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  1. I realize folks have mentioned this before, but there are a lot of vaccines coming our way very shortly!! As of today, 76.9 million "doses" of the approved 2 dose vaccines have been given. This is definitely impressive, but enough doses to fully vaccinate 130 million people by the end of March is just awesome!! Moderna, Pfizer and now Johnson & Johnson will deliver enough doses to fully vaccinate 130 million people -- more than one-third of the US population -- by the end of March, the pharmaceutical companies told a House subcommittee last week. Here's when the US
  2. We have to agree with you regarding the Edge class ships. When we found out we could dine in 4 different dining rooms, all with different menus, for us it was a no-brainer to "downgrade" to an aft-facing SV cabin. We enjoy Blu, but couldn't resist trying a different restaurant every night.
  3. Thanks! My DW and I did our part today and were in line (in our car) for only 4.5 hours this morning with 742 in front of us to get our second Pfizer shot. It sounds like a long time, but 2 of those hours were before they opened. So, all in all, they are definitely starting to master the art of giving mass vaccinations here in Montgomery at around 5 shots per minute. I like the prospects of herd immunity around the May/June timeframe, but I will keep my eye on the JHU chart as I do every morning to see how well we're all doing. Funny thing, this morning for the first time in about
  4. I like it. Plenty of vaccines available by June with plenty left over by the end of summer depending on how many folks don't want to get it. Couple of thoughts come to mind. Can some of those "extra" doses the US purchased be used for the inevitable booster shots that might be deemed necessary next Fall? Also, with regards to the initial "free" doses, will there come a time once widely available at your nearby pharmacy, that they will no longer be free? My projection is if/when that time does come, a lot of those folks curently sitting on the fence for whatever reason
  5. With the addition of AstraZeneca's vaccine to go along with the current Pfizer and Moderna ones, it looks like there is going to be a huge uptick in vaccines coming to Canada by the end of March! “This is very encouraging news. It means more people vaccinated, and sooner," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, adding that the nation of 38 million people will now get 6.5 million vaccines in total before the end of March, 500,000 more now with the new approval. Canadian regulator authorizes AstraZeneca vaccine (yahoo.com) According to the information provided at
  6. Whelp, that's that then. Moving on to looking forward to Caribbean cruises in July! 🙃
  7. What my DW and I can't figure out is what would be the additional cost to HAL to have a lecturer onboard on all of their cruises 10 days or longer, other than maybe room and board and possibly the flight for them and their spouse?
  8. @markeband @nocl, I keep hearing the term "technical stop", but I'm not quite sure of its feasibility since Canada has initially said no to those as well. But, if the applicable ship itineraries were changed to sail out of a WA or AK port and the CLIA was able to successfully negotiate with Canada to allow a cruise ship to do a "technical stop" in their waters where no one was allowed to disembark, would that potentially satisfy the PVSA requirements?
  9. As usual, Mark, you definitely know your stuff in so many different areas! Thanks for taking the time to explain "the rest of the story".
  10. So just because the cruise lines are temporarily allowed to not stop at a Canadian port because Canada has closed their ports because of COVID to allow Alaska a tourist season, everyone is going to come out of the woodwork to try to block it? To me that's just wrong. But, you know us over in the peanut gallery, what do we know.
  11. I know our Millennium 5 day and follow-on 7 day Alaska cruises R/T Vancouver starting May 9th haven't been cancelled yet, with our FP date slipped to 45 days prior to sailing. I realize there is not a lot of hope, but for us any "twinkle of light" nowadays when it comes to cruising again is always something to get excited about. 🤞
  12. Thanks for posting this!! Gives us something to hope for as we have an Alaska B2B cruise scheduled for May. I know there is slim chance it's going to happen, but you never know ... BTW I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take much for Celebrity to change the Millennium embarkation port for its applicable cruises from Vancouver to Seattle.
  13. Just a side note, when we were on our Maasdam Australia circumnavigation cruise in 2019, we heard those zodiacs with their diesel-powered outboard engines cost around $90-100K each!
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