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  1. Thanks everyone for all the great feedback! I now have a better feeling about why there are so many chartered cruises and some of the themes associated with them. Not sure if we'll ever book one, but one never knows what the future holds.
  2. It was our discussion on this thread that got me curious about chartered cruises in general and why and how often they occur on X. As it turns out, it seems quite often.
  3. I was on another X thread when a discussion about chartered cruises came up. One of the annoying aspects of these is X will sometimes cancel a cruise they have already made available to the public, like the one we had booked in October 2017, and then POOF! it's cancelled. Now, grant you, we do book early so we can get the cabin we want and be in a position to refare the cruise multiple times if it makes economic sense to do so. But I was just curious, who books an entire cruise ship causing the rest of us to find another one to cruise on? I realize it comes down to $$$, but that's a lot of $$$.
  4. Thanks! Makes sense. We book as soon as a cruise comes out as well.
  5. It happened to us once in Oct 2017 when we had a Med cruise and TA back to Miami booked. X cancelled the Med cruise (reason unknown) about a year out and in return they offered us our deposit back on both cruises and a $100 each if we booked another cruise (our choice). We then canceled the TA and then booked a Canary Island cruise on the Eclipse followed by a TA back to Miami. We got the $100 each taken off the cruise fare and wound up having a great time! The cruises we wound up getting were about the same time frame as our original booking, but they might have been a week or two off. Point being you get to pick the cruise rather than X saying you have to take a cruise of their choosing in order to get the $100 each of the substitute cruise.
  6. We were last on the Riviera in Oct 2018. The evening show usually starts at 9:30 with only one show per evening. They usually have either a production show, a guest entertainer or sometimes the CD will be the "guest" entertainer. In most cases the shows are quite enjoyable.
  7. Cruise Raider, how many X cruises have you been on and which 3 cruises and associated number of days and which years were these cancellations in? You’re making it sound like X does this all the time.
  8. Deleted as my OBC question was previously answered by multiple posts
  9. I would contact your TA/Princess to at least find out what "the rules" are for this 3 day promotion as it relates to your nonrefundable deposit, just so you know. Just a rule of thumb, never take a CC person's opinion as gospel, especially when it comes to saving money.
  10. Sometimes we refare a Princess cruise 3+ times before we sail. It just depends on the "bottom line" economics. However, I'm not sure if you can refare a cruise that was booked with a nonrefundable deposit without having to give up the nonrefundable part of the deposit first. I know on HAL cruises you can't.
  11. We're flying into Heathrow a couple days before our cruise, so hopefully they will allow for that. We'll also be using their airport-ship transfer on embarkation day, so hopefully that's a plus in our favor as well.
  12. Thanks Villauk. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully, all will be fine.
  13. Thanks! I guess we should definitely then book our air fare using Celebrity Air as we really wouldn't want to eat those air fares if the cruise got cancelled. Of course something tells me with the inflated fares on the Apr 2021 Japan cruise, chances are they're probable not going to charter it out. But just in case we've been eyeing some Princess cruises in the Pacific as a backup.
  14. From your experience, what happens when you have a cruise booked with X and it is subsequently chartered? We have booked the Apr 2021 14 day Japan circumnavigation and subsequent TP cruise back to Vancouver. How much time in advance does X usually let you know if they decide to charter it out?
  15. Yes and yes. If you click on that link I posted then on "View Ports & Map", it will give you the details. But X usually has a lot of lectures and fun things to do on sea days if you like those kind of things.
  16. I hit the wrong button before I was able to finish what I was typing. I've added more to my post just in case you were interested.
  17. We're on that 14 day Japan circumnavigation in Apr 2021 as well as the follow-on TP from Yokahama back to Vancouver after hitting a few more ports in Japan. The TP the end of April 2021 is in your price range if you can get away for 15 days. https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-search?dates=2021-04&destinations=TPACI&departures=YOK
  18. We're taking the long way by counting days as we like taking longer cruises. When you made elite before your DH, were you able to use the free laundry perk for both of you? I'm assuming the answer is yes, but since my DW is 10 days behind me and I'll make Elite before she does, that's the only elite perk we are really interested in. Well, that one as well as swapping everything one time in the cabin fridge for bottles of water for free.
  19. This is all great to hear! We're going on a 40 day cruise around Australia and some Polynesian islands in one of their veranda cabins in a few weeks and are hoping the Maasdam and their in-depth EXC program remains in full swing. Actually, the Maasdam "reinvention" is the only reason we booked a HAL cruise again as their other ships have simply moved away from the reasons we used to enjoy cruising with them.
  20. Princess prices without a doubt are better than Celebrity most of the time. I don't know how long of cruise you like, but we recently booked a 30 day Princess cruise on the Grand that leaves Oct 24, 2020 from LA with stops in Hawaii, Guam, Japan and a few stops in China to include Beijing before reaching Shanghai Nov 24th when we fly back home. Here are the starting prices: Oceanview ($3,899 or $130/day), Balcony ($4,699 or $157/day), Premium Balcony ($5,231 or $174 per day), Mini-suite ($5,749 or $192 per day) or Suite ($8,499 or $283 per day). This includes the 3 for Free promotion with includes free gratuities which is a $400+ pp value.
  21. If you go with Princess, make sure you book at least aPremium Balcony if you want to chairs to sit on in your cabin.
  22. We're in our mid 60s and love to have fun and laugh on sea days. We have found we have the most fun on Princess cruises with events run by their 6 assistant CDs, then Celebrity with the events run by their 3-4 assistant CDs. HAL has just gotten to boring for us on sea days over the past 3 years and we have pretty much ruled them out except for an In-depth EXC cruise coming up on the Maasdam.
  23. I know you were asking about a comparison between HAL and X, but may I also suggest you take a look at Princess transoceanic cruises in one of their mini-suites. With the 6 assistant CDs, all comedians in their own right, Princess has become our go-to cruise line, especially on their longer itineraries, because we they just have a lot more fun things to do on sea days. We're in our mid 60s and love to laugh and Princess just does a better job at that than X.
  24. Princess recently posted theirs and they've got some pretty cool ones if you're going through "cruise withdrawl" and just enjoy looking at new cruises.
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