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  1. When we have refared in the past, which is 2-3 times per booking on average, our cabin number always remains the same. We of course lose any previous perks gained from prior promotions and on a few occasions we have had to reapply for our shareholder benefits, but that's about it.
  2. Hope that's the case as we have future cruises booked in 2021 and 2022 that don't have any promotions tied to them yet. It will be interesting to see if the fares go up or down and thanks for posting the promotion details and applicable cruises.
  3. I'm curious if this promotion will only apply IF someone books a guarantee cabin based on the statement: "*Fares are per guest and apply to minimum lead in categories on a space available basis at the time of booking." Hope not.
  4. I believe the operative word in this new policy is "Princess Standard Deposit Policy for North America". I'm sure it does not include the FCCs you buy on board as there is no mention of them.
  5. The TA we finally found that we like after a few missteps with other ones gives us the following perks: HAL - 10% cruise fare discount Oceania - 11% rebate check Princess - 10% cruise fare discount Celebrity - 10% nonrefundable OBC Silversea - 10% rebate check RCCL - 8% nonrefundable OBC There are many CC threads on the subject of PCC versus TA, so you many want to check some of those out to find out ways to find a TA that fits your needs. Since we are not allowed on CC to pass along the name of our TA, I can't tell you ours. But, I can suggest if you go to the bottom of either Celebrity or Oceania's web page, you'll see a "Find a Travel Advisor" or you can check out some of the TAs that advertise here on CC. Just to let you know, the first TA we ever contacted in our local area about 8 years ago told us she charges $50 to book a cruise for us. Obviously, we said no thank you and continued our search. As far reversing the booking back to HAL, I would definitely call the HAL 1-800 number to see what your options are. In any event enjoy your cruise as you're going to have a great time either way!!
  6. You do know you can refare a refundable booking if it makes economical sense to do so. We usually book as early as possible to get the cabin we want and refare at least 2-3 times before final payment is due.
  7. Hey, it sounds like you folks got a great deal with all that OBC and free gratuities plus free laundry, breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill, access to the Neptune Lounge and priority everything since you booked a Neptune Suite! As far as picking a good TA, sometimes it takes a few mediocre ones before you find a good one. One suggestion for next time, make sure a travel agency gives you at least 8-10% back in perks before you transfer your next cruise to them.
  8. Wow! Good job!! Did you get it through some special HAL promotion? The best we could ever accrue from HAL was $250 OBC for shareholder benefits for a 14+ day cruise, $600 OBC for booking a future cruise onboard and maybe $400 OBC via some HAL promotion such as Explore 4 for booking a suite, for a total of $1250. Hopefully, you also receive some great discounts from your TA to go along with that OBC.
  9. If there are any still available, we would try to book one of the aft-facing veranda cabins on the Noordam. That way you can have a great view of the scenery when leaving all of the ports and enjoy the "non-windy" aft-facing views, along with any views on either the port or starboard side, while heading out to sea.
  10. According to the Nieuw Amsterdam deck plan I found online, there is an I-6066 (which is an inside cabin) across the hall from SB 6064. That's about as cheap as you can get. But I couldn't find the SS-6066 you were referring to.
  11. I'm curious about the source of the $2,000 OBC if you don't mind sharing. Did it come from the TA you mentioned above or from HAL or is it a combination from both sources? If any of it came from your TA, I wasn't aware a TA would be able to post OBC to your shipboard account until right before you boarded?
  12. Smart decision. BTW you also know you can get additional OBC if you own 100 shares of Carnival stick (applies to any cruise line owned by Carnival) and/or if you are a military veteran (Princess only)? Just making sure as we didn't know this little tidbit when we first started sailing with either of these lines.
  13. By cruising around Australia and going on excursions at every port, we got tobriefly experience the vastly different coastal areas of Australia along with going to the Komodo Island in Indonesia to see the dragons. Unfortunately the waters were too rough to tender to Kangaroo Island in the southern Australia to see the seals, but Tasmania was also a wonderful place to visit. On top of that we learned a ton about the evolution of the Southern Hemisphere via the various lectures we attended.
  14. Was it a HAL excursion or one you had organized on your own?
  15. On the first 10 days between Auckland and Sydney to some New Caledonia islands, the ports were your typical low key island ports, but that leg allowed us to overcome the jet lag. But at all of the Australian ports, we made it a must to book HAL excursions where we saw animals, and there were plenty. If you ever get the opportunity to go to Australia, go!
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