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  1. Interesting. We faxed ours in around the middle of March and they said try again after the Carnival shareholder meeting which appears to be April 16th. Funny thing, though, we had no problem getting our shareholder benefits added 3-6 months ago to our multiple 2019/2020 Princess cruises we have booked. Maybe when you mail it in to HAL, they have a different policy. Who knows. Oh well, we'll fax it in again towards the end of April and see what happens. Thanks everyone.
  2. Does anyone know when Carnival is going to have their annual meeting? A few weeks ago we faxed in our information for our Oct 2019 cruise and were told resubmit in late April as they hadn't had their 2019 meeting yet?
  3. So what is so terrible about the Island? We are booked on a 25 day cruise in Jan 2020 in a VS from Miami to Santiago with a stop in Easter Island. Please keep in mind we have never sailed on the Island before so we have no memories of what it used to look like.
  4. From what we heard on our recent 45 day Riviera cruise, there is no difference in the speed you will encounter, which in most cases will be very slow since every cabin now has one free unlimited internet account. You just get to stream where others don't. However, from what this person we talked with said, it definitely wasn't worth it.
  5. Thanks for that and it does sound like you had some great times on your safari adventures. For us, though, our "safari adventures" are in the form of ship excursions whenever possible as we are addicted to cruising for our vacation thrills.
  6. Remember, I said an A category cabin (not an inside cabin) on any O ship. For us that would be an aft-facing A1 cabin on their R class ships or an A3 cabin on their O class ships. Also, from our experience to get the best deal and the S1/2 cabin you want on a X cruise, we book as soon as the itinerary we want gets posted. For example the Reflection S1 sky suite we went on in January was $352 (US) pp/night when we booked it when it first came out 18+ months prior. Over time, it went up to $540 (US) pp/day. As far as O prices go, they pretty much stay the same, except on some very hard to sell itineraries, from day one. Also, don't forget the Go Best perks you get when booking a sky suite. Hope this helps.
  7. A South Africa cruise around the Cape is definitely on our bucket list for sure. But sanctuaries and national parks are ok with us as well. We recently went on an Antarctica cruise on the Zaandam and had a blast seeing a bunch of penguins, whales, sea lions as well as a ton of different species of birds. The Galapagos and Australia, which we have future cruises booked to go back to, are also some of our other favorite places to go. In fact it seems to us the majority of places we cruise where there is an abundance of wildlife, other than maybe Alaska, are in the southern hemisphere.
  8. That's the feeling we're getting. It just doesn't feel from the responses on this thread as well as those on other similar threads that there just isn't anything that seems to be calling out to us other than a unique itinerary. What first caught our eye a few years back was a multi-port Costa Rica cruise on the Pacific side that has since disappeared from their future itineraries. Maybe if that one comes back again, as we do love seeing bunches of animals on excursions, we'll give AZ a try. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful responses and we wish you all much happiness on whatever cruise lines you choose to sail!!
  9. It almost sounds too good to be true. I would definitely want to hear all the specifics before proceeding.
  10. Very true! Timing and length of cruise play key roles when cruising on any mass market cruise line.
  11. Sounds good, but please remember I was only making comparisons as it relates to booking a suite. Previous to our last X cruise, we booked a 25 day B2B in Oct 2017 which included a roundtrip from Southampton to the Canary Islands and back followed by a TA back to Miami in a C1 aft-facing cabin on the Eclipse and had a blast. Personally, I would recommend getting fixed early seating in the MDR, if you like to eat early. However, if you decide to get open seating and show up after 6:30 you might be waiting some time in line as that is prime time dining for a lot of folks. With fixed seating after the first day, you just go to your table. Have fun on your cruise!!
  12. That’s ok, everyone has a right to express their opinion. With regards to your O and X comparison, this is not the case we recently experience on our 21 day Caribbean cruise on the Reflection. There was never a waiting line to get to our window table for 2 at 5:15 in the Luminae. We usually got out of there around 6:30 and never had an issue getting to our favorite theater seats for the evening shows. When is was time to disembark for our X excursions, we met in the main theater and exited when our number was called. On disembarkation day, we went to Michaels and they escorted us off the ship bypassing the crowds. We may have seen a handful of children at the most on our entire cruise as it was in late January and they were all in school. Didn’t really care about the pool area as we had a big balcony to lounge around on. There were at least 2 professional lectures on each sea day along with up to 4 different trivias which we never had a problem getting a place for 2 to sit at. There was also an interactive game show almost every night between the 7 and 9 pm evening shows. I think the O ships only have one at 9:30 if I recall. Internet service was GREAT and never had a hitch, daytime or in the evening. We also had a butler, Walter, who surprisingly made our cruise even better even though we never were served any meals in our humongous cabin that had a 3 ft porthole on the side wall as well as a sliding door that opened to our balcony. No, booking an A cabin on the Riviera comes nowhere close to booking a corner aft-facing cabin on an S-class X ship. But, of course, that’s just our opinion. I’m sure there are others that have different ones.
  13. Based on that premise, I can book a corner aft-facing cabin on a X S-class ship (not the Edge), get all the perks (free premium beverage package, free gratuities, unlimited internet for 2 and $300 OBC) plus all the perks from being Elite, get to eat in the Luminae which has much better food than on any place on any O ship, a heck of a lot better “energetic” entertainment for about the same price as an A cabin on any O ship with a similar itinerary. So comparing like ships, where possible since I am the OP, is why I chose to create this thread just like you had your reasons for creating your thread. Now if X offered the same itineraries as either AZ or O, we would choose X every time.
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