. Crystal has the worst perks in our opinion, but who needs perks when you get everything included regardless of your loyalty standing. BUT, we like to have fun when we're on a cruise, especially on sea days, and besides the itinerary, that carries the most weight in our decision rather than loyalty perks. Based on that, Princess with their CD and 5-6 assistants and Celebrity with their CD and 3-4 assistants, all comedians in their own right, get our top vote. Crystal also ranks up there as they have plenty of things to do on sea days to include having some great lecturers. HAL and O IMHO with their CD and one assistant (maybe) really don't offer a lot of variety of things to do on sea days, especially if you have cruised with them multiple times. HAL has caught our eye with their in-depth EXC program on the Maasdam, but hanging out listening to music in bar room type settings like HAL is now promoting on their other ships is not for us. Oceania has some nice itineraries, but for what they're asking for a balcony cabin, they need to upgrade their internet service much like Crystal, Celebrity and Princess have done before we sail with them again. We realize HAL's internet service is pretty weak, but we're hoping for big things with their in-depth EXC presentation on our upcoming Australia circumnavigation cruise, especially since they now offer an unlimited internet package so we don't have to count internet minutes anymore.
  2. The one thing that impressed us about Donald's comment was that it made sense of what my DW and I had been noticing for the past few years, and then highlighted when HAL decided to get rid of the production shows. But, you're right, it's just an opinion.
  3. Though those that are interested in the evolution of HAL entertainment over the past few years, you might like to see the comment Donald posted at #53 (page 3) on the following thread.
  4. Thanks Donald. Very interesting and it definitely fits the evolving pattern we've seen on the 11 HAL cruises we've been on these past 7 years. I'm glad we were able to accommodate their corporate desires as we have pretty much moved over to X and Princess. Hope it works out for them, especially when it comes to those longer 21+ day cruises.
  5. Sounds great! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful cruise!!
  6. I'm confused, which itineraries are you looking at? A 14 day Jan 2020 New Zealand R/T from Sydney in a Noordam NS is currently $3,464 pp. On the other hand, a one way from Sydney to Auckland or vice versa on the Regatta for their cheapest "cruise only" ocean view fare with no OLife is $5,399 pp. That really makes it a no brainer to pick the NS. But, if you also added to the mix a 13 day Princess cruise similar to the Noordam on the Majestic Princess in a min-suite for $3,019 pp or a full suite for $5,059 pp, I would opt for that one as you will definitely have more fun onboard a Princess cruise. However, if you would like a more relaxing cruise while onboard, then I would opt for the much cheaper NS on the Noordam. In any event have fun on your cruise, which ever one you choose!!!
  7. Good point! But as long as we eat sensibly, that's 200 calories x 40 days we don't have to worry about at the end of the cruise. In any event it is one of the many things we enjoy doing together which helps to keep us healthy. Using the stairs instead of the elevator is another healthy event we like doing together.
  8. We'll be on a 40 day cruise on the Maasdam starting in early October, which includes circumnavigating Australia! We plan on going to lectures, playing trivia, going to evening shows when they have them, watching Deep Space Nine or Voyager Dvds we plan on bringing, checking email and FB as we purchased the unlimited internet package and, of course, go on HAL excursions when we're in port. Of course, we will also be eating mostly in the MDR unless it's a port day. We also plan on walking 2 miles on sea days around the promenade to burn off all those calories. Of course, we'll also go to any game shows or any other fun thing they might offer to do, although I'm not sure they still have them. But, the bottom line is, we plan on having fun the entire 40 days!! After all, we'll be on a cruise!!
  9. I think your statement "whose past (roughly) 60 with 20-30 years cruising on HAL" is funny. I graduated high school in 1970 when Led Zepplin, Queen, Deep Purple and Emerson, Lake and Palmer as well as C,S,N and Y, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Peter Frampton were just coming on the scene. Then in my 20's when I learned the fine art of "partying", Bob Seger, Cheap Trick, Meatloaf and similar bands joined the crowd. However, when the heavy metal bands started to pop up like Metallica, Iron Maiden and the like, that was the end of my era in music. Then, fast forward 40 years to 2012. We're now in our early 60s and just started cruising with HAL and sat through their Lawrence Welk type shows in the main theater. They were ok, but my DW and I kept asking ourselves when will it be our turn? Well, I guess HAL decided to bypass our hippie and hard rock generation and target the millennial generation and those who like to sit in bar-like settings, drink and listen to music. That's cool. It all works. For us we're more into the Las Vegas style shows that play our era of music. Glad to hear HAL hit the market they were aiming at because they sure missed ours.
  10. Very well put and for us being in our mid 60s the main reason we now book most of our future cruises with Princess and Celebrity. We're giving the Maasdam with their In-depth EXC program and lecturers a 40 day try in October and hoping for the best. But, that's pretty much the extent of it for us.
  11. I believe you are referring to trivia. Yes, they usually have a couple of trivias on sea days in one of the lounges. They are a lot of fun and there are always folks looking for new members to join their team if you're in to meeting new people..
  12. I'm just going by what Triumphguy posted at Post #83 regarding the phone call with folks at Customer Service.
  13. We just booked a 21 day cruise on the new Royal Class Enchanted Princess in July 2021 departing from Barcelona and here are the starting prices for their 4 types of balconies. In this case it appears the starting price difference between a Balcony and a Balcony Deluxe (with a sofa) is $300 or $14.28 pp/day. However, if you book the most expensive Balcony cabin at $6,099 pp, it's actually more than the cheapest Premium Balcony: Balcony Obstructed This impressive stateroom offers the added indulgence of a balcony and gives you more space than a standard stateroom. Enjoy your own private outdoor space with a table, two chairs, and breathe in the fresh sea air. Please note that the view is either partially or fully obstructed. Select Balcony Obstructed from $5,349.00* Balcony This impressive stateroom offers the added indulgence of a balcony and gives you more space than a standard stateroom. Enjoy your own private outdoor space with a table, two chairs, and a relaxing view of the inspiring scenery surrounding you, whether a beautiful sunset over the ocean or a new city to explore. Select Balcony from $5,649.00* Balcony Deluxe Enjoy this enhanced version of a Balcony stateroom with more space, a comfortable sofa bed and a larger balcony to take in the spectacular views. Select Balcony Deluxe from $5,949.00* Premium Deluxe Balcony Choose this premium option of a Balcony stateroom with a larger balcony to take in the spectacular views. Select Premium Deluxe Balcony from $6,429.00*
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