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  1. I started sewing for the first time in about a quarter century when mask wearing became necessary. At first, I was doing the horizontal pleat ones, simply to get started. I made a few for my son, with his school logo ironed onto on them, and other teachers and staff liked them, so I suddenly was making 25 more. Once I got past those, I started looking for something with a closer fit. I came across "The Jesse Mask," designed by an engineer who was frustrated with poorly fitting masks. Hubby loves his, and so does my daughter. I'll be making more. My daughter fell between measureme
  2. I'm a crafter who has been making masks. I just showed this to Hubby. He said, "I think you've found your next project!
  3. Ouch! That would break my heart! Here's hoping you get to your RV soon.
  4. We had one of those booked for the "Heroes" cruises that were on the books for a brief while in late winter or early spring. We were excited to try them, as we are very unlikely to ever afford them "for real." Oh, well. Celebrity did the right thing canceling those, but it would have been nice.
  5. This made me smile. My dad tells an almost identical story about his time working a Hughes supermarket in Pacific Palisades about 60 years ago. It was soup, not peaches, for him.
  6. I'm a bit of a news hound, so I can't remember which epidemiologists have heard say this, but at least two have said that vaccines don't save lives, vaccinations do, and that we shouldn't think of a vaccine as a light switch; the effects won't be immediate. We should think of vaccines as a dimmer switch; we still need to continue with diligent mitigation measures until enough of us are vaccinated. Each of these statements make perfect sense to me.
  7. OT: @Bruin Steve, whenever I see you post, I think of my grandfather. He did undergrad at UCLA, but Law School at Georgetown and he golfed in Calabasas a few times a week. I wouldn't be surprised if you encountered each other professionally. He practiced mostly in LA. The beginning of your career was toward the end of his. He mostly practiced civil law, however. Thanks for your logical, insightful posts. We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.
  8. As the spouse of a former firefighter, thank you, @LoriPhil for your post! Brush clearance, mitigation, and not lowering water pressure all save homes and lives! You probably already know this, living where you do, but please load your car and park on the street or in the driveway, facing the street. You don't want to have to back out into evacuation traffic and you don't want your car stuck inside a garage, potentially without power to open the door. From here on "you" means people in general, I'm not calling any specific person out. Another thing: when evacuation ord
  9. I am always eager to learn, even if the subject is tangential to the original intent of a thread. I have acquaintances (parents of friends) who were to visit Vietnam in February, as a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the husband's service there, I spoke to them quite a bit about a year ago, about their planned trip, and about the one I had planned to some of the same places, and others, that I should be on now. My father was stationed domestically with the Navy during the Vietnam conflict, but always on alert (I apologize if that is not the right term) to deploy during th
  10. We, too, are traveling on land, but quite differently from Hank. Our original retirement plan was to buy "THE" retirement motor home and live in it nearly full-time, traveling around North America. After taking a last-minute Baltic cruise for our 25th anniversary in 2016, and a fantastic Med cruise with friends for my 50th birthday and our kids' college and HS graduations in 2017, we came to realize that we loved cruising. We decided that international cruising and land trips were what we wanted to do for the first few to several years of retirement. In the last few working years
  11. Talented performers deserve good material to perform. Paying audiences deserve good material and talented performers to appreciate. Throwing together incongrous material for talented performers disrespects them, the audience, and the original creators of the good material that get amalgamated into a canned show.
  12. It’s silly warm here today, but we will have more fall-like temperatures later this week.
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