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  1. Sorry, I know this subject has been asked many times on this forum, but we’re getting ready for our 12 day cruise around the UK in July on the Crown and had to ask: Do the men have to wear a coat and tie on formal nights or has it become optional attire? My son, who is 38, and I, who is 67, have no issues wearing a tie and long sleeve dress shirt, but really have no desire to pack a dress coat if the maitre d is not going to enforce the rules. Any recent experiences on the Crown regarding formal night attire for men will be appreciated.
  2. Personally, King, if Crystal has a similar itinerary, I would suggest you add them into your decision process as well.
  3. I draw the line at politics. If I start hearing it at our diner table or on an excursion, the “pit bull” in me comes out very quickly and loudly and the discussion ends shortly thereafter. When it comes to someone grabbing for food on the buffet line in an inappropriate manner, I basically turn to my wife and say something derogatory, but loud enough so the person can hear. This way I get my point across, as they know they’re not supposed to be doing it, without confronting them directly. But then again people like this also reenforce my need to sanitize my hands before as well as after we leave a dining area as well as wash my hands once we get back to the cabin, because there are a lot of sickly folks on a cruise and it’s up to me to minimize the damage to my health while on the cruise.
  4. Very sorry to hear this about the Internet on the Riviera. We were on the Riviera for 45 days in Oct/Nov and my DW couldn’t stay connected for longer than 2-3 minutes without getting bumped off the router connection which meant she couldn’t send an email with a large attachment as she would get knocked off before it sent. We were hoping during the next dry dock this issue would have been resolved, but I guess not. When O let every cabin have a free internet connection starting in May 2018, that’s when the issue started. We were on the Sirena in May and the Nautica in July and didn’t run into any issues on the smaller R class ships. However when we were on the Riviera in the fall where all 660+ cabins were allow one account, that’s when the router connectivity issues started to happen. Until they realize they need to upgrade their router connectivity issues in the cabin areas, these issues will continue. To further support this theory, we are currently on a 30 day SE Asia cruise on the Crystal Symphony (770 pax) and EVERY person has an account that can handle up to 4 devices each and we have yet to have one connectivity issue let along bandwidth issue. BTW I’m on our B1 balcony sending and subsequently editing this post. Hopefully one day they’ll wake up and solve this issue as the Internet for most folks like us has become part of their daily routine and these router connectivity issues, which is purely a hardware issue, can be easily solved. In our case the Riviera and Marina are nonstarters until they do.
  5. Thanks Vince for that!! I have been trying to get my EB cooked so the eggs just ooze out rather than either explode in a watering mess or are delivered hard, but so far to no avail. I will try your technique tomorrow. Thanks!!
  6. I’m assuming that per day price in the title is for 2 people. If so it looks like the price has gone up to over $400 pp/day for a C2 on either of the 10 day June 2020 European cruises. That’s one big reason why we book our X cruises as soon as they come out as they can jump over $200 pp/day a year out depending on how popular a cruise is.
  7. That’s probably true. But you would think they would have to have already secured permission to sail in the area on those dates before posting the itineraries. After all, RCI is pretty big in the cruise line business and should have a pretty direct line to any future IMO regulations that have been approved, especially since they own at least 3 cruise lines that sail in Antarctica waters. But since I’m just sitting on the sidelines, it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.
  8. You are correct. It makes no difference as the IMO has already made their decision. My “wait and see” attitude is more attuned to seeing if any of the main cruise lines will modify any of their existing ships to accommodate the new IMO standards as there is no way IMHO the “non expedition” cruisers are going to spend $1,000+ pp/day, let alone fly to Ushuaia for only a 10/11 day cruise, to see Antarctica. And my guess is the main cruise lines that currently offer “sail by” cruises know this as well. Right now, Celebrity, Azamara, Princess and HAL, among others, are making a lot of money on their 14-22 day Antarctica “drive by” cruises. That’s a lot of profit to simply walk away from. To that end, Azamara has already posted two 22 day cruises in Feb 2022. I’m just curious to see which other lines are going to make the necessary Polar Ice Class modifications to be able to keep offering this highly sought-after itinerary.
  9. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for safety without a doubt and we don’t mind paying a little extra if necessary. BTW it appears RCI is the first to figure a way to make their 660 passenger R-class Azamara Pursuit compatible with the post 2022 rules as they now have two bookable 21 day cruises in Feb 2022 that include 3 days sailing around the Antarctica peninsula. The starting price for those cruises is around $260 pp/day. Now, these cruises are only in Feb, so that might be the workaround. But, folks on a budget will be able to at least continue to go there. It will be interesting to see what other cruise lines with similar “upgradable” vessels will seize the opportunity to “retap” into the post 2022 “cruise by only” market.
  10. Seems like you are definitely in the know, but I still didn’t hear any examples where the larger “sail by only” cruise ships have encountered any serious issues in the Antarctica waters over the past 40 years. But like I said, we'll all just have to wait and see.
  11. These are some good examples of some pretty stupid decisions from what I understand and, of course, have nothing to do with cruising in the Antarctica peninsula. The captain of the Concordia from what I heard was drunk and had no business getting that close to the shore. But thanks to this particular accident from what I understand the life boats now have to be lower on the larger cruise ships. For example when we were on the Koningsdam in Jul 2017 and asked why the life boat racks were now on the promenade rather than above it, a ship’s officer told us it was because of rule changes triggered by the Concordia accident. As far as the Viking Sky goes, what in the heck were they even doing sailing into that massive of a storm anyway, especially if they knew in plenty of time how bad it was. Hopefully Viking has to pay back Norway for what it cost the Norwegian rescue team and associated services to evacuate those people to shore. As far as the Prinsendam fire 40 years ago, I would hope the cruise ships in general have better fire protection equipment now than they had then. But like I said, it will be interesting to see what ACTUALLY happens come Jan 2022.
  12. Here’s my question. Has there ever been a mass market cruise line that has cruised in Antarctica waters in the last 40 years that has either sunk or was crippled to the point where passengers had to be evacuated from the ship? I get the issue with small exploration ships that take folks ashore. What I don’t see is the evidence that those issues apply to the larger “sail by” cruises that take established deep water routes around the peninsula like the ones HAL, Celebrity and Princess take. But, hey, the decision has been made, although the Azamara Pursuit has two “sail by only” cruises scheduled for Feb 2022, so we’ll see how this all turns out once everyone has posted their Jan/Feb 2022 Antarctica cruises. Sorry for for being such a sceptic, but there will be a lot of folks who live on budgets that won’t be able to see Antarctica after Jan 2022 if this restriction is actually enforced to the letter.
  13. Just refared our three 2020 cruises with the new Free Gratuities and OBC promotion and are quite pleased. With the fares for our mini suite cabin only going up around $150 pp, we were able to get free gratuities plus $250 pp OBC, with 2 of the cruises being TAs. Definitely happy sailors here!!
  14. Makes sense. The value of those 3 free perks, not counting the now free internet, can be quite substantial, especially if you haven’t reached Silver status yet which, of course, also comes with free gratuities.
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