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  1. It will be interesting to see how these guidelines might change once a vaccine is easily accessible.
  2. Oh well, I guess it pays to read the fine print. Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. We're thinking about booking a sky suite as a "space holder" cruise on a 4 day Bahamas cruise in Mar 2022 with a $200 refundable deposit. Then, later on we would switch it to a lesser category and possibly a different ship and date once the new itineries come out in November. Worst case we cancel the booking in Nov 2021, long after the 10 points have been awarded for simply booking a suite. Afterall, that's all you were required to do to get the 100 points.
  4. For us we actually switched over to Celebrity and Princess because we found we could usually book at least an Aqua class cabin, and sometimes even a sky suite if we booked early enough, on Celebrity or a full suite on a 3-5 week Princess cruise for about the same price as we would pay for a HAL vista suite, which is basically a veranda cabin, on a similar itinerary.
  5. I disagree, but then again I'm an optimist. But I will say when one does become available in our area, and there will be one, we'll be in line waiting to get it just like we did when I was 10 when the polio vaccine was administered in a sugar cube in front of a bank in Santa Rosa, CA. Unfortunately, my younger cousin for some reason didn't come to the bank with his family that day and wound up getting polio.
  6. We’re hoping that AstraZenica continues to get positive results with the Oxford University vaccine, especially during the Stage 3 testing going on now I believe, and they’re able to achieve their initial release date of sometime in October. But until a viable vaccine is available, we don’t think any ships will be sailing.
  7. My guess is you won’t see any cruises until a vaccine is available, which falls in line with what the OP wrote. We are booked on a Westerdam Antarctica cruise in late November and really have no expectations that it will sail. However, as soon as AstraZenica, for example, is approved to start releasing vaccines, hopefully in October, then we’ll started getting excited again.
  8. In Alabama we have pharmacists in the grocery stores who are authorized to give vaccinations. In addition if you are retired military, as well as active, you can get your shots at the clinic for free at a nearby base.
  9. We've read that too. Hopefully all will go well with their Stage 3 tests and they'll be able to achieve their goals!
  10. If there is a COVID vaccine out that is accessible to the general public by then, I believe we will.
  11. We were on a 25 day cruise in Jan on the Island in a vista suite and remember the "same day service" check box on the laundry form. However, we also seem to remember there was a fee for that quick turnaround. If you're saying the fee is waived for suite guests (which was not noted anywhere we could find), that's definitely good to know for the next time we book a suite on a long cruise.
  12. I'm a little confused. Are you saying the aft-facing sunset verandas are IV cabins or are you just noting that we're on the same cruise, but you simply have no desire to book an IV cabin? We sure hope the sunset verandas have regular balconies.
  13. If it’s the April 10th cruise on the Summit, it sounds like a great deal since it’s $1,579 for a veranda with 3 perks on the X website right now.
  14. For us a lot depends on a vaccine. And right now our hope is Oxford University and AstraZenica are able to pull a rabbit out of their combined hats and are able to provide a quality vaccine in mass quantities starting this Fall. I know, that’s wishful thinking, but one can hope anyway.
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