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  1. Just remember you can always "refare" your NRD booking before the final payment due date if it makes economical sense to do so. We refare our NRD bookings all the time. You just can't change the ship or the cruise date of the NRD booking as you can with a RD booking.
  2. You bet they should continue to take reservations as "this too shall pass" and we plan on cruising for quite some time to come. In fact we recently booked a B2B earlier this month for Apr 2022 on the Millennium and just refared it this morning saving $1,600! We also just bought 100 shares of RCCL stock so we can now take advantage of their shareholder benefit perks as well!
  3. For us we had a 25 day TA and Med B2B cruise scheduled to start Apr 25 cancelled and for us we took the 125% FCC plus the 125% OBC for our prepaid excursions refund. The main reason being we have another B2B booked for Apr 2021 and plan on using the FCC and OBC on those 2 cruises. If we wind up having leftover FCC after paying for those 2 cruises, we'll apply it to our Oct 2021 TA.
  4. We cruised twice around Cuba on a B2B on the Sirena in May 2018 and had a great time on the 10 excursions we went on. I hope your right and folks from the US will once again be able to cruise to Cuba in the near future and interact with some of the wonderful people That live there.
  5. Just checked with our X PCC and he said if the price of a future cruise is less than the FCC amount being applied, they will put the excess on a new FCC which can be used on a separate future booking rather than it just disappearing.
  6. I'm glad you were able to get your FCCs combined and thank you for opening this thread. We just had our 25 day B2B canceled and we're supposed to receive 125% in FCCs by May 13th for the 2 cruises. As our next cruise with X is another B2B in Apr 2021, it will be interesting to see if our X PCC spreads them separately across the 2 cruises. It will also be interesting to see how they will post the 125% in OBC we got for some of the excursions we had pre-booked on each leg. In this case we would definitely prefer they spread the OBC separately across the 2 cruises rather than posting it all on the first one. My DW just asked what happens if the FCC for a cruise is more than the cost of the future cruise it's being posted to? Is the excess amount stored with your X account to be used on another future cruise or does it just disappear?
  7. Just got this text from Celebrity. " S: Celebrity Cruises Cruise Notification We have some urgent information to share about your upcoming cruise. Due to continued port closures and global travel restrictions, as well as to help ensure the continued safety of our guests and crew, we are extending our temporary suspension of global cruise operations from April 11th through May 11th; we will suspend our Alaska sailings through July 1st, as the region will remain closed to cruise ships through the early summer. This includes the voyage you are currently scheduled to sail. In order to compensate you for this cancellation, all booked guests will automatically receive a 125% Future Cruise Credit (FCC) valid until December 31st, 2021. Should you prefer a 100% refund to your original method of payment you may contact us anytime up until the expiration date of your FCC. If you pre-booked any shore excursions, beverage, internet, specialty dining or other onboard packages, through Celebrity Cruises, you will have the option of receiving 125% Onboard Credit (OBC) to be used on your next sailing, or you may choose a 100% refund. Guests with independent shore excursion arrangements should contact their tour operators as soon as possible. Guests with refundable air travel and hotel booked through Flights by Celebrity will be refunded automatically. Guests with nonrefundable flights booked through Flights by Celebrity or independent air arrangements need to contact their air carriers directly to make all required cancellations. We know how important your vacation time is and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of this cancellation. We hope to welcome you aboard soon for an amazing Celebrity Cruise vacation. " We also just received an email with this additional info regarding some Canadian cruises - "Additionally, Canada/New England sailings departing May 19th, May 28th and June 16th will be modified, as Canada will also remain closed to cruise ships until July 1st. Guests booked on these dates will be contacted directly with details regarding their new itinerary."
  8. Here's an interesting scenario. We have a 16 day Princess cruise booked in July 2020, a 30 day cruise booked in October 2020, a 16 day cruise booked in Jan 2021 and a 21 day cruise booked in July 2021. If we make full payment on the July 2020 cruise and it is subsequently cancelled, we plan to use the 125% FCC refund to help pay for the Oct 2020 cruise. Now taking this scenario one step further. If our October 2020 cruise, which includes 2 ports in China with one being our Shanghai disembarkation port where we fly home, is also cancelled, we plan on using the resulting 125% FCC to completely pay for our Jan 2021 cruise and roll any of the remaining "accumulated" FCC refund over to our July 2021 cruise. Since we booked all of these cruises in 2019, do you think Princess is going to give us the full 125% FCC on each of these two 2020 "cancelled" cruises even though part of the Oct 2020 cruise was paid for using the extra 25% FCC perk we got from the cancelled Jul 2020 cruise for not taking a cash refund? My guess is no one really knows what Princess or for that matter this pandemic is going to do, but I thought is was an interesting scenario to think about.
  9. You're no fun! 😂 I agree with you though on the May cruise, but I think we'll be going on the other ones as I have faith this will all be in the rearview mirror in a few months. There is just too much riding on the resolution of this pandemic for it to drag on. But then again I'm an optimist.
  10. I'm not optimistic about our May 25th TA and subsequent Med cruise from Miami to Barcelona on the Infinity, but hopeful we'll be able to go on our July 23rd Island Princess TA from Southampton back to NY. I'm also curious about our Oct 24th TP cruise from LA to Shanghai with 2 days currently scheduled for Beijing on the Grand Princess. It will be interesting to see if X and/or Princess change any of the existing ports of call on any of those cruises or cancels them all together. We really don't care as we just like to cruise and will simply put the 125% FCC if they're cancelled on the other future cruises we have booked, but it will be interesting to see how the next 6 months will evolve.
  11. We’re also booked on the Infinity for both the TA in late April along with the subsequent 12 day Med cruise. We’re hoping the warm weather starting in April will start to put the CV to bed and cruising will get back to normal. But, if some countries are still having issues like Italy, then we’re pretty confident X will make itinerary changes to avoid those affected ports. Worst case they have to cancel the TA and Med cruise, but hopefully for everyone’s sake as well as for X it won’t come down to that.
  12. I know, that’s the excuse they gave us too which I thought was pretty lame. But it is what it is.
  13. When we were on the Reflection in Jan 2019, breakfast in both the Luminae and Blu on sea days was served from 8 - 9:30 am as well as on the Eclipse when we sailed on her in Oct 2018. However, on our current Equinox cruise the breakfast dining times when in port as well as on sea days is from 7:30 - 9 am. Is this new sea day time frame unique to the Equinox or has this become a fleet wide thing? Since we like to sleep in on sea days to around 8:30 to 9 am, we were never able to eat breakfast in Blu on this cruise unless we wanted to set an alarm.
  14. We’re booked on the Infinity for a TA starting Apr 25 followed by an 12 day western Med cruise. If the current EU restrictions are kept in place, we’re wondering how X is going to handle excursions at all of the affected EU ports if you are not allowed to initially embark on a cruise if you have visited one of the many EU countries within the past 14 days on the list? Hopefully the CV will be on a massive decline by then, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
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