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  1. You now need to submit a specific form for booking transfers. It has to be within 60 days of the direct Princess booking and before final payment. I've attached the form you'll need. Reservation Transfer Request Form.pdf
  2. Seems silly to have to pay for insurance to protect a $1 deposit, but if you're needing it for pre existing coverage you'll have to pay the insurance soon after booking. Might make more sense to wait a bit and book when the early insurance coverage could help with a larger nonrefundable deposit AND the pre existing coverage. The insurance cost will give you a bigger bang for your buck then. Just my opinion, though.
  3. Will this work, time to call my TA. If you put a hold on a cruise today you are issued a booking number, which then would not be a "new" cruise booking tomorrow. That being said, your TA might be able make it work but it may require a bit more extra work on their part as they may have to call in to Princess instead of doing it online. Although we all don't know for sure right now how holds will work with the $1 deposit. We'll find out tomorrow, though! My recommendation would be to pick out your cruise, cabin, and send that info to your TA so he/she can jump on it tomorrow. See above
  4. It’ll be online through the Princess website on Oct 31. Some of us get advanced notice of promos.
  5. You’re welcome.It’s a great time to secure those preferred cabins at no risk. And surprise, the $1 deposit is refundable!
  6. One Day Only! -- $1 Deposits We’re ending our Great Escapes Sale and 3 For FREE Sale with a big bang! On October 31st, your clients can book with just a $1 deposit plus enjoy the Great Escapes or 3 for FREE offers. This $1 deposit sale is valid for one day only – October 31. Disclaimer †$1 Deposits promotion applies to all new bookings made on October 31, 2019 only for 6- to 49-day voyages sailing on or after Feb 1, 2020. Cruises in which final payment is required are not eligible. Deposits of $1 are refundable. Other select cruises and cruisetours are excluded
  7. There is a refundable deposit option for that cruise. It’s not on the Princess website so you’ll have to call Princess or your TA to get it. It’s a bit more expensive than the non refundable deposit fare.
  8. Typically you'll receive an email confirmation from Princess but you may not get it for a couple days.
  9. Thanks for the first-hand report. I knew someone had experienced the change the same week it switched over. Now I remember it was you! I’m wondering if they have changed their minds on the mini bar piece for minors as the fine print states it’s only for 21 and older and doesn’t have any notation for those under 21. Unless they haven’t updated their info - wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had conflicting information. Again, thanks for sharing your experience!
  10. I haven’t heard anything on that one yet. I'll add it to my questions-to-be-asked list. I know better than to ask any Princess rep so it’ll have to wait until my next webinar. Hopefully someone who has kiddos with that many cruises can report on it in the meantime.
  11. Travel agents can also refare past the final payment date but they don't always like doing it. Princess pays commission to travel agents when the final payment has been made. When a cruise is refared past final payment date, Princess then "recalls" part of the agent's commission. It's a big pain for the agent/agency to turn around and have to give money back. Some of us are happy to have happy clients and others think the hassle isn't worth it.
  12. There could be a few reasons you can't get it refared: *If the lower price is for new bookings only. You would have to cancel your current booking and rebook under the new fare. *If the lower price now has a refundable deposit and you had originally booked under a nonrefundable deposit. Can't change a nonrefundable deposit to a refundable one. *If you're wanting to keep the specialty dining voucher, the $75 pp OBC, AND get the lower price. Since the new pricing doesn't include the specialty dining voucher, you would lose the voucher to get the lower price. I don't know where the $75 pp OBC is coming from, but it could have been an agency promo when you first booked. You would possibly lose that as well by refaring. Do any of those apply to your situation?
  13. Looks to be all of the northbound and southbound sailings through 9/9/20.
  14. We’ve got a new sale coming up Nov 1. Anniversary Sale (11/1-12/10) Up to $800 Onboard Spending Money‡ Free Room Location Upgrade†† Wine & Dine† (Enjoy two bottles of wine & specialty dining) Plus up to $200 off airfare^ on select cruises and cruisetours
  15. For those interested in the itinerary for the 2021 World Cruise on the Sea Princess, it’s a biggie for her at 108 days. There are RT options from both Auckland and Brisbane as well as segments available. https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/Destination/exotics/PC_2021_WinterAuReferenceFlyer_10_2019_FINAL-s.pdf
  16. Where we docked in Manzanillo is completely different than where we’ve docked in our half a dozen previous visits on the Grand. Usually we’re at the cruise pier near the sailfish statue but on the Royal we were at the cargo port. Definitely much more of a pain to get to town. Much more military presence at the cargo port, too.
  17. We are doing the Rome to Singapore itinerary next month on the Sapphire, Nov 10-Dec 7. I won’t be blogging live because of limited internet minutes, but if you want to email me after the trip I’d be more than happy to share my thoughts and some photos. My email is in my signature.
  18. We have the Diamond Trio onboard. They are great!
  19. You’ll take the bags from baggage claim to where the reps are. Even though the reps are in the baggage claim area it could be a bit of a walk to find them. You then give the bags to them and they have someone who takes them to the truck for you.
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