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  1. Cool! More progress towards getting back to cruising!! Yay!!
  2. So does "next week" mean the one that starts tomorrow? Just checking since we've all been waiting to see what the cruise line plans are going to look like.
  3. @caribill today posted the below on the following Princess thread at post #47 which I thought was worth repeating here: There was a “Future of Cruising” Zoom meeting on September 17: The two cruise industry representatives were Ron Guiaskey of Celebrity (part of Royal Caribbean Group) and Gordon Dirker of Celestyal Cruises, a Greece based cruise company. This was not a canned presentation, but after some opening statements, was a session giving responses to questions by the Zoom participants. o CLIA and the CDC are working together to set up standards for resuming cruises from USA ports. Most of the affected cruise lines have already given their proposed plans to the CDC. The standards will be minimum standards. o Celestyal does not expect to restart cruising until March. Ron said that he expects cruising to restart near the end of November or early December, but did not indicate which cruise line(s) he was referring to. o Cruise ship cleaning on turnaround day has always been extensive, but there will be additional work done due to Covid-19. Staggered boarding times are expected to be imposed. o Rapid result testing is a “game changer” allowing testing at the pier and not requiring passengers to get tested on their own several days before the cruise. Since, at least for the USA, there is expected to be a number of people who will not get a vaccination once it is available, this on-site testing might allow the cruise lines to not require proof of vaccination in order to cruise, but it is too soon to know for sure. o Royal Caribbean Group already had announced their “virtual muster” which eliminates the need to everyone to gather in crowded areas at the start of the cruise for the muster drill. o Ron indicated that the first four months of cruising may see passenger loads limited to between 50% and 65% of capacity. Because Celestyal usually has a large number of solo travelers, they often sail at that lower capacity anyway. o Royal Caribbean Group expects initial cruises to be for 7 or less nights. Celestyal offers 3, 4, and 7 night itineraries. o Buffets will continue to exist with no reduction in offerings, but with crew doing all the serving. o Many hotels on land now do not clean a room during your stay unless you request it. Cruise lines may start asking passengers in each cabin how often they want their cabins serviced. o The initial reduced capacity will help with the necessary physical distancing in restaurants and at shows. o Referring to the MSC experience with limiting going ashore only with ship sponsored excursions, they said they are looking at this, at least at the beginning when cruising resumes. This protects both the passengers from being infected from local contacts as well as the local population being protected from any contagious passengers. o Crew will be under the same going on shore restrictions as passengers. o Although the first ships out of the USA may include private islands where the cruise line has control of the environment, that is not a Celebrity thing. o Ron indicated that with the bonus FCCs given for cancelled cruises, many are booking the replacement cruises at a higher cabin category. Also indicated that with the demand being experienced so far for next year’s bookings, people should not wait for big sales that probably will not occur.
  4. If the refare actually happens, I'll let you know. According to our SB PCC before we transferred to our TA, he said any reduction would be refunded back to our CC, but we'll see.
  5. We hope you're right and our TA tomorrow talks with SB rep that agrees with you. ☺️
  6. Yup, those last three words are key. I'll definitely update the thread once I hear back from our TA. Funny thing is our SB PCC, before we finally transferred the booking to our TA, made it sound like we could refare without any issues with the 10% discount in place.
