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  1. A couple of crew members tried, abs one even got an officer involved without is asking, but it appears they don’t have the Turner networks. We are in port until midnight, so we are streaming Hulu on Hubby’s phone in the Passport Bar.
  2. I've got to run (getting ready to board today) so I don't have time to get the link. Look for a thread from CHICAGOPAUL LIVE!!!!! about his Transpacific on the Millennium last month. Toward the current end of the thread, he has a link to Blu menus he experienced on his cruise.
  3. Look at your numbers carefully. Hubby's official target date was in 2020. However, by retiring in 2019, he's eligible for the retirement system's annual year-end COLA. That will actually put us ahead by January, as the working contract is so poor (up just 1.6% since 2016). Also, we learned it was wise (in our case) to retire at the beginning of a month, not the end, so the employer paid the full month's dental and vision benefits (Hubby's in the last hiring group to still have lifetime medical benefits). We spent a LOT of time with self-created spreadsheets, pros and cons lists, and the retirement system's website. Not all factors are financial. Many are intangible. Only you can decide what is right for you. Best of luck!
  4. We’ve said to each other, “I want you to keep traveling without me if I die.” We’ve also said, “I don’t know if I’d want to.” On our last couple of trips, we have met some truly wonderful, fun, interesting single travelers (and one absolute snob). The wonderful ones convinced us, without even trying, that each of us could probably still travel alone. We admire folks like you who do it!
  5. Yes. But you're right, everyone has a different matrix. No one decision is right for everyone. We made a conscious decision in our mid-twenties to live below our means, max out our deferred compensation, and invest as much as we could so we could retire young and be comfortable doing so. So far (seven days in to retirement, and 12 hours until our next cruise) it has worked out well. But it could have been a very different story. The cancer I had at 32 could have killed me. We (or he) might have regretted not spending money on travel or other things when we were younger. Everyone must do what's right for them.
  6. Hubby and I are sitting together on our trip celebrating his retirement at age 55. He said, "It's almost as if YOU wrote that." I must agree.
  7. That mirror is pretty, but unless one is close to two meters tall, I don't see how it should be very useful when sitting. I can't imagine I'll be able to use it for doing my hair or, on the rare occasions I wear it, makeup. Thanks for the review! I'm very pleased to see all the outlets, including USB! Less stuff to pack!
  8. The Dodgers were World Series Champions when Hubby and I met, and have NOT been since (despite 7 straight Division championships). Maybe not being able to watch or hear the games is what they need to break the “curse.” 🤣🤣
  9. We don’t have any internet this time, but I’d definitely try that if we did. Thanks. I imagine we will run run into people who are following the games and will be able to get updates.
  10. Thank you! My Dodgers will be on TBS and TBS-International. We board the Eclipse tomorrow from Honolulu. Here's hoping the ship also has TBS-Int.
  11. Does anyone happen to know if the MLB Playoff games will be shown onboard? I don't expect them to be in the cabins, I'm wondering if they might be shown in a public venue such as the casino bar, Celebrity Central, etc. FIFA games were shown in the casino bar last summer. Yes, I knew what time of year it was when we booked this last-minute, seriously marked-down cruise. Still, it would be nice to be able to catch at least a few innings while onboard. We certainly won't miss any time ashore nor planned onboard activities to watch. I remember that Princess hosted a viewing party for NFL playoff when we were onboard a couple of years ago, and it was quite fun. Thanks to anyone who might have helpful information. Go, Dodgers!
  12. I absolutely empathize with the OP. We were booked on the two cruises previous which would have gotten us most of the way home from Australia at the tail end of a very carefully planned 11 week trip in 2021. We were, of course, quite disappointed. We were not able to switch to the Solstice itinerary, as it would get us home too late (our daughter will be graduating from college at the end of April). I started looking for alternatives. Thankfully, another person who had been booked on the same cruises posted in the CC Roll Call that she'd found an alternative I had not yet seen. We are now booked on two different cruises on a new line for us. Bonus: we will fly home from San Francisco, rather than Honolulu, which will be a very short, inexpensive flight. We took some lemons and made some expensive lemonade. I figure I'm a darn fortunate person to have these sorts of problems. We did transfer one of the Celebrity booking numbers to a cruise we intend to take, using the price and perk protection, and adding the $100 OBC. We transferred the other to a cruise we will not likely take, but it keeps the booking number and the $100 OBC active so it will be there when we do find another cruise we want.
  13. I second the recommendation to get up early and go up on deck for the sail in to Kotor. It is stunning! Being able to look side to side is worth it.
  14. I've always thought that gossip isn't my thing, but with people clamoring, I'm realizing that I am actually interested in hearing about the "interesting" people. I'm also wondering if stories will involve the gal with the "I'd like to speak to the manager" haircut. Imma go hang my head in shame while I wait.
  15. I'm reading this from the north shore of Oahu. We are here for four days, then will board the Eclipse and sail to a couple more islands, then to Vancouver. I'm sure you will enjoy Hawaii!
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