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  1. How can I tell in Bliss Mini Suite 10196 which sleeps 3 on the port side if the bed is near the closet or the balcony?
  2. Does anyone have restaurant recommendations for dinner in Juneau? We are visiting the port on 5/28/19 from 2:30-11:00 pm with the Mendenhall Glacier and Mt Roberts tram excursion scheduled from 3:00-7:30. I was thinking the Timberline Bar and Grill on top of Mt Roberts after the excursion but I couldn't find restaurant hours and the tram hours close at 9:00. Would I really get stuck on top of the mountain if dinner runs over and the trams closes?
  3. Thank you Bird! So it looks like we would be able to us the Port Valet and self walkoff with the airport transfer. Since our flight out of Seattle is 11:23 am and should arrive 1.5 hrs prior, what time would you recommend we "walkoff" to allow enough time through customs and wait for the bus to fill and commute to airport? I'm thinking 8:00ish or is that too late??
  4. We're booked on an Alaskan Cruise in May R/T out of Seattle. Our return flight home is Jet Blue at 11:23 am the day the ship returns to port. We've purchased airport transfers from NCL but never have in the past. How does the disembarkation process work with airport transfers? For example: are we assigned the time slot for disembarkation by NCL, how will we know when/where to meet shuttle to guarantee timely arrival at airport, will we have to "self assist" our checked bags. Also we wanted to use the Seattle Port Valet for our checked bags...is that still possible? Just a little concerned since our flight time was changed to an earlier time than originally scheduled. Thanks!!
  5. Does anyone know how the disembarkation process works if you purchase the $20.00 transfer to the airport from NCL? For example: Are we assigned a time to disembark or choose one ourselves? Meet the shuttle at a specific location/time after going thru customs? Also will be still be able to use the Port Valet and walk off self assist with just our carry on? Our flight is Jet Blue 11:23 out of Seattle on Sunday 6/2. This is our first trip to Alaska and never purchased airport transfers before or used the Port Valet. Thanks!!
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