  7. Here are the 10% off T&Cs and the new Sensational Suite Savings T&Cs. From what we can tell, they don't say either way. We've also submitted this question to our TA, so it will be interesting to see what she finds out on Monday. 10% off if you pay in full by Sep 30, 2020 The 10% Early Bonus Savings (“Offer”) is based on promo code ZW and is only valid on select sailings booked by September 30, 2020 and departing on or after December 1, 2020. Guests must pay in full by September 30, 2020 to receive a 10% discount, which will only apply to the gross cruise-only base fare and does not apply to taxes, expenses, or port fees (TF&PE). Full payment means full balance of the booking (including, without limitation, any air, excursions, transfers, or hotels). Offer must be asked for specifically in order to be applied. Guests using a Future Cruise Credit and/or rebooking from 2020 voyages are not elgible for this Offer. Offer is subject to availability, and may be capacity controlled and may be modified or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Discount is not valid on any optional packages including but not limited to: air, Seabourn Shield, private car transfers, or pre/post packages. Offer is not valid on World Cruises or segments thereof and sailings on Seabourn Venture. Other restrictions apply. Ships’ registry: Bahamas. ©2020 Seabourn. Sensational Suite Savings *Offers are valid through November 20, 2020 on select 2021 & 2022 sailings. Offers vary by sailing. Featured fares are per guest based on double occupancy and promo code NG. Fares are in U.S. dollars. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are additional and range from $140.00-$2840.00. All savings amounts are included in the fares shown. Complimentary Veranda Suite Upgrades are subject to availability at time of booking. Upgrade will be reflected in fare paid for selected Suite category. Shipboard Credit offers are in U.S. dollars and are non-refundable, non-transferable, have no cash value, expire at the end of the cruise, may not be used in the casino and are not combinable with other shipboard credit offers. Shipboard credit offer is based on promo ZE. Internet Packages of 300, 600 or 900 minutes of internet access are offered per guest and are only applicable to the 1st & 2nd guest booking in Ocean View & Veranda Suites. Unlimited Internet Package is offered on a per Suite basis and only applicable to Penthouse & Premium Suite categories PH, PS, OW, SS, WG & GR. Internet service is not guaranteed and Seabourn is not responsible if internet service is unavailable. No credit or other compensation will be provided should internet service not be available. Internet Packages are based on promo ZI. 50% Reduced Deposit offer is valid on select sailings that are outside of standard penalty periods. Reduced Deposit amount is taken off of the standard deposit policy amounts. All offers are capacity controlled and may be modified or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply. Ships' registry: Bahamas. ©2020 Seabourn.
  8. We recently took the plunge and paid off our cruise way before the final payment was due to take advantage of the current 10% discount promotion which expires Sep 30th. Now SB is offering a promotion which would make economical sense to refare the booking as long as we wouldn't lose the 10% discount that was recently applied. Has anyone encountered this issue yet and, if so, what did you learn if I might ask?
  9. Thanks! Your thoughts have definitely helped us continue to lean towards booking the specialty restaurant package.
  10. Thanks. As long as there isn't any music playing in the evening until they close, the noise factor I would think you be minimal. However, if recorded or live music is being played, that might be an issue.
  11. We just booked an aft-facing club balcony suite on Deck 11 on a Nov/Dec 2022 B2B from Athens to Cape Town and have a few questions. 1. Noise traffic regarding cabin location: When does the "noise" traffic actually die down up at The Great Outdoors which is located on Deck 12 directly above us? From everything we've read, the buffet closes around 5:30 pm, so one would think it would be pretty calm from about 8 pm on. Would this be a fair assumption or are there some other events that go on up there, other than the crew moving some chairs around in the early morning hours? 2. Specialty restaurants versus MDR: We know food is subjective, but is the quality in the specialty restaurants significantly better than in the MDR? As we have received a bunch of OBC from our TA, we're thinking of purchasing the 39 day specialty dinner package for $14.10 pp/day including gratuities which sounds like a pretty good deal if the quality is there. 3. Internet: Our stateroom has received a combined 1000 minutes of Internet for our B2B due to it being reconfigured under one booking number. The cost for Unlimited Wifi for all 38 days is $798 with 15% off if you book online. Should we wait until onboard to get a better discount by exchanging the 1000 minutes for a 38 day Unlimited Wifi package or does NCL even offer a prorated option in such a case? As we have only sailed with NCL once before and that was on the Getaway for 7 days back in 2017, any thoughts will be appreciated as this is definitely a much longer cruise.
  12. We just booked an aft-facing club balcony suite on Deck 11 on a Nov/Dec 2022 B2B from Athens to Cape Town and found this thread in search of information about the Jade. All was good until we read this post which triggered the following question. When does the "noise" traffic actually die down up at The Great Outdoors which is located on the aft end of Deck 12 which is directly above our cabin? From everything we've read, the buffet closes around 5:30 pm, so you would think it would be pretty calm from about 8 pm on. Would this be a fair assumption or are there some other events, other than the crew moving some chairs around in the early morning hours to clean the floor, that go on up there?
  13. The way it's looking from over here in the peanut gallery, October is going to be an interesting month. Pfizer and maybe Moderna may have vaccines ready for submission to the FDA for their respective EUAs, the CLIA and the various cruise lines are trying to come up with various plans to safely start cruising again, and the CDC has to determine whether or not to extend the No Sail Order. Should be an interesting month.
  14. So what happens if the CDC does nothing and the end of September comes and goes and the No Sail Order expires? Are the cruise lines and merchant ships free to enact their own protective procedures and start sailing to/from US ports again?
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