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  1. I have a question about this. If our cruise includes 1 non EU country like Montenegro are we charged the VAT at all? thanks
  2. We will be staying in Venice overnight after boarding the Celebrity Infinity. We are thinking about returning to St Marks Square after an early dinner. Our ACTV pass will be expired by then, and we were wondering if Celebrity has a shuttle to St Marks and what the cost would be? We could do this on our own, I know, but thought the shuttle would be closer to the ship. Thanks
  3. Alaska is the best!! My DH would cruise there every year if I agreed. If you decide to take a non ship excursion whale watching, I have 2 recommendations. In Icy Straight Point, check out Glacier Wind Charters. We also went out with Harv and Marv in Juneau once with one of their daughters, Jayleen. She has since gone out on her own, Jayleen’s Alaska. As others have said, you will have a great time no matter what you decide to do. Enjoy your planning and can’t wait to read your Live from.
  4. Sorry, I may have missed this, but what camera did you use for your snorkeling pictures? They came out way better then mine ever do! Enjoying your review.
  5. I have been trying to check for price drops with the current sale, but once I select a cabin, I get a message saying “unable to hold stateroom” and no pricing comes up. Has anyone else had this issue? It has been quite a few days now.
  6. We will be boarding on a Saturday and overnighting before the ship leaves on Sunday. How easy will it be to board Saturday and have lunch on the ship, then go back off for awhile? Again, on Sunday, we hope to get off for awhile in the morning. This is our first time in Venice, so not sure how this will work out. We will have a few days pre-cruise to have done most of our touring already. Thanks for any advice.
  7. We recently booked a Med cruise for summer 2019. We are in a quad cabin my TA was able to book us as DD prefers the pull down vs the sofa bed. We have friends that are now interested in booking, but double occupancy is guarantee only. The quads on either side of us are open. They have been able to book a quad next to us in the past, but never when it was showing guarantee only. Would our TA be able to get Celebrity to book them in one of the quads?
  8. We have never booked our flights using Choice Air, but for an upcoming Equinox cruise, I am considering. The prices are about $50 pp less then the same flights from the airline and that is x3 for us. Are there any cons to booking with Choice Air? Any pros other than price difference? This is not an international flight, only to Miami.
  9. We will be on the Summit next week. Just to confirm, Qsine is still Qsine right? We enjoyed on our last cruise and hope to repeat.
  10. What are some choices for activities on our last day, a Friday? We will hopefully already have been to Hamilton, Horseshoe Bay and toured the island with Heidi. We are not looking for anything strenuous and DH will be concerned about "getting back on time", so we would want to be back to the Dockyards by 1 I would guess. Any suggestions? How much is there to do/see at the Dockyards if we stayed local?
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