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  1. Well, my hope is the federal government will prevail and the Governor will have no standing with regards to being able to block the cruise lines from verifying their passengers have been fully vaccinated, if they choose the 95%/98% vaccination option to bypass the Phase 2 simulated cruises requirement. If, on the very slim chance he is successful at being legally able to block the cruise lines in their certification efforts meaning they will have to do Phase 2B simulated cruises, we will make the decision at that time based on how Celebrity will respond as the Edge will probably wi
  2. That would be nice. Now cruise lines just need to submit their CSO Phase 2A plans to the CDC opting for the 95%/98% vaccinated option, so their applicable ships can get Phase 3 certified to start their Phase 4 restricted cruises, hopefully starting in mid to late July.
  3. Wouldn't it be funny if the Millennium was reassigned to do its originally booked Alaska cruises this summer out of Seattle if the Act gets signed relatively quickly, say in the next week or two. When you think about it, she's pretty well staffed up with a vaccinated crew, and I would imagine the St Maarten cruises are going to be less in demand especially if the Edge and possibly the Equinox were cleared to start sailing out of FtL by mid July. What other ships might be in the queue to sail Alaska this summer? Maybe the Equinox? Both the Eclipse and Solstice are still in Singapor
  4. So does Princess have any available cruise ships on the West Coast that might be able to get approved for Phase 4 restricted cruises if this gets signed into law?
  5. Who knew!!! Gee, I wonder how the House will vote and more importantly how long it will take them to put it to a vote?? The news today just keeps getting better and better!! 😎
  6. Understand. But I will add that today is a new day with not only the latest CSO modifications over the past few weeks, but also with the potential new CSO face mask modifications and other related issues hopefully coming from the CDC in the next few weeks with the latest announcement regarding masks and social distancing today. Mind you I'm referring only to cruise lines opting for the 95%/98% vaccination option regarding the upcoming restricted cruises.
  7. That was yesterday. Today, as you noted it was $70 pp/day and that's before you subtract the $300 pp in OBC you don't get when you book the cruise only fare Suite Guarantee deal. See post #12.
  8. I really hope Florida loses on their threat to block the cruise lines from asking folks for proof of being vaccinated before boarding. If or when that happens, then the restricted cruises are all downhill from there. Sure, there's the Edge's Phase 2A plan based on the 95%/98% option which still needs to get approved. But that seems pretty doable from over here in the peanut gallery after all the recent CSO changes along with those yet to come. But, then again, I'm the optomist! 🙃
  9. That's what I'm seeing as well. Just priced our S2 cabin on the Edge sailing 7/24. The price difference from picking a specific S2 cabin and a Guarantee was $490 pp ($2829 vs $2339) or $70 pp/day. But when I subtracted the $300 OBC pp and $133 pp for gratuities, the difference dropped to $57 per person. Definitely not worth giving up free internet and the premium beverage package for that small of sum.
  10. Sounds good. I just didn't see "cruise ships" specifically referenced in any of the articles being published today. Hopefully, those changes will be coming to the CSO in the days and weeks to come.
  11. What article did you read where "cruise ships" were specifically included in the list of public transportation. I'm not seeing it in the reference made in this one. The new advice comes with caveats. Even vaccinated individuals must cover their faces and physically distance when going to doctors, hospitals or long-term care facilities like nursing homes; when traveling by bus, plane, train or other modes of public transportation, or while in transportation hubs like airports and bus stations; and when in prisons, jails or homeless shelters. C.D.C. Says Vaccinated People
  12. Is that "light" getting brighter every day or what!! 😊
  13. Now if the cruise lines can just get the go-ahead to ask passengers at Florida ports if they have been vaccinated prior to boarding, that would be another big positive! I know, baby steps ... 😎
  14. Is this pending change what you were referring to? https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/cdc-plans-drop-mask-requirements-fully-vaccinated-people-n1267249
  15. I’m hoping the applicable booking agents will be contacting those that wanted to originally do a B2B will let them know it’s OK now. I’m sure X had their reasons for initiating the no B2B policy in the beginning. But with all the fluidity going on right now with the CSO as well as not being able to fill those ships, I guess they felt it was time to change the policy, especially since all of the other cruise lines were allowing them.
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